May 2016

Weekly forecast (published by the Georgia straight newspaper every Thursday):

Side note: May 5, 2016: It has been an eventful few days. May 3, the transiting moon in fire sign Aries, boosted by the sun/Jupiter trine set the town of Ft. McMurray ablaze; Ted Cruz suspended his bid for the republican party nomination, John Kasich does so on May 4. An attorney announces that his client, Dr. Kornfield had been retained to offer life saving intervention for Prince, who died one day before the scheduled meeting. I attribute these events/announcements to the upcoming Mercury Transit (May 9) which is boosted by the super new moon in Taurus on May 6 and the end of Jupiter retrograde (in Virgo, a Mercury ruled sign) which happens 3 hours before the Mercury transit.

May 2016 Overview:

Mercury retrograde is back again. In the sign of Taurus this time, the transit places added value on that which we cherish, own, desire, and covet. It targets survival matters, i.e.: finances, income, earnings prospects, assets, mortality, fertility, and relationship durability. Sex is also a feature conversation.

Along with Mercury, the month of May opens with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. That brings the total to five out the eight main players that can go retrograde. That’s a lot of inner action/interior momentum.  (The sun and moon never go retrograde. Venus, Uranus, and Neptune are the three planets that are currently moving along as usual.)

As the cycle begins, there are plenty of notable headlines are capturing our attention. After the outrageous 8 million-dollar ransom deadline was surpassed, Canadian businessman Richard Ridsdel was beheaded by Islamic extremists in the Philippines. (The transiting north node triggered the solar eclipse of September 2015 when he and the others who are still waiting to meet their fate were initially captured.) Monday May 2 is the next deadline. Beheading falls under Taurus, the archetype that corresponds to the neck. Also on the terrorist “going for the jugular” front, a Canadian backed hospital in Syria was completely destroyed by airstrikes on the first day full day of Mercury retrograde. Doctors, medical aid, and hospitals are a most precious commodity (Taurus.) Music (Taurus) icon Prince is also in the news, shocking fans with his untimely death and leaving behind a large fortune (Taurus) without a will. Overlooking important matters is a typical folly of Mercury retrograde What about you? Do you have your will written? (I’ll soon post Prince’s chart with a few thoughts on my website. Please check back.)

What’s it worth? How much do I have to pay? What do I get out of it? Can I sustain this? Can I survive this? While Mercury tours retrograde in Taurus, our inner voice speaks up. Listening is one half of the program, the other half is mounting enough inner courage to follow the urging of our heart and soul. Yes, the typical Mercury retrograde inconveniences, added expense, delays, and derailments are to be expected. Beyond this, Mercury retrograde is working in good alignment with the rest of the stellar retrograde program, allowing us extra time to information gather, to evaluate, and to work through a creative process. One way or another, Mercury retrograde aims to break out of a rut, inertia, or a stalemate.  Along the way, the cycle aims to assist us to amass enough will, desire, and resources in order to set the next play into motion. Having said that, it is not the time to force what isn’t coming naturally. if you are struggling with something or someone, it is appropriate to sit on it or to wait them out. A time extension could prove valuable.

For the first half of Mercury retrograde, there can be a residue left, something to finish off, to reassess, or complete. The stars aren’t wasting anytime at all. The sun’s trine to Jupiter on May 3 putting everything on an increase or an escalation. This transit precedes the super new moon in Taurus on May 6, which is supported by Jupiter and Pluto (by trine), and Mercury (by conjunction). While Mercury retrograde in Taurus can create a slow down or stall, the super new moon won’t waste any time getting a grip on the goods and infusing the moment (and the week ahead) with the best it has to offer.

May 9 brings Mercury retrograde to its mid-way peak. It is also the day of the Mercury Transit. Loosely speaking, consider it like an “eclipse” of the sun. We’ll only see Mercury as a dot across the sun, it will not block out the light.  Still, it is an notable occurrence, especially if it makes a significant aspect to your own natal chart. This transit coincides could produce an event; we could witness a key someone in action; a key dialogue, exchange, or meet-up could happen; a “lightbulb” could go on. Even if the day passes without something eventful, know something of major and karmic relevancy is activated and moving onto a next phase. Jupiter in Virgo (a Mercury ruled sign) ends retrograde just three hours before the Mercury transit, begins a productive use it, heal it, fix it, work it out, upgrade-it phase. Thanks to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, and the super new moon energy, the week ahead should prove opportune, lucrative, and clarifying.

The second half of the month can feel much different than the first half. The sun advances into Gemini on May 20 and a full moon in Sagittarius happens on May 21. May 22 delivers the end of Mercury retrograde and the mid-way peak of the Mars retrograde cycle (April 17 to June 29). May 24, Venus enters Gemini and opposes Mars retrograde. On May 26, Jupiter turns a corner with Saturn to begin the last quarter of a 20 year manifesting cycle. That’s a lot of planetary mobilization over a short span of time.

Mars retrograde backtracks into Scorpio on May 27. It will finish out the retrograde in this sign but it won’t be done with Scorpio until the beginning of August. Mars retrograde in Sagittarius (April 17 to May 27) has taken us through a more critical questioning and search-for-it period. Mars retrograde in Scorpio now preps for surgery. It will also stoke the fire of our inner motivation, to dig deeper into intention, and to build the necessary momentum that will propel our desired evolution. I’ve posted an article on Mars retrograde on my website:

SUPER NEW MOON: May 6, 12:29 pm (16:41 Taurus)

FULL MOON: May 21, 2:14 pm (1:14 Sagittarius)

May 9:  Jupiter in Virgo ends retrograde: 5:16 am

May 9:  MERCURY TRANSIT (ECLIPSE) Mercury retrograde conjunct the sun: 8:12 am

May 20: Sun into Gemini: 7:37 am

May 22: Mas retrograde opposes Sun: 4: 17 am

May 22: Mercury retrograde ends: 6:20 am

May 24: Venus into Gemini: 2:45 am

May 27: Mars retrograde revisits Scorpio (6:51 am)

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time.

Dates to watch: May 1 -3, 6 – 15; 17, 18; 20 – 27, 29, 30

ARIES  March 19/20 ~April 19

Self preservation, it’s a big theme this month. Finances and relationships are too. Feeling stuck, buried alive, or lost your mojo and having a hard time staying put? Mercury (in Taurus) and Mars (in Sagittarius) travelling in retrograde motion aim to put you back in touch with what/who is most valuable to you. They’ll set you onto an intensified search and retrieve mission.  Of course, it is necessary to give the process time. Taurus is not a fast moving archetype. The month ahead is a good time for a financial regroup or personal heart to heart, especially so through Taurus time (to May 20.)

Survival instincts are likely to kick in when you need them to. On the other hand, staying the course can be hard to do when Mercury retrograde in Taurus is on trickster mode. You could accrue hefty extra expenses or liabilities. When/if Mercury retrograde presents you with a heavy load, take it one step at a time. One thing done well is worth its weight in gold. In order for that to happen you have to stay narrowly focused and fully committed.

Although Mercury retrograde can dish up unexpected turbulence, it is well facilitated by the sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto this month. No matter what the package looks like, over all the stars aim to bring you useful information and good growth opportunities. As the month advances, you should find work and health matters sort out well.

TAURUS April 19 ~May 20

If you can’t live with yourself, who can? Venus, freshly into your sign at month’s start, loans you extra turbo, especially when it comes to the me first, I deserve, and self preservation departments. Along with Mercury travelling retrograde in your sign, you should find your natural resourcefulness to be a handy tool. It’s a good thing, as you are likely to find the need to call on upon this skill. Mercury retrograde can test endurance levels; especially regarding finances, physical stamina, or health.

Despite the retrograde(s), the first ten days of the month are a fertile staging/set wheels in motion time. Don’t hesitate, don’t hold back.

May 20 to 23 can kick-start next or confront you with something extra. You may feel a need to scramble, defend yourself, repeat, or retrace your steps. May 27 through the end of June, Mars retrograde will back into Scorpio. The push-come-to-shove nature of this transit will affect you more strongly if you are born May 13 to 20 or if you have natal planets that are directly affected. Having said that, everyone is subjected to the influence. Consider it as a positive and necessary energy source. Mars retrograde in Scorpio compels each and everyone of us to get more motivated and committed, to revamp our inner programming/our inner psychology, to recognize what’s an advantage and what’s detrimental. Ultimately, the transit calls for you to be a better strategist and to take it upon yourself to create the change you so desire, personally, socially, materially, and relationship wise.

GEMINI May 20 ~ June 20

Mercury retrograde takes place in the background of your chart, but out of sight or on a time out doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind/heart! The retrograde cycle is ideal for deeper soul searching, a personal regroup, creative projects, or for a romantic escape. May 6 to 10 the stars are infused with greater creative potential. Watch for inspiration to hit, for something or someone to soothe or ignite your soul, for an added spark, insight, etc. Then again, it could simply be a good weekend to get your pleasure fill. These few days could see you spend or consume more than usual too.

May 20 to 24 can be a fast-track time. The full moon and Mars can mobilize you, unleash you, set you free, or thrust you into action, perhaps unexpectedly so. It’s a good weekend for a getaway. From May 27 through the beginning of August, Mars keeps you busy with renovations and upgrade projects. Included on the docket are matters to do with health, work, schedules, attitude and ambition.

CANCER June 20 ~ July 22

Some things/people present themselves as the same, some things/people are radically changed. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, the next few weeks can put you back in touch with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or past loves.

Mercury retrograde can also prompt you to revisit a previously cherished goal, lifestyle or financial track. The cycle can give you another chance or another go around. It’s all a matter of timing. Perhaps the revival is right for this moment along the time line. If it is calling or compelling you, then it is certainly worth exploring. Along the way, you’ll learn whether there’s good life in it yet, or whether it is time to let it go once and for all. Such is the nature of Mars retrograde too.

The week of May 9 can get you moving, open a door, or springboard you in some lucrative and opportune way.  Put your feelers out.

The weekend of May 20 is a good time to cut out, break-lose and/or to jump into something fresh. The backtrack of Mars retrograde into Scorpio helps you to get a better handle on whatever has given you a run for it lately.

LEO July 22 ~ August 22

While Mercury retrograde can force you to revise timetables, plans, policies, commitments, and priorities, Venus, freshly into Taurus, suggests you stand to gain when you do. The combination also suggests that you can repeat a previous success, that a second go ‘round holds good/lucrative prospect.

May 9, 10, 12, and 13 are optimum for talks, money transactions, marketing, and for enhancements of all kinds. Venus and Mercury put head and heart together on the same page. Refinancing is wise and well timed.

Overall and despite whatever added headaches may happen, the month ahead should prove productive; use it to clean up, clear away, to re-evaluate and to get better organized.

May 20 onward is mobilizing, perhaps significantly so thanks to the full moon, the end of Mercury retrograde, and both Venus and Mars retrograde in action.

Consider Mars retrograde on a revisit of Scorpio (starting May 27) as a refortifying transit. Through the next month or two, Mars should help you to get clearer on what to abandon, what to change, and what to build on in order to move yourself and/or your personal life to higher ground. A relationship with a particular family member can consume your attention. It’s a work in progress and it will take time.

This Mars transit is appropriate for undertaking a home renovation or investing in property, for a home move or a complete personal life make-over. Consider relocation, return to a place you’ve previously lived or visited.

VIRGO August 22 ~ September 22

Mercury retrograde can put you back in the game in some major way. Along with Venus in Taurus, the duo can help you to rebuild where it does you the most good; i.e. self confidence and self esteem. When you have a good handle on that, you’ll find the welcome sign of opportunity appears more readily.

As of the super moon of May 6, you should start to see a stronger inner momentum build. Jupiter in Virgo ends retrograde on May 9, the same day of the Mercury transit (eclipse). Often the end of a retrograde cycle is not as obvious as the start, but considering these two transits happen on the same day and the next day Venus trines Jupiter, you are likely to find yourself on an ease-up, re-energized, and enjoying yourself. Good luck, news, a gift, favourable attention, or something social could make your day. Personally, financially, socially, or relationship wise, the end of the week can finish on the upswing too.

Mercury ends retrograde on May 22 and continues in Taurus through the start of June, but the sun and Venus are on the move along. May 22 – 24 could get you rev’d up or riled; could jump start something added or fresh. It’s a good weekend to travel, launch a scouting mission, or attend a workshop. The full moon and Mars/sun opposition could bring the need to confront someone or it could see you make a significant breakthrough. Perhaps you’ll find yourself on a completely reverse opinion or position. Mars retrograde on a backtrack of Scorpio can thrust you into a major rethink, revision or renovation project. It can also extend a piece of unfinished business (karmic or otherwise) with a key someone.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Is it worth the price? Are you getting good quality out of your involvements and investments? To have, to hold, to acquire, to maintain; Mercury retrograde puts an added spotlight on finances and on relationship bonding, limitation, or enmeshment. Mercury retrograde and Venus in Taurus suggest it is worth it for you to invest or reinvest your all, to tighten it up where you can see it is necessary to do.

Considering the low interest rates, refinancing can be well timed, especially between May 9 and 13.  Despite Mercury retrograde, it is a good growth week. Don’t hesitate to put a plan or project in motion. Venus well aligned with Jupiter, Mercury retro and Pluto favours talks, creative projects, renos, marketing, money making, and relationship accord.

The Sagittarius full moon on May 21 gives a big kick-start to the rest of the month. May 20 to 24 can be mobilizing in some sudden and/or striking way. Enjoy a weekend getaway or get going on something fresh.

As of May 24, Venus exits Taurus and enters Gemini. This is sure to get you out and about more. As of May 27, Mars retrograde revisits Scorpio. It will finish retrograde in this sign at the end of June but it will continue through the start of August. For the next couple of months, Mars will help you to figure it out better, to get recommitted, to regain important personal ground, and to get better prepared for your next great adventure.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Despite Mercury retrograde, you can make good progress over the next couple of weeks, especially so regarding top-ups, check-lists, missing blank fill-ins, reconnections, revisions, and re-meets. The transit can also prompt a review of contracts, agreements, and schedules, or necessitate that you consult again with an advisor or agent. A second opinion is always wise when Mercury travels retrograde.

The next few weeks also put added concentration on re-establishing bonds and making sure you get good quality out of the time you spend on activities and people. Regarding such, aim to optimize on the week of May 9; there’s plenty of great stellar potential to draw from.

The full moon weekend of May 21 is a mobilizing time. Venus into Gemini, starting May 24, adds more layers or considerations, brings more expense, or more to cope with. Mars retrograde on a revisit to Scorpio can boost you with a second wind, an opportunity to go back and start over or start fresh, to revise, re-secure, or to try it all over again.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 to December 21

One way or another, Mercury retrograde puts you back to work. With the sun, a super new moon, and Venus in Taurus to support the process, improvement is your net gain. The concentration in Taurus will also prompt you to get a better handle on your health. Don’t hesitate to seek advice or a second opinion, to run more tests, or to revise as necessary, or to work on/implement a back-up plan. Even though Mercury continues in retrograde, the first half of the month can enhance earnings or job prospects.

The first half of the month is for re-securing, re-establishing, working out the kinks out of the system, and for laying a better foundation. The second half of the month is when you’ll hit a faster go, perhaps even surprisingly so during the fired-up full moon weekend (May 21/22.) Venus into Gemini, starting May 24, can increase your social interaction/involvement. Mars retrograde dips out of your sign as of May 27 and will not revisit Sagittarius until the start of August. Mars retrograde in Scorpio is best used to regroup, recharge the battery, and to build a stronger momentum. Spend time to devise and revise, and plan to hit full steam ahead by autumn.

CAPRICORN December 21 ~ January 20

Are you happy and where you want to be? What brings you joy? Are you getting enough pleasure, response, or reward? Mercury retrograde has you pondering the quality of life quotient. Along with the sun and Venus in Taurus, and the super moon on May 6, the first half of the month is for treating yourself right. Rekindle the romance, gift yourself with more time to do as you please. A creative or money-making prospect can show good promise. The week of May 9 is opportune for earnings, talks, get-togethers, travel, or exploring more. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, spending can increase too.

The second half of the month calls for more work or working it out. Something that seemed quite straightforward can become more multi-layered/multi-tiered. One thing can hinge on something else. More options, questions, doubt, or sidetracks can appear. Don’t jump to conclusions or race ahead of yourself. One step at a time is still the best way to play it. Mars retrograde in Scorpio, starting May 27, helps you to zero in better, to feel your way along and to see a wider, clearer divide between who/what’s in your best interest, and who/what is not.

AQUARIUS January 20 ~ February 18/19

The stars are building good traction through this first week of May. From the super new moon of May 5 through May 13 you should find you have more than enough on the go – because of Mercury retrograde or despite it. Home, family, self employment, personal and material baselines are the focus of Mercury retrograde. The week of May 9 is an opportune time to refinance or discuss money matters.

The Sun, Venus, and the super new moon in Taurus favour spruce ups of all kinds. They’ll enhance the returns on your investment, so know the extra time you spend at home and with the people in it can add up well.  Whether you have travelled planned or you simply take a trip down memory lane, Mercury retrograde will have you revisiting the past.

Gemini month, starting May 20, is mobilizing in some striking way, thanks to the full moon on May 21, the end of Mercury retrograde and Mars and Venus in action. You should feel a sense of release, and/or find yourself thrust onto next, pronto quick. Ride the good wind. Whatever springs to life has plenty going for it.

PISCES February 18/19 ~ March 19/20

As is typical of Mercury retrograde, plans or expectations may need to be revamped. Transportation, communications, or money matters can require more of your attention. A revisit or reconnection could fall under the category of a special event on or near May 9 when transit of Mercury happens (an “eclipse” with the sun). The week of May 9 to 13 is a good one for spruce ups of all kinds, and for getting on their good side. You could make great headway with someone or something. Socialize, connect, and talk. You may be asked to give more, of your heart, from your wallet.

The weekend of the full moon can be good for travel, a getaway, a weekend workshop, tradeshow, shopping excursion or for attending a special event. A goodbye or hello may be said. May 20 to 24 can springboard you in some dynamic way.

Mars retrograde revisits Scorpio as of May 27. It’s a good personal regroup, refortify or replenish-it transit. It can help you to regain your health, your strength, vitality, motivation, and mojo; to recoup your stronghold or your determination.

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