Saturn in Sagittarius, The Wisdom Years

Saturn in Sagittarius – The Wisdom Years

Saturn in Sagittarius:

December 23, 2014 – June 14, 2015

September 17, 2015 – December 19, 2017 (8:47 pm)

Saturn retrograde:

March 14, 2015 (8:02 am) to August 1, 2015 (10:53 pm)

(Saturn stations direct at 28 Scorpio 17)

March 25, 2016 – Aug 13, 2016 (16’ – 9’ Sagittarius)

April 5, 2017 – Aug 25, 2017 (27’ -25’ Sagittarius)

Saturn’s trek out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius takes us out of the dark tunnel years and into the light of day. Does this equate to reward or consequence? Whether we meet with a warming and beckoning light or a harsh glaring light depends on which direction we are already pointed. Saturn builds from the past. As ye sow, so shall ye reap – this is Saturn’s motto.

Saturn gives us shape, form, and structure. It reduces, lessens, and restricts, but rather than minimize, the size and scope becomes more important, essential, and often more urgent. Saturn diminishes margins, defines edges, boundaries, and mortality. Its greatest product is history. It marks time – as in time spans, time limits, and time- is-ripe moments. As the task master and reality-check planet, Saturn’s transit will exert pressure where it deems it is necessary. It can inhibit, add burden, or stop us in our tracks. Saturn calls upon us to take a more realistic look, to make a better judgement call on the priorities, and to get to work employing a more sober approach to the task at hand. Saturn in Sagittarius holds us accountable to our past and our future. It calls upon us to get more ambitious, to take better, more deliberate aim, and to accomplish something of true and lasting significance.

Among its many correlations, the Sagittarius sign archetype represents the nature of our philosophies, beliefs, truths, and faith. I think, therefore I am and therefore it is. It is our beliefs – and the concepts, philosophies, and such that have designed them – that shape our creative process and subsequently, our reality. Our reality base has taken a significant hit since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, Saturn’s sign; it’s been happening at an even more radical level through the Uranus square Pluto years (2012 to 2015). Further testing our beliefs, our creative process, and our reality, the Saturn in Sagittarius years will take aim on quite specific targets. Look to the area of your chart where Saturn travels to see what specific targets are outlined for you. Know that where-ever it goes, Saturn in Sagittarius plans to go the distance, to take the issue, circumstance, or learning as far as possible. You/we are wise to plan for the long haul, long term, or long range.

Sagittarius is also the sign that correlates to the future. Sagittarius represents the journey and Saturn dictates what must be explored along the way. We can expect these next few Saturn in Sagittarius years to better pinpoint and define our personal and our collective future. In doing so, Saturn puts the tools in our hands and urges us to not to waste a single precious moment. Tunnel vision is folly; flogging the dead horse is too. Our options may be further reduced or limited, but there is always something that can be done. Saturn always offers good reward for good effort. Enough children have been murdered. Enough rights have been violated. Enough lives have been ripped apart. What are we perpetuating? Let the insanity stop!

Why do I call Saturn in Sagittarius the wisdom years? Whether or not we learn to play it smarter will depend on the choices of the moment, but to be sure the coming years are going to get us much better educated. We’ll learn the truth of where we stand so far, and where we are going. We’ll also learn the fuller impact of what is has cost us to date and the price we must now pay. The next few critically shaping years will teach us what is most essential to know, what is most essential to end or stop, and what is most timely and beneficial to launch.

What can we expect? The world out there:

Saturn in Sagittarius can diminish the inflated or overgrown, while at the same time it will create growth and traction where it is necessary and/or optimal to do so. In some cases, it will shorten the journey, while lengthening it elsewhere.

Saturn is a cementing influence.  Saturn in Sagittarius will crystallize a vision, a belief, a religion, a cultural trend, or a way of life (chosen or imposed). Under the wise leadership of Pope Francis, the reconstruction of the Catholic church is already well underway. Of the authority figures of the present day, his exceptional example stands head and shoulders above most. Let us hope the Saturn in Sagittarius years produce more leaders that truly serve the planet and its people.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ISIL and other such radical terrorist groups are a reality that we must accept as not only here to stay, but one that is also mushrooming and escalating. Sagittarius is a crusader, a convince-and-convert archetype. It is also a mission driven and invasion archetype. As we have already seen, when combined with distorted Saturn and the Uranus/Pluto transit, the consequences for ideological or religious disobedience can be harsh, even dire. Saturn at this level is a “accept the doctrine or be punished and perish” combination.

Saturn in Sagittarius will also put more critical attention on land ownership and territorial rights. Regarding Putin’s political agenda/ambition and the situation in Ukraine, we already know that whatever takes place regarding this situation will be a long, drawn-out affair. As Saturn readies to turn the page from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the brunt of restrictive (Saturn) trade (Sagittarius) sanctions against Russia are starting to show greater impact. Prices for goods have suddenly skyrocketed as the Russian rouble ends 2014 greatly devalued from where it started the year. It must be noted that what affects one, affects all. The domino effect is not to be under-estimated. For example, the devalued and unstable rouble has caused Apple to suspend its on-line sales to Russia. As time advances, we can expect to see more significant fallout.

Exploration is another Sagittarius theme. Proprietary right to the Arctic Seas north of Canada is a race that is already underway and that is sure to gather significant attention and momentum during the Saturn in Sagittarius years. Canada, Denmark and Russia are all laying claim to overlapping territory.

From terrestrial to extra-terrestrial, today’s technology allows us to travel further out into space than we have ever done. We are mapping the cosmos like never before and we are on the brink of discovering life on other planets and inhabitable outposts.

Another example regarding the issue of land ownership, territorial rights, and self governance (Capricorn, Saturn’s sign; Pluto in Capricorn) comes from Canada’s aboriginal peoples, who are now poised at a momentous turning point in their political history. Saturn in Sagittarius signals the start of a major trajectory phase regarding their legitimization as political and economic force. As a group, they are not yet as cohesive or as organized as they will be in the years to come, but they are growing more formidable. Still, the road ahead is a long and arduous one. The Saturn in Sagittarius years will be significantly shaping, escalating, and history writing in terms of this long overdue mission. These years will set a major paving stone in place not only for the world’s indigenous populations, but also for emerging countries that are at the next growing pains stage of legitimization, recognition, of geographic, political, economic, and cultural change.

Growing populations and over consumption have already placed extra burden on nature and our natural resources. Saturn in Sagittarius sends this message out in a more urgent way. It will escalate the pressure on governments to set better legislation and policies in place in order to meet the supply and demand, to preserve our precious resources, and safeguard that which will sustain life on the planet.

Joined by many other friends and neighbours, the aboriginal voice here in British Columbia may prove to be a leading, perhaps even primary, wrench in the wheel to stop, or at least stall, the government’s railroading of oil pipeline projects that threaten our lands and waters. Don’t expect this fight to end or diminish anytime soon. Of course, if the drop in oil prices continue, perhaps Enbridge et all will decide there is not enough economic feasibility to push on their projects.

Speaking of oil, Saturn begins its transit with a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is the astrological significator for oil. This square aspect builds to mid March when Saturn begins its four month retrograde cycle. Perhaps by this time there will be some relief for the flooded market and deflation that it brings for western producers. Still, Saturn will re-engage with Neptune at the end of November. Once past this aspect, Saturn will engage with Chiron in Pisces and the transiting nodes which by that time will be moving through the Virgo/Pisces polarity. It’s about the business of oil, it’s about the water. It is quite possible that the oil price drop will continue to pose major economic concern for the duration of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius.

Speaking of economics, Twenty-one Asian nations have recently signed on to a China-driven initiative to create a new development bank for Asia aimed at boosting infrastructure investment of all kinds. Beijing sees that as a way to raise its international standing, but Washington sees the move as a potentially damaging rival to established institutions such as the World Bank. What is the future impact of such an initiative? Will the balance of world power shift from the west to the east? Time will tell. Still, it must be noted that throughout history, each 248 year transit of Pluto through Capricorn has ended an era and begun a new one regarding the social, economic, and geo-political world structure. Pluto’s current transit continues to 2024. That which was in development, hidden and/or brewing underground, or festering during Saturn in Scorpio will move to the next level during Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius is a particularly potent seeding and destiny writing chapter for that which will be further developed and/or realized during the Saturn in Capricorn years. Setting a critical and key paving stone more solidly in place, Saturn and Pluto will join forces in Capricorn by the start of 2020. That is only a few short years away.

Far from acting as a restrictive influence, as Saturn readies now to leave Scorpio for Sagittarius, the US has begun to lift its long standing trade embargo against Cuba. What will the new face of Cuban capitalism look like? Saturn in Sagittarius will take Cuba through a key seeding and growth cycle. We’ll know more in a few years when Saturn treks into Capricorn.

Our freedoms– will they be further restricted? Will the people in Hong Kong give up the fight for democracy? I think not. Freedom of speech, of education and ideologies, of peoples, and of creative expression – we’ll see both the suppression and the growth momentum gain significant traction during the Saturn in Sagittarius years. These years will also advance the reshaping of legal systems and also the travel, tourism, export, sports, media, and publishing industries. Again, this work is not new; it is already well under way. As a congealing influence, Saturn in Sagittarius adds more layers and a more definitive outline to that which is already on the growth and necessity docket. The Arab spring momentum is but one example. As the Syrian conflict rages on, huge refugee camps are evolving into new cities.

Security at all levels is a moving target while Saturn tenants Sagittarius. Beefed up security measures lead to increased surveillance. Can we get away from the watchful eye? Who’s reading our emails? Is a police state already well underway?

The next few years will take us deeper into the unfolding process of this highly significant history writing chapter. Saturn correlates to hindsight and Sagittarius to foresight. Let us hope that not only those in charge, but we ourselves, have enough wisdom to employ both.

Saturn in Sagittarius and the personal journey:

Saturn will only take a dip into Sagittarius through 2015. You’ll feel the effects of what I’ve said in the next paragraph if you are born at the beginning of your sign or have planets situated at the first four degrees. If you are born later in the sign, Saturn will be of influence later in its transit. From mid June to mid September, Saturn will revisit the latter degrees of Scorpio. If you are born late in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) then you’ll have a little further to go, a little more to work out before you can move on to the next platform.

The future now becomes a more pressing priority. It will become imperative to get a better hold on it. Saturn in Sagittarius marks a critically shaping time for careers, lifestyles, trends, private lives and public ones. Stop to observe for a moment and you will see that the end of Saturn in Scorpio is proving to be a precursor for the work that lies ahead. (A major story now hitting the news: the Sony hacking scandal that has lead to a terrorism threat, the pulling of a movie, and an upset North Korea.) As stated previously, whether we near a finish line or a start line, what occurs during these years will establish the foundation for some time to come. Generally speaking, Saturn in Sagittarius is a facilitating and time-is-ripe influence for the fire signs Aries and Leo, and air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Both Sagittarius and Gemini face endings, beginnings, and/or goal reaching of great significance. Virgo and Pisces folk are poised to move through critical turning-point thresholds. Taurus and Cancer have significant adjustments, juggling, and transition work to do. Scorpio will farm, amass, and/or consolidate further from what has been explored and/or begun through the past couple of years. Capricorns will continue to work their way through a culmination and completion chapter, while at the same time their next script gains its story line.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are already in a culminating phase. Together, they will take us through a reap the reward or face the consequence chapter.

The past few years of Saturn in Scorpio has been a career and destiny shape chapter for the Pluto in Scorpio folk (1984 through 1995). Those at the start of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1995 to 1997) will find themselves at a time of clearing away and of entrenching further into their adult life chapter.  Those facing the Saturn return cycle (late 1955, 1956; 1926) will also be working their way through a significant clearing and reorientation cycle. Whenever Saturn and Capricorn are emphasized, we undergo important developments regarding our relationship to parents and other authority figures (bosses, church, state, etc.) We also undergo significant development regarding the accessing of our own authority – how we relate to it within ourselves and how we projected into the world around us.

Also on a general note, through spring of 2016, Jupiter’s relationship to Saturn is one of exposure, teaching, and of growing beyond your present status quo. Through August of 2015, Jupiter/Saturn asks you take a deeper, harder look inside your inner core, to face your truth, to go in search of more, to create something more significant for yourself. From August through spring of 2016, Jupiter/Saturn asks you to expand your efforts, to get more industrious, to correct, repair, heal, or fine-tune what is necessary. From the spring of 2016 through fall of 2016, the growth process of disengagement, reorientation, and emergence will gather a stronger momentum. The fall of 2016 through the fall of 2017 is a time of measuring and evaluating. You could find yourself in a process of integrating and bettering your status quo or equilibrium, or you could find yourself standing on a balance beam or a precipice. The fall of 2017 through the end of Saturn in Sagittarius again brings a review, additional considerations or consequences, along with a choice or a necessity to end, start, or to overhaul yet again.

Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius will require that we face reality for the truth that it is, and that we work it from there. Saturn in Sagittarius will require that we go the full distance, that we get more committed to our future, that we put in the time and employ more effort, that we climb the tree of higher knowledge, that we accept the teachings and employ them diligently, that we write and speak more truth. We must be astute in our forward looking. Quite simply stated, the future – our future – depends on us.


December 2014

Weekly forecasts for Dec 18 to 24:

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The first week of December can be as productive as you make it. Building through Dec 4, Venus trine Jupiter makes for a lucrative, social, fun, and feels good week. Also building through Dec 4, the sun’s trine to Uranus keeps it lively –and interesting. There’s never a dull moment when these two hook up. The retail industry should be on a great run through the Gemini full moon on Dec 6. Not that it stops there, of course!

Also on Dec 4, Mars enters Aquarius. Through the middle of Jan, Mars is in the mood to try on something fresh and new, to shake it up, perhaps even to head in a radically different direction. Mars in Aquarius gains even more steam due to its mutual reception with Uranus in Aries.  (Mutual reception occurs when two planets occupy one another’s signs.) If it inspires, excites, surprises, or ignites, Mars and Uranus will jump all over it. It’s a good time to take a first stab, for introductions, explorations, and experimentation, for personal and lifestyle reinvention.

Dec 5 also lights a few good ideas or laughs, thanks to Mercury’s trine to Uranus. The full moon of Dec 6 gives us a full to overflow dose of Gemini – lots of topics for conversation (including the weather), lots of running around, juggling, changes of plans, comings and goings; lots of shopping, driving, traffic, and crowds; lots of mail, phone calls, and news, etc –I’m sure you get the picture. The full moon can also occupy you with matters such as rentals, lease agreements, paper-work filing, applications, visitor visas, etc. Involvement with a friend, roommate, sibling, visitor, or foreign student could be notable too. It is a full moon in Gemini, so please keep track of your belongings and be careful on the road. If you plan to party this weekend, please arrange for a ride or a cab home.

Early on Dec 8, Mercury conjoins the sun (in Sagittarius).  Perhaps there will be some dialogue, insight, or news that prompts a shift of direction. Also on Dec 8, Jupiter in Leo begins a four month retrograde cycle. It is appropriately timed for the end of a semester. The moon forms tension aspects with Uranus and Pluto, so don’t expect you day to go as planned.

Once Jupiter in Leo turns retrograde, the search light turns inward. It is a time to find your creative center again, to explore what your heart is telling you. Are you expressing and living your best? Have you been heading in the right direction? Where’s the love, the joy, the inspiration? What’s your truth, the truth? Do you have faith? What are you creating and is it bringing you the success, satisfaction, or attention you feel you deserve?

While Mars revs it up, Venus looks to get it under better control. Venus tours Capricorn from Dec 10 through Jan 3. Considering our propensity for overdoing it at Christmas, hopefully Venus will loan us restraint where it does the most good and make us responsible in the best of ways. Let us also hold ourselves accountable for spreading the wealth around. “Tis the season to give.

Uranus retrograde squares Pluto on Dec 14, for the sixth of seven alignments between 2012 -2015. The sun’s trine to Jupiter on this day can open up more, increase or escalate everything. We may see even more action on Dec 15 as the transiting moon forms aspects to Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto.

We’re on the clock countdown as Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 16. There’s only one more week before Christmas and one day before Hanukkah begins. Our attention goes to finishing off what’s necessary. We all want to slow it down or call it quits, but can we? Duty calls.

Retrograde since July, Uranus stations direct just a few minutes before the Winter Solstice happens on Dec 21 (3:03 pm). If the circumstances or the timing hasn’t been right, or if you haven’t found enough steam within you to get a move on, you will now.

December 23, Saturn enters Sagittarius. It will only dip into this sign in 2015. If you are born at the beginning of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo), then you will see evidence of Saturn’s workings through June. Mid June to mid September, Saturn will revisit Scorpio. If you are born at the tail end of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo) then you’ll have a little further to go before Saturn lightens up on you.

While in Sagittarius, Saturn, the reality check planet, will put added pressure on us to figure out the long range plan. Saturn in Sagittarius makes the future our number one priority. To the plus, it can provide a clearer direction forward. That direction forward could feel like reward or consequence. I’ll talk more about Saturn in my annual forecasts presentations.

There’s excitement in the air Dec 24, but there’s also tension and short temper aspects (moon/Mars; Mercury/Uranus and Mercury/Pluto.) Star wise, past the start of the morning, there’s not much going on Christmas day. The moon is void of course until evening when it moves into Pisces and squares Saturn. This could produce restlessness or signal the time to call it a night.

The moon is in Taurus for our New Year’s Eve celebration. Your traditional observance will suit the bill just fine. Relax, keep it simple. Jan 1, Mars in opposition to Jupiter will put a lot more on the move.


Dec 6: Full Moon in Gemini: 4:27 am (14:18 Gemini)

Dec 21: New Moon in Capricorn: 5:26 pm (0:06 Capricorn)


Dec 3: Vesta enters Capricorn 3:46 am

Dec 4: Mars enters Aquarius 3:57 pm

Dec 8: Jupiter stations retrograde 12:41 pm (22:38 Leo) (to April 8)

Dec 16: Juno stations retrograde 4:28 pm (17:17 Leo)

Dec 10: Venus enters Capricorn 8:42 am

Dec 21: Uranus ends retrograde: 2:45 pm (12:34 Aries)

Dec 21: Winter Solstice: Sun enters Capricorn (3:03 pm)

Dec 23: Saturn enters Sagittarius (8:33am)

Dec 27: Vesta enters Sagittarius (7:22 am)

**all times listed are PST, please check your local listing

Dec 17: Hanukkah begins

Dates to watch: Dec 3 – 6, 8, 10, 14 – 16, 20 – 24

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

The month opens with Mars in good control. You should find the first few days of the month to be productive and fairly straightforward. Dec 3, 4 can be especially lucrative, fun, lucky, or gifting. Starting Dec. 4, Mars in Aquarius pushes your refresh button. It can bring up boost your social life and earnings. Best of all, it lights a fresh spark in you. In addition to all things Gemini as I discussed in the intro, the full moon on Dec 6 can bring visitors or at the very least, put you in touch with folks who live a distance away. Too, it can give you a much better sense of where things are going. This can be a day/weekend of departures also. Jupiter retrograde, starting Dec 8, will help you to get re-centered and back on track with projects and personal plans.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a beneficial influence for your sign. It gives you more confidence and faith in your abilities and sense of deserving. It can solidify the journey forward and gives you more outer world status.

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

Are there parts of your life where you feel stuck or in rut? Watch for Mars in Aquarius to dish up fresh options and insights, and get you nicely mobilized. Dec 3 and 4, the moon is in Taurus. Make full use of these opportunity days. The full on Dec 6 could clue you into more than you were aware of. You could find you have more feelings toward someone or that someone has more on the go than you observed. As the month progresses, you’ll also gain better footing from Venus (Dec 10), Mercury (Dec 16), and the sun (Dec 21) in Capricorn. Jupiter retrograde and Uranus direct help you to get a better fix on your bearings. Saturn’s dip into Sagittarius puts a more serious spin on your finances and intimate relationship category. Either you are nearing a goal or time of reward, or its time to invest elsewhere. Dec 24 can be high stress, but Christmas day should come and go without too much problem.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

The first week of December is a happening one, right through the full moon in Gemini on Dec 6. Social, shopping, or otherwise, Dec 4, Venus/Jupiter and sun/Uranus make for great delight. Most activities should move along beautifully. You’ll feel quite a boost, especially once Mars hits Aquarius. The full moon will be especially dynamic for you if you are born on or around June 5. Whatever gets off the ground will moves along quite fast. Once it is out in the open, it paves the way to repair and healing. There could be news, a truth revealed or something could be said or done that moves you in a new direction.

Jupiter retrograde and Uranus direct will help you to take yourself further along, to better pinpoint your objectives, to better express what’s inside of you, to communicate and connect in a more specific and well directed way.

Saturn in Sagittarius can bring you to a time is ripe moment regarding your career or your personal life status. It’s time to be recognized more. Too, it can signal a time of relationship commitment or ending.

Dec 24 has you going great guns. Christmas day, roll with it. Enjoy New Year’s Eve relaxing with a friend, a lover or on your own.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Too much to contend with? Venus, Mercury, Ceres and the sun in Sagittarius keep your days especially full through this first week, but even so, the stars keep it smooth running, especially through Dec 4. Dec 5 could be somewhat of a lost or throw away day, but by evening the stars perk it up. The full moon on Dec 6 could dish up something unexpected that requires your immediate attention. Pay attention for warning signals from your vehicle, computer, equipment, body, etc. On the other hand, you could find out something that can be useful, advantageous, or healing.

The trio of Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter retrograde, and Uranus direct can get you thinking along new lines regarding finances, career or lifestyle. It’s a great time to go exploring, to experiment with a new way of living with yourself. Regarding money matters or relationships, independence is where it’s at.

You’ll get a better handle on things as the month advances and Venus (Dec 10), Mercury (Dec 16) and the sun (Dec 21) move into Capricorn.

Saturn in Sagittarius will force you to make work and health even more of a priority. This is a great transit for learning the ropes, and for developing a specialty or niche market. Thinking of changing jobs? Saturn in Sagittarius is a good transit for it. This transit can also prompt you to hire an agent, to go for more extensive medical tests, or to seek the advice of a professional advisor, a specialist, etc.

As of Dec 26, you’ll feel more at ease. Dec 31, stay right were you are.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

You are on fire at month’s start, thanks to a great grand trine line-up in fire (4 planets in Sagittarius, one in Aries, two in Leo.) Dec 4 can be an outstanding day thanks to Venus trine Jupiter and the sun trine Uranus. The advance of Mars into Aquarius could also make something go pop. This may be a more exciting or spark it day than full moon Saturday, which occurs just two days later on Dec 6 – although of course, it’s up for debate. The full moon could fast track you. It’s a great weekend to enjoy outdoor sports, to socialize, shop, travel, or to participate in Christmas concerts, etc.

As of Dec 8, Jupiter retrograde can put you on a temporary social or personal pull back. It’s a good day to leave your plans open and to take it as it comes. Jupiter retrograde helps you to be more selective regarding who, what, and where.

Saturn in Sagittarius helps you to get a better handle where to direct your time, attention, and heart. It’s a solidifying transit for you.

Dec 24 can wear on you, while Christmas day’s stars are diffused for the most part. Relaxed and easy does it best for New Year’s Eve.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The first week of the month can feel like a marathon or a race, but even if you have too much on your plate, the stars keep it smooth running, especially Dec 3 through most of the day Dec 4. If you don’t pile it up for yourself emotionally, you should manage just fine – and perhaps you’ll do even better than that. Venus trine Jupiter (Dec 4) can make you feel pleased.

The full moon weekend is sure to be eventful. It can keep you running. Watch for news, an announcement, a test result, or an event. Too, your bid for a bank loan, a credit card increase, or to a rental place could get fast tracked. If you know what you want, go for it. If you are in a quandary, wait. Dec 8, you could see, hear or discover something that makes you change your mind or plan. Jupiter retrograde will shift your attention onto a different target.

The end of Uranus retrograde on Dec 21 also moves you forward. Saturn in Sagittarius puts added pressure on you to get a move on with home and family matters. Where you plant yourself, what you establish for yourself now will build the foundation for the foreseeable future. Get your priorities straight, choose wisely now.

Don’t let the moment get the better of you Dec 24. Simplify, relax as best you can Christmas day and New Year’s Eve.


Through Dec 4, Venus builds a trine aspect with Jupiter while the sun does the same with Uranus. Your game, your inundated, and for the most part you should be enjoying yourself. Your intuition should in excellent shape too. Trust yourself to know how to play it. The Gemini full moon on Dec 6 could bring news, visitors, reconnections, repeats, etc. It’s also a time to work out the details of travel and holiday plans, to make changes if you need to. It should be a great weekend to shop, play, or party. There’s plenty to catch up on. Too, the full moon could let you off the hook in some unexpected way.

Mars in Aquarius boosts your vitality, creativity, social life, and love life prospects. Along with Jupiter retrograde and Uranus direct, Mars helps you to think outside of the box, to innovate more and to consider options that you might not have entertained for yourself previously.

Saturn in Sagittarius can take the pressure off in one way and put it on in another. It’s time to go exploring, perhaps even to relocate. This is an ideal transit for taking on a formal study that will lead to certification or recognition, to further develop an expertise. It’s also time to get that book written or to learn how to communicate so that folks take you more seriously.

Dec 24 runs the gamut. Dec 25 may not quite meet expectations, but does it ever? Cozy up with your lover, best friend or observe it on your own. There’s no better place to be than right where you are.

SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)

Work and career matters should be move along very well, especially through this first week of the month. The full moon on Dec 6 provides an opportunity to clear the air or to heal something that matters a great deal to you. To, it can help you to put your finger on something that has so far eluded you. Things always happen for a reason. The full moon could cost you extra too, especially if there’s repair work to do on your car or equipment, etc. Make sure you are careful to back up your computer or your statements, to double check facts and figures.

Whether you renovate, move, change your living arrangement, etc. Mars in Aquarius prompt a change at home. This is also a good transit for self discovery or personal reinvention. In more immediate terms, it’s a good transit for socializing at home.

Saturn in Sagittarius, starting Dec 23, calls for you to invest more time, effort, or money. It keeps you ambitious. Going forward from here, whatever you’ve been working on or toward will take more tangible shape.

You could have enough of people by the time you get through Dec 24. For the most part, Dec 25 should be easier to take. Dec 31, go along with another’s plans, or choose your preference. Either way, keep it simple

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 ~ Dec 21)

You are in great shape at month’s start. Through Dec 4, Venus builds a trine with Jupiter and at the same time the sun trines Uranus. Both transits keep you hitting it just right. Venus/Jupiter is a fortunate combination. It makes you feel happy and bodes well for money making too. Venus/Jupiter also likes to spend, lavish, and indulge; so easy come, easy go. Sun trine Uranus makes for great connecting and socializing. Synchronicity is on your side.

The Gemini full moon on Dec 6 makes for a great play, shopping, social, or get away weekend. It is also likely get something extra off the ground. It can spot light a special someone, a friend perhaps. People come, people go. Too, you can make an instant connection with someone. You’ll be quick on the uptake and perhaps on rapid fire with the comebacks too.  It’s good for fun and joking around, but if you feel riled, don’t jump to conclusion or action. Let it sit, double check, breathe. Overall the transits for this full moon look upbeat and entertaining.

Just after the full moon weekend, Jupiter turns retrograde. This turns the attention away from what’s going on out there to what’s going on inside you.

Saturn in Sagittarius, starting Dec 4, begins the next major phase of your life. It’s a time to get down to business where-ever it is essential for you to do so. If you are born in the first few days of Sagittarius (Nov 22 to 26) you’ll feel Saturn put squeeze on now through June. If you are born later in the sign, you’ll have still have time before Saturn reaches you. Either way, get on board with Saturn now, and you’ll shorten the distance to your reward.

Simple and low key does it best for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 ~ Jan 19)

You are under good control at month’s start while Mars finishes up in Capricorn. Even if you have more than usual on your plate, Venus/Jupiter and sun/Uranus keep you operating at optimum. You’ll enjoy yourself too.

Mars in Aquarius, starting Dec 4 and the Gemini full moon on Dec 6, revs up the action. You’ll get your social fill – and then some! Put extra safeguards in place with health, communication devices, and work related matters. The full moon could inconvenience you, change your plans, cause a misunderstanding, or bring up something unexpected. On the other hand, it could take the guesswork out of it for you. No matter what, it looks like you’ll be able to clear it up or take care of it quickly.

While you are likely to be putting a lot into your significant other, once Jupiter turns retrograde, you’ll want to see that turned around. Too, you’ll be more interested in quality over quantity, over the heart rather than the act. Jupiter retrograde has you checking in with yourself more. Are you giving the best? Are you getting the best?

Venus (Dec 10), Mercury (Dec 16) and the sun in Capricorn (Dec 21) are revitalizing.

Over the past couple of years, Saturn has been taking you (perhaps forcing you) to make a significant lifestyle change. Saturn is nearly done this phase of the construction project. Over the next six months, Saturn through Sagittarius will now add more form and definition to the potentials that have been unlocked since this lifestyle change has been in the works. This transit gives you something more tangible to work with.

Dec 24 can be a tension producing day. Christmas is smooth by comparison. Whether you get up to something or nothing, the moon’s trine to Mercury on Dec 31 makes for a pleasant New Year’s Eve.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 ~ Feb 18)

This first week of Dec has great stars, especially Dec 4, when Venus trines Jupiter and the sun trines Uranus. It’s an opportunity day, perhaps even a lucky day, but don’t wait for it. The days leading up to Dec 4 are also productive, lucrative, or enjoyable.

Also on this day, Mars enters Aquarius. You are likely to feel the energy boost. It could shift the focus too. Dec 5, Mercury trine Uranus makes for an entertaining evening of shopping or socializing. The Gemini full moon on Dec 6 keeps the day on buzz. Something unexpected could crop up. Overall, this can be a fun social weekend, but it is also a great time to go off and do your own thing too.

Jupiter retrograde and Uranus direct help you to gain a clearer sense of direction. You’ll find you are better self focused. Your intuition will give you stronger guidance. You know what you want; the rest is a matter of taking action on it. Both planetary switches help you to break free of whatever or who-ever have been holding you back as of late.

Venus (Dec 10), Mercury (Dec 16) and the sun in Capricorn help you to get your boundaries and your priorities straight.

Saturn in Sagittarius, start Dec 23, will take you through a major lifestyle and/or career change. It will force you to redefine your objectives and goals.

The moon is in Aquarius on Dec 24 (and Dec 25) which along with the rest of the dynamic transits should keep you on go and tackling one thing after another. Christmas is a much looser day. It should come and go without much fanfare. Keep it simple Dec 31.

PISCES (Feb 19 ~ March 20)

Despite all the extras, this first week of December will prove to be quite smooth running. Get as much accomplished as you can while the stars make it easy to do so.

Mars in Aquarius, starting Dec 4, can stimulate your creativity. It also makes your intuition sharper. The Gemini full moon on Dec 6 can keep you especially busy with errands, home, family, friends, visitors, foreign students, and rental matters. If you have been thinking about looking for a place or a tenant, this full moon could get the ball rolling a lot faster. Dec 5 or 6 can be a great night to host a party.

Dec 8 could play havoc with your day’s schedule or plans. Jupiter retrograde could simply signal the end of a study term, or work project, job, or cycle. Regarding the bigger picture, it will prompt you to review your career, personal or health priorities. Jupiter will stay retrograde for the next four months. Take time out to sort yourself out, perhaps to travel or study. It is a good transit for diving into a creative project or renovation project.

Saturn in Sagittarius, starting Dec 23, can put downsizing or a career change on your mind. Congratulations if you are finishing off or starting a degree. Saturn in Sagittarius can see you travel more for work, or limit the travel you do. It can also be a good transit for relocation or for launching your own business.

Dec 24 can be a high stress day; don’t let it get the better of you. Christmas day will come and go before you know it. Enjoy it with your lover, an impromptu with a friend or comfy on your own, New Year’s Eve is quite alright.

Rose’s weekly forecasts

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Review for: Insights into Evolutionary Astrology:

This book is indeed filled with original insights!  As an astrologer of over forty years I am very familiar with the writers of this book and their excellent past presentations so have been looking forward to this publication and I can say with all honesty that it is one of the most insightful and original books on the subject of astrology that is currently in print.  The articles are very diverse, well thought out and presented in an easily and understandable fashion for the practicing astrologer and interested lay person as well. 

Anyone searching to understand the world today will get a great deal out of this book as it certainly isn’t your common ancient astrology rewritten.  Jeffrey Green and Deva Green are both concise and articulate as we’ve known them to be in the past.  Kim Marie’s article on Evolutionary States goes into depth and clearly shows her excellent teaching skills.  Maurice Fernandez’s article on relationships and sexuality is so interesting and so original and also reflects his depth of knowledge on a very complex subject.

Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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A brief discussion of recent July events: Syrian Bombing, Colorado Shooting

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