February 2016

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February 2016 Overview:
Due to last month’s retrograde, Mercury has extended its visit through the sign of Capricorn and continues in this sign to February 13. David Bowie, Alan Richman, Rene Angelil, Natalie Cole, Glen Frey, and Stephen Levine to name but a few, this transit has seen a larger than usual number of notable people transition off the planet in a compacted frame of time. Many have said goodbye to loved ones too.

Mercury in Capricorn has kept all us working through a time-has-come moment. Of course, the circumstance and/or internal process is unique for each of us. At all levels, and for each of us in our own way, the job for right here and right now is to get it legitimized, authenticated, better outlined, organized, and under better control. Venus in Capricorn continues on the finish-up with Pluto through February 5, but Mercury opens the month already at work on a next phase. Mars in Scorpio, another intensification transit, is also on a creative incline, so know you can get good value out of efforts and action in the first ten days of the month. Aim to put it into production, to correct, heal, renovate, edit, improve upon, etc. Effort applied can produce substantial gain. Mercury trines Jupiter on February 5 and Venus does the same on February 9. Both can prove to be notable increase or upswing dates.

In Capricorn since the middle of December, Mercury advances into Aquarius as of February 13. Venus does so on February 16. They are likely to dish up a fresh air feel. Along with the sun already shining in Aquarius, these transits will get us stimulated, thinking, talking, and mobilized. The sun’s advance into Pisces on February 18 exposes even more opportunity and potential.

The new moon on February 8 launches the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey, an influence considered to hold formidable raw power. It requires that we stay sharp and on the ball, that necessitates the employment of creative smarts in order to harness and maximize on the year’s best potentials.

Mercury, the trade, communications, transport, and newsmaker planet, is a key/influential player for the year ahead. Mercury will come full circle in 2016, ending the year as it began, in Capricorn and in retrograde. Mercury’s mandate is to open it up so that it can be fixed, healed, learned, harnessed, communicated, or dealt with. Mercury – and the rest of the stellar gang for that matter, do not intend to play the avoidance or denial game – and neither should you/should we. Time is of the essence, make it your ally not your enemy.

Forming oppositions to Neptune, Ceres, and Chiron Pisces and alignments with Jupiter in Virgo and the karmic axis (to mention but a few of the planetary contacts), the days preceding and following the Virgo full moon on February 22 hold greater than usual potency and potential. This full moon can be informing and revealing, or laden with promise. It can produce a saving grace, a spiritual or heart opening, or lead you to a vocational calling; it marks a good time to immerse yourself in a project or study. It can expose something that needs work, upgrading, fixing, or healing; or it can open up something that is ripe and ready to go to the next level. What happens to one affects all. Some things or some losses are beyond control. When Pisces is involved, it draws our mass, collective, or global attention. There’s a long list of things that can grab our attention: i.e. viruses and epidemics; agricultural production, water scarcity or pollution, refugees, non profit groups, health care industry, religious factions, farm animals, pets. Notable people get our attention too. Faith can be tested or it can be rewarded. Saturn’s involvement suggests the world is at turning point in the way it governs itself – the way it must govern, structure, and regulate, how it must face today’s reality and the fast receding past. The transit suggests there something of significance to relinquish, to surrender to, to move beyond. In order to extract from the best that the moment has to offer, let creative thinking and solutions lead the way.

February 8: New Moon 6:39 am (19:16 Aquarius) Chinese Lunar New Year: Fire Monkey
February 22: Full Moon 10:20 am (3:34 Virgo)

February 13: Mercury into Aquarius: 2:43 pm
February 16: Venus into Aquarius: 8:17 pm
February 18: Sun into Pisces: 9:34 pm
**Please note all times are PST, please check your local time**
Dates to watch: February 3, 5 – 7, 9, 12 – 14, 18, 20 – 22, 27-28

ARIES March 19/20 ~April 19
Laying the past to rest, building a new foundation – you’ve been working on it for quite some time now, haven’t you? A new career or personal life chapter is underway and this month’s transits speed up the process. Your priorities are evolving as time moves along. Mercury and Venus well aligned with Jupiter make for a productive go over this first ten days of the month. You should feel that you have enough to work with and for, that you are getting a better handle on what’s necessary.
Both Venus and Mercury into Aquarius will stimulate your social interactions, your personal interests, and your mind. In addition to fresh ideas, goals, and projects, both transits can also stimulate your income or investment potentials.
The full moon on February 22 could increase your vulnerability or sensitivity, so make sure to pump on vitamins and safety precautions. On the other hand, the full moon could produce a saving grace or great opportunity regarding work, study/training, or healing. The week/weekend that follows is ideal for a vacation or for replenishing yourself spiritually. The month finishes with great creative and/or romantic potential too.

TAURUS April 19 ~May 20
As February begins, you’ll see your future on the move-along in some definitive way. You stand to gain from Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, so make good use of this first ten days of February. Both planets loan you better control. They also help you to keep it real while you grow, expand, explore and/or heal. Keep long term or long range benefit in mind. The stars suggest that what is set into play is substantial enough to carry you the distance. Even if progress comes with no pain, no gain, the stars also suggest that change is necessary, productive, well timed, and to your great advantage.
Formal education, a new career trajectory, relocation, or a major lifestyle overhaul are well timed. A new contract term, karmic or actual, is in the works. Whether you decide to tie the knot or go your separate ways, this lifestyle overhaul can also include formalizing a relationship status.
The days leading up to and following the Chinese New Year New Moon on February 8 are sure to thrust you onto a fresh page initiative. Mercury (February 13) and Venus into Aquarius (February 16) later in the month will also help you to get a faster move-on. These Aquarius influences can make you feel excited, ignited, exhilarated. Too, they can make you feel that you are left with no other option but to get on the hustle. Expect to stay busy, do not expect to be bored! Social, financial, creative, and/or romantic, the last week of the month shows great potential.

GEMINI May 20 ~ June 20
You’ll hit on the upswing now thanks to Venus and Mercury in good shape with Jupiter through the first ten days of February. The weekend of February 6, 7 shows good promise. Get out and explore, learn, socialize, spend, or earn. Setting a lucrative platform, the Chinese Lunar New Year new moon on Feb 8 and the few days either side of it are primed for action. You also gain from Mercury (February 13) and Venus (February 16) into Aquarius. Both fresh-infusion transits boost your social life, travel opportunities, your learning curve, and more. They open you to a fresh perspective, a new way of connecting with others, to a broader range of potentials and options.
Affecting health, wealth, home life or professional life, the full moon on February 22 can expose something that’s been brewing but that has gone unnoticed. The necessary may be unavoidable, but better now than later; see it as a saving grace. To the plus, the full moon through the end of the month is a good time to gain audience or market exposure. It can be a positive and advancing time for your career, your reputation, or your small business. It can also be an ideal time to renovate, refinance, to negotiate a mortgage. or to scoop a bargain.

CANCER June 20 ~ July 22
You’ll get more quality goods out of your social interactions, talks, and marketing ventures thanks to Mercury and Venus on the forward march over the first ten days of February. Necessity may dictate to some extent, but even so, your next steps should feel like a natural, logical progression. The sun in Aquarius pushes the refresh button where it holds the most impact, while the transits of Mercury and Venus in Capricorn help you to get your game-plan better worked out – and to stick to it too. In the first two thirds of the month, the sun shines a light into the nooks and crannies. In the second half of the month, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius help you to break through your own sound barrier. Along with the days around the Aquarius new moon on February 8 which launches the Chinese Lunar New Year, these transits are stage-setting, instigating, and mobilizing. In fact, the whole month is. Get yourself refuelled and look to the last week of the month, especially Feb 25 to 29, for your best, most lucrative and fruitful potentials. Know also that next month’s super solar eclipse (March 8) is already holding court over this time-frame.

LEO July 22 ~ August 22
Right out February’s starting gate, Both Mercury and Venus on the forward march help you to make productive use of your time. You’ll gain a better handle on your diet, health, and work regimes too. A modification or a complete overhaul can either be necessary or perhaps it is simply a part of the game plan. As soon as it is set it motion, you should feel that its right thing and that you are immediately onto an upswing. February 5 to 7 gets the ball rolling in some dynamic, and likely positive, way.
Mercury (February 13) and Venus, (February 16) into Aquarius boost your social interactions. Both stimulate fresh ideas. They also give you a fresh take on relationships and circumstances. Anything shiny and new is sure to be an attention-getter (new interests, trends, people, and money matters, i.e., earning, spending, investing.) Along with the sun in Pisces, (starting February 18), your love life can get a fresh boost too.
It is important to pay attention to the things that “go pop”. They may be hints of what is to come once next month’s eclipses roll into town. Don’t under-estimate your impressions, inklings, conversations, or meet-ups.

VIRGO August 22 ~ September 22
Venus and Mercury are working in your favour while they travel through Capricorn. Both are take-charge, success-generating transits. They’ll help you to feel and think your way through in a steady, well- grounded way. Streamline your efforts in order to maximum on results. The stars make it easier to get it under better control, especially through the first two weeks of the month.
The sun in Aquarius helps you to adopt a new approach, attitude, and perspective. The sun will move into Pisces on February 18, but Venus and Mercury will extend that Aquarius “spring-clean” through the middle of next month. Want a new job or a new body? Send out your resume, start your health kick, sign up for a training program, seek the advice of one in the know. All new efforts, involvements, and ambitions are highly favoured.
The exposing Virgo full moon on February 22 could be an eye-opener. To the plus, this full moon could inspire you, renew your faith in someone or something, introduce you to someone special, open up a great potential, and/or strike a cord deep in your soul. It could produce something lucrative, healing, or corrective. New love can have that soul mate feel. If you are already in a relationship, it’s a good time to play up the romance. On the other hand, you could feel at a loss, that you are missing out or missing something. You could find yourself especially vulnerable, sensitive, susceptible, or emotional. This full moon could also underscore the need to forgive yourself, to show yourself more kindness and compassion. One size does not fit all; what does it for another, may or may not do it for you. Guard your health and your belongings, try not to read too much into it, think for yourself rather than follow the herd, and know you can be easily sweet-talked or sold. The last week of the month also shows good creative and romantic potential.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22
You should see your way to more substantial gains through the month ahead, especially so over this next week. First, you may have to reinforce your rules or to renew a promise you made to yourself. Don’t hesitate to invest for long term gain. This first week or so is also good for renewing a mortgage, bank term, or professional contract. The second half of the month could get you going on a new health kick. Too, it can dish up exciting new work, a new study, or more social opportunity. Venus and Mercury will continue to keep prospects well stimulated through the middle of next month. By all means try something or someone new on for size.
The full moon on February 22 can dish up something unforeseen regarding work, health, or your furry loved ones. Pay close attention to the details and try not to get yourself in over your head. Things can go missing, slip out unintentionally, or quickly get more complicated, more time consuming, or more expensive. On the other hand, there could be a great opportunity to participate, partake, or gain. Stay hopeful, but also keep it real. The last weekend of the month can be a great one for an escape and/or getting your pleasure fill.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21
Aquarius month and the Chinese New Year new moon on February 9 pushes the refresh button in some significant way. February’s transits are good for getting plugged back in socially and also regarding self employment endeavours. It seems there’s always something on the go to keep it moving. Fresh inspirations and interests, family matters, home projects, and such keep you busy and stimulated.
Use the first half of the month to plan, discuss, handle office matters and paperwork, or to get commitments out of others. Use the second half of the month to put the plan into action; to tackle an upgrade, pet project, renovation, or a home move. Make sure to gift yourself with more quality time to yourself too. The whole month can ignite a creative wellspring. Your self-discovery process stays nicely fired up too, thanks to Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. Mars in Scorpio is on the move and on the set- up. Expect to cross plenty of new personal terrain in the next two months.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 to December 21
Mercury and Venus in good shape with Jupiter through February 10 keep career, creative projects, money matters and general life moving along a smooth track. Aquarius month sparks fresh prospects, conversations, interests, and ideas. The pace will pick up but for the most part, the month ahead should prove to be a smooth ride.
The Virgo full moon on February 22 and the days around it can place you at an advantage. One person’s junk is another’s treasure. This full moon could see you scoop a great bargain, take advantage of a low borrowing rate, fill another’s shoes, scoop a job or rental vacancy. On the other hand, the full moon on February 22 could call you to task unexpectedly. It could produce a financial drain or loss of momentum; something you have pinned your hope on could fall apart, someone you relied on could let you down, give you the wrong advice, or some such. Even if you are hit up with something unexpected, the bi-product could be a saving grace. While I always like to give you both sides of the equation, overall, the last week of the month looks wonderfully opportune and full of good potential, so it’s likely you’ll see the full moon’s more positive effects and benefits.

CAPRICORN December 21 ~ January 20
Did January pile more rocks on your shoulders? Last month’s Mercury retrograde happened in Capricorn, but that’s over now! With both Venus and Mercury in Capricorn receiving good energy from Jupiter, you are sure to hit a positive upswing pretty much right out February’s starting gate. Thanks to Venus/Pluto and sun/Mars working the ropes, February 5 to 10 should keep you moving past the past and onto a fresh page quite readily.
The sun in Aquarius (through February 18) followed by the transits of both Mercury (February 13) and Venus (February 16) into Aquarius can be good for an energy, activity, or opportunity boost. Inwardly or appearance wise, try a new you on for size. A new attitude is the best place to start. Look around, you’ll find plenty of fresh ideas, products, and avenues to test pilot. Perhaps you’ll tap into a new capacity or resource. There’s plenty to peak your interest and keep you on the go, so I don’t think you’ll complain about boredom.
The Virgo full moon on February 22 and the week or weekend that follows is good for a vacation getaway or travel for business. Too, this time-frame can bring news from afar or an opportunity to catch up with someone you haven’t seen for awhile. A workshop, tradeshow, or conference is also well timed. This full moon can also bring up matters to do with rental properties, time shares, legal or citizenship matters, writing, coaching, teaching, publishing or marketing activities.

AQUARIUS January 20 ~ February 18/19
Whether you are out the gate with something new or carrying on as usual, your birthday month puts you into a better, more productive flow. The days preceding the new moon and the Chinese lunar New Year, new moon on February 8 light a good spark and are primed for action. What’s instigated has a particularly strong life-force. It is one that will carry you over the month and likely the year. Of course, you can expect to be in a constant move-along. Layer by layer, piece by piece, things are always changing and evolving.
Mercury into Aquarius on February 13 and Venus into Aquarius on February 16 are sure to provide great new fuel. Places to go, people to meet, things to do; while the sun eases to Pisces by February 18, both Mercury and Venus will keep you and life nicely revitalized through the middle of March.
The Virgo full moon on February 22 could pile on unexpected financial or emotional extras. It’s a time when you could notice, witness, or take in something that touches your soul and/or opens you up in a way you did not expect. If faith or hope is misplaced, you could be in for a big let-down. It is important to know that you are especially vulnerable to another, so make sure to keep a healthy distance from those who are obviously not well and also make sure put safeguards in place when you are having sex.
The last weekend of the month is a good one for movies, music, sharing, a romantic escape, for spiritual or creative pursuits.

PISCES February 18/19 ~ March 19/20
Mars will keep you going strong through the start of March. Venus and Mercury will continue to do so through mid February. Places to go, things to do, people to meet up with, the first half of February is likely to keep you busy. Money making prospects can be looking up, especially if you work for yourself or if your wage is boosted by commissions or tips. Venus and Mercury in Capricorn also help you to get real about personal goal-setting.
As of February 18 when the sun lights up birthday month, both Mercury and Venus will have advanced into Aquarius. These transits can inspire you and spark your creativity. Perhaps you’ll have a genius moment or two along the way. The last week, especially the last weekend, of the month is one to optimize on. Encompassing the Virgo full moon, February 20 to 23 can produce added push/pull but it’s also a good weekend for taking on the extras, for study, research, participation, problem solving, or upgrades. Past these few days, you should feel you have made good progress.

David Bowe, Ashes to Ashes, dust to Stardust…

David Bowie natal chart with death transit Jan 11, 2016

Ashes to Ashes, dust to Stardust…

His first commercial music album success, Space Oditty was released at the same time as the historic moon walk. David Bowie, a cultural, and music legend, one who lived his life and lived his death like a work of art, released his last album, Black Star, on his birthday, just three days before his death (Jan 11, 2016, after an 18-month private battle with cancer. Producing 25 albums over his 40 year career, he thrashed cultural norms; his concerts were often described as perverse and provocative. He donned his sexually ambiguous alter-ego Ziggy Stardust when same sex relationships were still illegal in the UK. He is credited with powering the punk movement. He took themes that were emerging and fused them into art. He took the banal and made it relevant. Apparently he had an avid interest in astrology (not surprising for an Aquarius rising. Astrology was very popular at the time he was launching his career in the 60’s.) He has been described as a genius, a magician, a psychic, an outsider who let others in, the Andy Warhol of Music. When questioned, he said he consciously chose to paint himself into a corner. When interviewed about his continuous (practically yearly) reinvention (also apt for his Aquarius ascendant and moon), he said “it’s really just shirts, different hair colours, and shoes, but the subject matter of what I wrote hasn’t changed in all these years. Centrally it is about isolationism. I’m not sure if its personal, emotional or spiritual, maybe I don’t want to pin it down/know for sure.” He lived in New York but never in the past. When asked if he’d like to be a space tourist, he quipped “I’d rather I’d chew pieces of cement rather than get on a space ship – those buggers are dangerous, they blow up you know; thank you, no, I can see the moon from my window, it’s enough for me.”


His Final Encore:

Rock legend David Bowie haunts in his video for “Lazarus” from his 25th album “Blackstar” dropping Friday, his 69th birthday.

Playing an agitated patient in a hospital room, the famous eyes — one blue, one brown — are covered with bandages and topped with buttons. He clutches a blanket in the bed.

“I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen,” Bowie sings. “Everybody knows me now.”

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-JqH1M4Ya8



Please note the death transit chart is calculated for 6 am, (actual time not recorded). (Aside: David Bowie’s eyes appeared to be two different colours, but in reality they were not. He was injured in a fist fight with a friend in youth and it left permanent damage in one eye – a permanent dilation that gave the appearance of a brown eye. The astrological reference for this different eye is his moon in Aquarius (sun and moon represent the eyes.)

Transit Contacts of Note:

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct natal south node (in ancient times, Black Star, name of his last album was used to describe Saturn) & trine natal Pluto. (Rumour has it that he timed his own death – that’s a stretch, but certainly Saturn in Sagittarius trine Pluto in Leo is a good transit for the release of his album and video. It also describes the major attention his death is getting.) Saturn, conjunct the south node is indicative of a completion. (Saturn is an archetype of time, time spans, endings and end of life).

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct natal Mars in the 12th: Pluto has been in aspect to this natal Mars since he was first diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago. Befittingly for the 12th house influence, he kept his condition secret, many who were close to him were shocked (transiting moon in Aquarius, natal moon in Aquarius) to learn of his transition.

Transiting Mars in Scorpio conjunct Chiron in the 9th house: “gone but not done”, something remains behind (a legacy, a career, a statement of life and mortality). Chiron is always of influence during major life events. The 9th house (the archetype of Sagittarius) is a house of long journeys; (Jupiter and/or Sagittarius are often a feature of a transition.) Scorpio is an archetype of death, rebirth and reincarnation. This transit is also befitting for his last song/video: Lazarus, a haunting video showing Bowie struggling in a hospital bed.

Transiting moon had just passed over (conjunct) transiting Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, indicative of a key event or key person (a messenger/writer/spokesperson), a culmination and another indication of unfinished business/life after death (alluding to the release of his album and career that lives on.)

Transiting moon had likely advanced into Aquarius which describes the public shock wave in learning of his death. (actual time unknown; some suggestion that he died on Jan 10 not 11). Transiting moon opposition to natal moon and natal Saturn (culmination; public response; final project/album release;)

Transiting Ceres in Aquarius in balsamic aspect (culminating on) natal Ceres, another reincarnation/life after death transit. Transiting Ceres had just surpassed a dynamic aspect (1/4 square) to Jupiter (as discussed above, this transit describes the momentum of transition – moving from the physical plane (2nd house) to the pure energy plane – Aquarius & 9th house journey beyond the physical.) This Ceres/Jupiter square aspect also provides great energy/attention to the album release. (9th house is a marketing house; the transit is an astute and visionary aspect.)


Progressed Chart Notables:

See chart below (not shown in above chart):

Progressed Moon position at 6:24 Aquarius in his 1st house opposes his natal Saturn at 6:51 Leo retrograde

Progressed Mercury is retrograde at 9:59 Pisces conjunct progressed Mars at 10:48 Pisces (both in his 1st house); both are square the natal karmic/nodal axis (N Node 11:18 Gemini ; South Node 11: 18 Sagittarius). This skipped step to the mutual sign axis of Gemini/Sagittarius is appropriate for a transition, for the release of the album (Gemini/Sagittarius -recording/video release; publishing/broadcasting) and speaks both of “I live on, and I’ll be back”.

David Bowie bi-wheel with progressed positions






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Review for: Insights into Evolutionary Astrology:

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Anyone searching to understand the world today will get a great deal out of this book as it certainly isn’t your common ancient astrology rewritten.  Jeffrey Green and Deva Green are both concise and articulate as we’ve known them to be in the past.  Kim Marie’s article on Evolutionary States goes into depth and clearly shows her excellent teaching skills.  Maurice Fernandez’s article on relationships and sexuality is so interesting and so original and also reflects his depth of knowledge on a very complex subject.

Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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