February 2017 Forecasts

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February Overview:

If you haven’t hit the ground running yet, expect to do so in short order. Mars has recently entered Aries, and on February 3, Venus will do the same. Both are fast moving, impulsive, passionate, activating, instigating, and/or inflaming. All matters to do with fresh starts, relationships, money, individuation, and independence needs on the front burner.  Venus and Mars in Aries are all about me. Both are sure to fire up a new drive, instinct, impulse, challenge, or battle.

Venus is usually a quick transit but due to its upcoming retrograde cycle (March 3 to April 15) she will keep desire on fire in Aries through June 6. (She revisits Pisces from April 2 to 28.)

Venus in Aries is first and foremost about having a new love-in with yourself. Secondarily, the cycle is about re-evaluating what it means to be me, simply me, independent me, undiluted me, hot-stuff me. I’ll fill more about the Venus retrograde cycle next month. (If you can make it to Seattle, join me for a lecture on Venus and a workshop on relationships March 9 to 11 for the Washington State Astrology Association. Love to see you there! Here’s the scoop:  http://washingtonastrologers.org

Jupiter in Libra goes retrograde on super bowl Sunday, February 5 at 10:52 pm PST. Stakes are high, reputations are on the line. It’s sure to be a hard played, defy expectations, record-breaking marathon.

Jupiter retrograde calls for us to reassess where we are heading. Where has it gone too far? What are our expectations? Do they steer us true or do they over-ride truth? What’s just, what’s fair. How can we create a more peaceful inner and outer accord? It’s a transit that serves to bring it into better balance, but before that happens we need to become better aware of how inflated, out of proportion, out of balance it has become. Jupiter in Libra retrograde aims to sharpen observation and listening skills. The transit will move us through a hone-in-on-it, re-evaluate, and refine-it process. As always, experience is the best teacher.

Mercury is on a quick fly-by through Aquarius from February 7 to 25. Conversations, information, news, money markets, social trends, and political climates stay on the intensity dial. Anything goes with the weather too. The month ahead is infused with great grab-it-run-with-it opportunity.

Exceptional things can come to pass on or near the lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10. This eclipse is well supported. Fire and air signs will receive the best of this one, especially when planets are situated at 21 to 25 degrees. (Don’t know if that’s you? It’s time for personal consultation.) The eclipse moon forms trines to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, while the eclipse sun (in Aquarius) builds a trine aspect to Jupiter retrograde in Libra. It is a culmination, creative, corrective, healing, success-generating eclipse. The moment is infused with more than the usual potential and opportunity. February 9 to 11 can deliver beautifully. The eclipse also highlights a special event or a special someone, pleasure and attention seeking, vacations, career advancement, romance, big moves and major undertakings.

A solar eclipse in Pisces finishes the month. This one is for all of us. A solar eclipse will mark significant endings and beginnings, out there in the world and regarding our personal lives too. A solar eclipse in Pisces stirs the attention and/or fate of the masses in some notable way. It is a befitting transit for the Academy awards, and our brush with fame. The eclipse is accompanied by Mars conjunct Uranus (a strike flint, jump-start combo) and a building opposition to Jupiter, (a mobilization, enlarge the scope combo). Mars perfects with Jupiter by February 27. By March 2, Jupiter will form the second of three opposition alignments with Uranus. This eclipse can sneak up to begin with, but then it will hit fast and furious. It can expose what has been hidden or gone previously unnoticed. When you mixed water sign Pisces with Mar/Uranus in fire sign Aries, what’s already on brew reaches its boiling point. Expect it to go from nothing to something major in an instant. Mars/Uranus brings it on fast and sudden. Anything goes. Infused with more than the average potential, the duo can also produce the reactionary, volatile, surprising, or shocking. There’s great promise with this one, perhaps it is a dream come true for you. Mars, Uranus and Jupiter prompt (or force) a leap of faith. One way or another, its time to make your move. Go ahead, jump into it, give your best shot, hustle. I hope it is an exhilarating time for you, but of course I must give you the flip-side too.  The eclipse can be unleashing; we could witness sudden break-ups, weather extremes, accidents, terrorist activity, or more random acts of violence. Please keep safety in mind.

February 10: Lunar Eclipse in Leo: 4:33 pm (22:28 Leo)

February 26: Solar Eclipse in Pisces: 6:58 am (8:12 Pisces)

February 2: Juno into Capricorn: 10:42 pm

February 3: Venus into Aries: 7:52 am

February 4: Ceres into Taurus: 4:13 pm

February 5: Jupiter in Libra stations retrograde: 10:52 pm

February 6: Sedna in Taurus stations retrograde: 5:39 am

February 7: Mercury into Aquarius: 1:36 am

February 19: Sun enters Pisces: 3:32 am

February 25: Mercury into Pisces: 3:08 pm

**Please note all times listed are PST, please check your local listing

Dates to Watch: February 2, 3, 7 – 12, 14, 18, 20 -22, 25 – 27


ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Ready, set, go! Mars and Venus in Aries infuses you with plenty of get up and go! Mercury in social Aquarius (February 7 to 25) is also good for a boost. All three supply you with more energy, more drive, more good ideas, and stronger intuition. You should find you are especially quick on the pick up and that you can make new inroads quite readily too.

The Leo lunar eclipse of February 10 is especially fortuitous for your sign, especially so if you are born around April 10/11 or have planets on or near 22 degrees of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).  Synchronicity delivers! Things can fall into place in a big way. The pace is fast, and it feels good. Something or someone fresh, new and/or unexpected can claim you.

The Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 can also take you by surprise or by storm. It is also particularly dynamic re the dates I mentioned in the previous paragraph for the lunar eclipse. Watch for something completely out of the blue or previously hidden from view to hit the full light of day. So much can change in the blink of an eye. Someone or something can make a sudden entrance or exit out of your life. Its nothing and then it is something. Mars/Uranus brings it on fast and furious. When the moment strikes, its suddenly onto full steam ahead.  While the eclipse could produce something worth making a mad dash for, it is important to know that blind rage, road rage, or going too far too fast can be folly. Do not take unnecessary risks with drugs, alcohol, etc. Also, guard your health, especially if you have a condition such as high-blood pressure. The eclipse can also signal a good time for a vacation, a spiritual quest, a new marketing campaign, relocation, etc.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Mars and now Venus in Aries keep it fresh and fired up behind the scenes. Give yourself permission to entertain new possibilities, and/or to try a new you on for size. Fresh inspiration, hope, or cause is on ready dial up.

Venus won’t make it to your sign until June, so you’ll have plenty of time to test drive a new you. It may take you until then to get yourself fully onto the next phase or job, but there’s plenty of catalyst to work with this month.

The lunar eclipse on February 10 brings an auspicious time to launch a new job, business venture, career, creative project, or personal life trajectory. It’s also an excellent time to liberate yourself from anything or anyone that holds you down or back (including addictions.) Move, relocate, reinvent the wheel; seek the advice of a medical professional, a money, education, or career advisor, etc. All action directed toward upgrades or improvement (personal, medical, or professional) show excellent prospect. There’s nothing small or insignificant about the direction forward or the gains that are possible for you. Its an optimum time to take a risk on a new life, a new future.

Obvious or not (most likely the latter), the Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 is brimming with the unexpected. Noting Mars/Uranus, something could erupt or explode. Watch your health, your equipment, your money, and your personal belongings. Play it safe with people too. Stay especially vigilant and ready to pounce on it from Feb 25 through the first week of March.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Sign up or let the universe do it for you. Something or someone new can sweep over you like a breath of fresh air. Mars and now Venus in Aries keeps it the buzz going strong. Aim for a new goal, market, or income source. Reinvent your career, your social life, your public or community involvement. If it’s new, it’s likely meant for you! Whatever you get involved with, quick and fast does the trick best. Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t take things (or people) on that are too complicated or too much work.

The Leo lunar eclipse on February 10 and the days surround it can produce something special and/or out of the ordinary. The eclipse can bring big news, someone special to spend time with, a great travel, education, or relocation opportunity; a special event, an award, a contract offer; a windfall. Too it can put a legal or political matter into full swing. Romance is bloom for some; children get the stellar attention too. Of course, the transits will affect each person uniquely, but suffice to say, when it’s good, it’s very good. The future is about to hit a much faster track.

The Pisces solar eclipse is accompanied by Mars striking flint with Uranus (conjunct) and Jupiter (opposition). Watch for something to come into being that you haven’t fully noticed or didn’t clue into previously. How you present yourself to the world/your world is of great importance. The eclipse can open you up to more than you knew was possible; it could expose you, them, or it. To the plus, the eclipse can be fame-generating, or it could produce a dream come true regarding a career ambition, or a personal life potential. On the other hand, something could slip through your fingers. If you experience loss, or if disillusionment sets in, look to this eclipse to help you to find new personal, value, meaning, and hope. Lastly, an eclipse can signal an exit point for those who are ready to go or to transition. A good-bye could be said, but there’s also a new life or new life trajectory to celebrate.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Feeling under attack from the stars – or has your feisty side kicked in? There’s a battle to be fought and likely there’s no choice. Hot pokers Mars, Venus, and Uranus in Aries force you to take it on. All three keep the heat on high. All three keep you on the race ahead regarding endings and beginnings, regarding a confrontation with your immediate reality and your newly evolving priorities. Of course, if you are on board with it, this time of new beginnings can feel wonderfully timed.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 could put something lucrative or exceptionally opportune in your hands. Someone or something out of the blue out of the blue could act as a major catalyst and/or light a fire in you. You could be surprised to discover something about yourself or someone close to you. Even though they may be quite different than your usual turn-on, a new lover could feel like a keeper right from the start. On the other hand, more time apart, or the independence/go your own way track is also a very good thing. When a great idea, impulse, or lightening strikes, jump on it. A new passion, health upgrade, career prospect, investment or purchase could prove to be a hot-stuff ticket. The eclipse can take you out of your comfort zone, perhaps into some radically different territory, but go with it- it will be a good fit for you.

The Pisces lunar eclipse on February 26 holds high emotional impact. It can be an ideal time for a vacation, a spiritual retreat, for cutting out and taking a break from it all. On the other hand, the eclipse also marks an auspicious time to launch a new business or personal life trajectory. One way or another, the eclipse sets your future onto a much faster, perhaps unexpected trajectory.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Go exploring, try something new on for size. Great opportunity is yours for the taking. Uranus, Mars, and Venus in Aries open it up wide for you. Trust your instincts, follow passion.

The lunar eclipse of February 10 is in your sign. It is particularly catapulting and/or auspicious if you are born on or near August 13, or if it hits your chart in some other striking way. Something or someone out of the blue could be a positive catalyst. There can be an exceptional opportunity to meet someone of influence (personal, professional, scholastic, romantic), or to grab the spotlight in some major way. An opportunity to travel, a special event, or piece of good news could be in your stars too. A meeting, talk, negotiation or purchase could send you on your way. Marketing or promotional ventures can prove quite lucrative too.

The Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 can also thrust your future onto a much faster track, especially regarding money matters and/or affairs of the heart. A hello or goodbye can be said. Anything goes Mars/Uranus can produce the sudden and unexpected. Once in motion there’s no stopping you or it. Yes, take a leap of faith, but also make sure to play it wise. Please don’t take a foolish risk.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Thanks to Mars and Venus in Aries, you/it will move along much faster now. New health and wealth options do the trick quite nicely. Rely on yourself and your gut instincts. If you get an instant hit, there’s no need to second guess yourself. It’s on, it’s off, its yes or no, don’t twist it in knots to make it work. Having said that, tunnel vision is folly. It is wise to consider options, don’t let reactionary emotions or

knee-jerk anxiety override wisdom. Move fear to the side, and you’ll gain an instant feel for what fits, what falls into place, what’s suitable etc. Quick and easy does it best, but that does not mean you should sell yourself short, accept less than is warranted or correct, or scrimp on quality, ethics, principles, respect, etc.

The lunar eclipse of February 10 spotlights job prospects, health, and working it out. Potentials look quite promising. The out-of-the-blue or the brand-new can be a god-send.

The Pisces solar eclipse on February 26 can expose or introduce you to plenty more than you’ve run across before. It’s a domino effect; one door closes, another immediately opens; one thing happens and you’re onto next, pronto quick. The eclipse can fire up the unforeseen in the following areas: social life, dealings with the public, publicity, marketing, money making, etc. – and of course all matters dear to the heart. If you have a spiritual or creative inclination, this one is for you.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

This month, the new you hits a rapid advance track. Both Mars and Venus in Aries prompt you – perhaps challenge you too – to fresh it up, to try on a feistier presentation, to go looking in a new direction. Mars can force you to do battle (- with yourself mainly, perhaps with another), or it can produce a new turn-on. When Venus tours Aries, attractions and interest levels are instantaneous.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 can be success generating. Watch for a special event, a special someone, or for news to spark added excitement. You could spend or earn in some major way too. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Aim to be an attention getter. It’s your time to stand out from the crowd, to show off what’s so special about you or your products; to network, participate, or create. This eclipse can also fire up a romantic interlude or bring something notable regarding your children and/or their successes.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 can be exposing; it can also produce a saving grace regarding work, health, or solution-finding. A loss or vacancy makes room for a better replacement. Don’t hesitate to give up to get.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

February sets you to task on a new job, project, or situation with work. Health is on the front burner too. Mars and Venus in Aries are great for getting into shape with sports or a new physical fitness routine. Go ahead and push yourself a bit harder, but of course, play it smart, know your limits – at all levels. Mars in Aries can be a signature for inflammation, ruptures, pulled muscles, fevers, cuts, and such. While Mars can test patience or tolerance levels, Venus in Aries can supply you with helpful people or better/fresh options.

The lunar eclipse on February 10 places you in a favourable light or a special position. Your reputation or work can gain praise. You can gain favour from those in positions of authority, influence, or control. The eclipse can help you to get approved for a loan, get hired for a new job, get you a better bargain, etc. On the personal front, you could stumble upon something useful or helpful. A brainstorm or a sudden insight can set important wheels in motion. Home upgrades, family, and real estate matters are looking good too.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 is also infused with great potential. It’s a great transit for launching yourself or a new product line, or for taking a leap of faith. On the other hand, Mars/Uranus can also present a new cause or challenge. Leap, but take a closer look first if you can. Be especially safety conscious on and off the job, especially with fire, electrical, or sharp instruments. Also, be especially careful with drugs, medications, alcohol, when playing sports, exposing yourself to others, etc.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Mars and Venus in Aries put your hot-stuff self back into high gear. Once you are on a roll, there’s very little that can slow you down or hold you up.  Freedom to express yourself, to be yourself, to carve your own way, to go where you want, do what you want, to call the shots – yes, it’s worth fighting for. Something or someone new stokes your fire.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 and the days around it are auspicious for launching a new venture, for striking out on your own, showcasing, attention seeking, making connections, wheeling and dealing, or trying your luck. It’s also an optimum time for travel, relocation, teaching, coaching, promotional or marketing ventures. This is primarily a success and opportunity generating eclipse. Stay on the lookout!

The solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 can submerge you in a spiritual quest/journey, soul searching, a healing process, an inner or outer life transition, or in home and family matters. It can mark a profound letting go or relinquishing period. Too, something from your past can dissolve, evaporate, or slip away. Endings and beginnings are intertwined. What begins now holds great promise and potential. It’s on a fast-track too.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

The month ahead sees plenty of action on the home-front. Perhaps it’s new address, perhaps there’s something or someone new to contend with? Emotions or reaction time can hit a short-fuse.  Uranus, Mars and Venus in Aries are built for speed. To the plus, February is great for fast-tracking a new home life chapter, or for striking out on your own, business-wise or personally. More freedom and independence is the right goal to shoot for.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on February 10 and the days around it is especially opportune for financial gain, heart matters, or gifting yourself with a change of scenery. Watch for something to celebrate, a special announcement, happy news, a big-ticket purchase or sale to make. A great offer or invitation could come your way. Your lover or children could surprise you/please you. Creative aspirations/endeavours can bear fruit.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 can jump start you and/or speed matters along in some unexpected or opportune way. It’s an ideal time to pick up and move, to break free of the chains that bind, and/or to aim for a fresh start regarding home, family, or career. It’s all or nothing, off or on, take the plunge time. Nothing is small or insignificant about the undertakings. A note of caution, don’t make assumptions. Make sure the communication, intentions, parameters or details are clear. Don’t bank on a promise. Get it in writing!

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Busy days lie ahead. Mercury takes a quick trip through Aquarius from February 7 to 25. Along with Mars and Venus in Aries, you can expect all three to keep life on the fast track. Energy, activity, ideas, avenues, things to talk about, places to go, people to meet – yes, it’s all fired up.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 is especially notable if your birthday falls on or near it, but of course we’ll all feel it. Jupiter in Libra facilitates the eclipse sun (trine), while Uranus facilitates the eclipse moon (trine). The eclipse puts all matters to do with travel, marketing, publishing, performing, exhibiting, connecting, networking, socializing, law, education, and the future into full swing. A special event, news, a first meet or look/see holds great promise. You never know who you’ll meet or what may come your way. A special someone could claim your undivided attention. The eclipse could take you by surprise, most likely in a gifting, perhaps life-altering way. Buy a lottery ticket, say yes to a spontaneous invitation, sign up for a workshop, attend a tradeshow, etc.

The solar eclipse on February 26 puts you back in touch with yourself in some deep and moving way. It’ll open you up and show you what’s on the inside. You’ll tap into resources and capacities you didn’t know you own. This solar eclipse is terrific for creative and spiritual development. It can be a dream come true transit, it can call forth a soul to soul connection with someone near or far, or it can see you commune with the divine. On the other hand, it can expose something you need to see. Consider it a saving grace. Accept the learning graciously.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Expect to get swamped or to be completely immersed. Uranus, Mars, and Venus in Aries and the eclipses will keep the pace going strong and fast all month.

A lot is required from you, but you stand to gain plenty too. The lunar eclipse of February 10 can be fortuitous for work, finances, and health matters. Watch for good news or results, and positive feedback or acknowledgment. Best of all, you’ll feel good about your own performance and choices. The eclipse can also present better options or solutions, or give an opportunity to showcase more of your talents and skills. A special helper can show up too.

The end of the month brings you to the full-sweep, fresh-start, full-thrust peak. Adding even more get up and go, Mercury enters Pisces the day before the solar eclipse on February 26. This eclipse is an especially potent catalyst if your birthday falls on or near it. (February 22 to March 2 folks will feel it’s full potency.) The time is ripe to dream it and do it. All eyes are on you. Others will find you to be an absolute force to reckon with.






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Anyone searching to understand the world today will get a great deal out of this book as it certainly isn’t your common ancient astrology rewritten.  Jeffrey Green and Deva Green are both concise and articulate as we’ve known them to be in the past.  Kim Marie’s article on Evolutionary States goes into depth and clearly shows her excellent teaching skills.  Maurice Fernandez’s article on relationships and sexuality is so interesting and so original and also reflects his depth of knowledge on a very complex subject.

Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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