October 2016

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October Overview:

October opens with Mars freshly into Capricorn. Having spent two thirds of the year in either Scorpio or Sagittarius, it energizes a sense of “finally now; the time has come; there’s something actual, real, or substantial setting into place; there’s more to work with, for, or toward”. Putting the finishing touch on a two-year exploration and staging cycle, Mars in Capricorn is on a completion track with Pluto through October 19, ending a two-year exploration and growth agenda. Coinciding with this Mars/Pluto transit, the Mars space shuttle is scheduled to land on Mars. The transit also sets the foundation for the next two-year project which aims toward solidifying, crystallizing, and anchoring the evolving reality base. A builder archetype, Mars in Capricorn activates the past, it’s consequences and rewards, while also setting new paving stones into place.

Mars turns a corner Jupiter in Libra on October 7, putting a significant next step and/or major initiative into play. Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra on October 7, putting a greater emphasis on social matters, on the people rather than the things, on gaining a better balance between how you show up for yourself and how you interface with other(s). Mercury teams up with Jupiter on October 11, setting a good backdrop for exploring more, speaking up or out; for meetings, interviews, talks, information gathering, legal matters, paperwork, marketing, education, and travel.

The super full moon in Aries on October 15 can be kick ass, especially if your chart has planets at the cardinal position of 23 degrees (give or take a few degrees). (Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.) This full moon is opposition to Uranus and Eris in Aries. Eris, goddess of discord, adds greater volatility to Uranus, which is a main contributor to the social, political, economic and geo-physical extremes that we have been witnessing for some time now. The Uranus/Eris transit has been at a dynamic peak since May and continues through 2018. It is a catalyst for the daily intensity and/or radical lifestyle change regarding personal life journey too.

Uranus aligned with the full moon makes for a good weekend to fire it up. Aim for something exceptional, liberating and freeing. Step outside of the box, try something fresh and new on for size. It’s a great weekend for social interaction, a special event, a first time or try, for brainstorms, innovation, personal reinvention and relationship breakthroughs. An element of risk and/or the unexpected is in the mix. If it isn’t meant to be, the full moon can bust you out of it you, perhaps suddenly so. Noting that the full moon is also drawing from Mercury square Pluto Arguments and relationship breakups are quite possible. Things/lives can change in a flash. It is sure to be an eventful weekend regarding the politics, social trends, world happenings, and the weather too. Please put extra attention to safety and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Venus enters Sagittarius on October 18. The last of the presidential debates coincides with Mars conjunct Pluto on October 19, and Mercury’s opposition to Uranus on October 20. Venus in Sagittarius, Mars/Pluto, and Mercury/Uranus are mobilizing transits. October 22 through the end of the month continues on a brisk pace with the stars in action every single day through the month’s end. Mars conjunct Pluto on October 19 and Venus conjunct Saturn on October 29 (both completion and goal post transits) bookend what should prove to be a definitive, shaping, and cementing time for Hillary and the Donald as they work their way to election day.

October 15: Full Moon in Aries, 9:23 pm (23:14 Aries)
October 30: New Moon in Scorpio, 10:38 am (7:44 Scorpio)

October 7: Mercury into Libra: 0:56 am
October 14: Ceres retrograde backs into Aries: 3:48 am
October 18: Venus into Sagittarius: 0:01
October 19: Vesta into Leo: 6pm
October 18: Pallas stations retrograde: 12:31 pm
October 22: Sun into Scorpio: 4:46 pm
October 24: Mercury into Scorpio: 1:47 pm
**All times listed are PDT, please check your local time
Dates to note: Oct 1, 2, 4,5, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15,18 – 20, 22, 24, 25, 28 – 30


ARIES March 19/20 – April 19
Mars, freshly into Capricorn, keeps the action focused on career and personal life priorities. This is a particularly driven, goal focused, take-charge Mars. As the month advances, you’ll become even more motivated to make it official, legitimized, and/or to get it under better control.
Projects, ambitions, relationships, finances, or legal matters move to the next level as of October 5 when Mars turns a corner with Jupiter in Libra.
Entering the balancing act sign on October 7, Mercury catches up to Jupiter on October 11 and turns a corner with Mars on October 13. Conversations, plans, contracts, money, and people matters hit the move along. These dates can be news worthy. They may also stoke a fire in preparation for the October 15, super full moon in Aries, weekend.
While Mars in Capricorn is an executive action transit, Uranus in Aries is tightly aligned with Eris. This ongoing, snap-crackle-pop influence keeps the get-go on a live-wire edge.
On October 19, Mars meets with Pluto. This marks a significant finish-line and/or launches the next two-year staging and shaping program. Perhaps you’ll have a sense of the karmic importance of your present circumstances or involvements.
Drawing from Uranus/Eris (conjunction) and more, the super full moon can be especially kick-ass if you are born on or near April 12/13, or if you have natal planets that align with this event. It’s a great weekend for first or an adventure. When your hot your hot. You’ll have no trouble stoking a good fire. Of course the stars have many ways they can operate. The downside is impetuousness, incaution, disruption, eruption, going too fast, or too far. Keep a lid on anger, watch out for hot buttons or dangerous situations.
Mercury’s opposition to Uranus on October 20 and Mars square Uranus on October 28 can be fast track, breakthrough, or cut-off dates. Seize opportunity, keep an extra eye on safety and stay alert for the unexpected.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20
Are you getting to the end of the road with someone or something? What’s a done deal? What have you locked into? How far will it take you? Can you see yourself going the distance for it or with it? The month ahead caps it off. Mars completing on Pluto (as of October 19) sets the future onto a next phase. The time is ripe and the time is now. You have important, even critical choices to make, especially regarding health, wealth, work, and intimate relationships. An honest look forward and back will define it for you in no uncertain terms, but If you can’t make up your mind, the stars may do it for you. There are many trigger dates through out the month that can see you turn a sharp corner or jump start it for you. October 14, 15, 19, 20, and 28 put you on the forward thrust, perhaps abruptly so.
The super full moon in Aries on Oct 15 can take you by surprise. It’s a biggie for work, health, and relationship matters. Someone could pull a plug on you or draw you into something unexpectedly. The full moon weekend is great for a getaway, or for going off and doing your own thing. You could find yourself on a great creative or fix-it spurt.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20
There’s something important to finish off this month, i.e. n inheritance, real estate transaction, mortgage, payment plan, or some other financial obligation. A relationship can be on its final page too, especially so if it feels more like a duty call. On the other hand, Mars and Pluto onto their next two-year project also suggest the time is right to formalize a relationship, sign a major contract, to officially launch a new career or business.
The full moon weekend (October 15) holds great excitement and possibility. It’s a great weekend for a trade show, conference, workshop, group, community, or special event, for trying something or someone new and different. Watch for something out of the blue to fast track you.

CANCER June 20 – July 22
Whether you are on the hunt for it, it’s planned, or it takes you by surprise, so much can change in the blink of an eye. A major career or personal life change is in the works. The month ahead can fast-track you in some unexpected, perhaps radical way, especially so on or near the kick-ass super full moon on October 15.
New initiatives and ambitions are highly favoured. The now is the best thing you have. Make the most of it! Don’t waste time, use it instead. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn call for you to take the responsibility and the reigns in your hands. Effort can net a great way off. Keep your undivided attention on the goal post and push yourself harder. Stay consistent and professional, put proper boundaries in place. Work on your public profile. Reputation -it means everything in business and in personal life relationships too. Oct 15 onward, puts you on the move with a legal matter, official status, or step.

LEO July 22 – August 22
A sense of finality or accomplishment can accompany the Mars/Pluto conjunction on October 19 but its not so much about the goal post you’ve reached as much as what it represents – namely, a building new life course, a new level of freedom, a new life adventure.
For the most part, work projects, plans, health matters, legal dealings, and communication tracks should move along well. Off and on throughout the month, you’ll hit a speed track. The shake, rattle, and roll super full moon in Aries, Oct 15, sets up a great weekend to seek a fresh infusion or diversion. Aim for something outside of the box, getaway for the weekend, enjoy sports, a workshop, a public event, or let adventure come find you. Something unexpected or out of the ordinary could rock your world. Whatever/whomever shows up, is definitely hot or definitely not. Uranus in the mix could put you in a risk-taking mood. Have fun, know when too much is too much.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

The month opens with Mars freshly into Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. A strong and complimentary placement, this get it under better control influence is likely to feel like a welcome relief after these many months of the Mars marathon running roughshod over you. Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra on October 7, to join with Jupiter who has also recently advanced into this sign. As the month advances you should feel you that you have made good gains on yourself and most everything else.
The Aries super full moon on October 15 could thrust you into completely something unexpected. You could get caught off guard or clued in unexpected. A sudden flash or impulse, split second, or surprise could change everything. Don’t take risks with your body, your loved ones, or your valuables. A sudden decision may be necessary but well timed.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Jupiter, freshly into Libra, gains added incentive from Mars though the first week of October, reaching an action peak on October 5. Put this week to good use and watch the good it does you.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on October 11. On this same day Mars/Neptune also sets up opportunity. It’s a good day to put ideas and plans into action, to meet, communicate, travel, market, teach, to educate and/or broaden yourself.

Thanks to Uranus and Eris in the mix, the super full moon in Aries on October 15 is hotwired. Expect to be taken by surprise in some exceptional, extreme, perhaps sudden and disruptive way. Watch for another to put the day into action. To the plus, a brain-storm or genius moment could strike it hot; a social or public event could deliver the goods and then some. If you are single and looking, someone new could burst onto the scene. An instant attraction can sweep you off your feet. A new trend or passion can overtake you too. It’s a great influence for personal or lifestyle reinvention, for trying something or someone new on for size. On the other hand, the shot is not yours to call. You are subjected to circumstance and/or the actions of others.

Mars and Pluto conjoin on October 19 to mark a completion or ending of significance and a sense that the time has come for a next or new reality to begin, this regarding greater acknowledgement of what it is that you need from and for yourself. You have something to accomplish. Home and family are a major factor regarding this new cycle. Mars/Pluto also signal a time is ripe moment for a new business or career chapter. October 20 and 27/28 are also strike flint days.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21
It’s a good month to add a credential to your name, put a professional polish on your presentations or profile. More recognition or an official status can be in the works. Tend to legal matters such as lease or term renewals, contracts, licenses, and paperwork. If you have wanted to do it, a name change can be appropriate. The Mars/Pluto conjunction on October 19 brings you an official finish line or goal post while also setting the next stage or phase into action. As such, a fresh plan, project, initiative, or upgrade is. Mars/Pluto is also good for working with a new agent, advisor, mentor, or representative.
You’re on your way toward that Mars/Pluto conjunction, but first there is the October 15 super moon in Aries to get through. If you work with the public, it could be an extremely profitable weekend. Even on your own time, expect an over-the-top day or few. It’s sure to be eventful. Perhaps you’ll experience a major breakthrough, a breakup is possible too. Experiment, try something new on for size. A new job, process, technique, trend, tool or discovery could make your day. On the flip-side, something unexpected could flare up, overtake you and/or cost a bundle. The full moon could fire up something unexpected to do with health, repairs, or relationship involvements. Guard your info, hackers are getting smarter. Act don’t react. October 20, 21, and 28 can also dish up something unexpected.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21
Mars spent a good portion of the year in your sign but as of recently, its has advanced into Capricorn where it will continue through the first week of November. Working its way toward a completion with Pluto on October 19, Mars has taken this two-year learning and growth cycle as far as it is meant to go. You have extract all you have needed to know, about yourself as well as the “it”. What you have experienced and learned now lays the foundation for your next growth cycle. Materially and emotionally speaking, the new two-year project puts sharper focus toward gaining greater security, developing greater consistency, and on building a more solid resource base. Downsizing can be the way to go for some, but that does not equate with minimizing ambition, quite the contrary. Mars in Capricorn makes you aware of the advance of time. It also brings a sense of the right time or the ripe moment. According to Mars/Pluto, the present hour ends and a new hour begins on October 19.
Thanks to Uranus in the mix, the super full moon of October 15 is sure to produce extra excitement. Your kids, your lover, or a special event may have something to do with that. Someone or something new or out of the blue could get you all fired up. A sudden flash, stroke of genius moment, or unexpected meet-up could set you up.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20
The month opens with you singularly/solidly focused on getting it accomplished and/or get nailed down. Even if there has been a recent setback or delay, motivation is in ample supply. Mars, freshly into Capricorn, keeps you driven and ambitious. It also brings a sense of coming the end of the road or to a finish line with a particular person, place, or thing.
There are a number of move-along dates to support your progress throughout the month, before and after the full moon on October 15, and before and after Mars and Pluto team up on October 19. Keep open-minded and open-hearted, stay observant and use the moment as it appears before you. It’s a matter of sticking with the agenda while experimenting, refining, adding and subtracting as you go along.
The super full moon in Aries on October 15 sets up a good weekend to let off extra steam. Chanel your energy into something social or fun. Throw a party, host a family event or get away for the weekend and enjoy fresh air diversion. Selling or buying property? An open house is well timed too. If you feel tension building, try not to let anger or a reactive impulse get the better of you. While its good to be proactive, don’t get too far ahead of yourself or the moment. Also, keep an extra eye on safety. The influence of Uranus can be inflaming, eruptive or disruptive.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19
The sun, Jupiter and Mercury (as of October7) in Libra put you into a better overall flow. All three increase opportunities, confidence, people connections, and your ability to attract. Travel, legal matters, creative projects, teaching, publishing and marketing activities receive good benefit from these stellar influences.
Keep open and ready for an anything goes, go-all-out full moon October 15 weekend. A quick getaway, or something outside of your usual can make for great fun, stimulation, and excitement. You could blow your budget/spend extra or unexpectedly, but holding back is practically impossible. Someone or something could surprise you. Be extra careful on the road, etc.
Mars/Pluto reach a completion point and launch a new two-year momentum on October 19. It is a time is ripe moment for something long sought after to come into being, to overtake as your new reality.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20
A lucrative month lies ahead, especially if you have already invested well re time, money, creativity or smarts. A major contract or financial purchase can be in the works. The stars bode well for relationships too – re family, committed ones and new ones alike. There are many good trigger dates throughout the month. Make full use of the moment. Spontaneity combined with good foresight and planning is a winning combination.
The super full moon in Aries on Oct 15 can kick start something unexpected, perhaps extreme. The risk factor is high. It’s a great influence for untethering or unleashing yourself and/or for jumping full heartedly into something fresh and new. Let passion or enthusiasm make your day, but watch anger or reactionary impulses. Noting it is a full moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, you are sure to feel the heat. You could reach a sudden cut-off or find yourself ready to go for it great guns.
Mars comes to a significant threshold with Pluto on October 19. This ends a two-year exploration and growth cycle and begins a new two-year agenda. You’ve already been working on career, family and lifestyle changes. This next two-year project gives you something more solid/tangible/real to work with.

Jupiter in Libra – The Search for a Better Equilibrium: September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

Jupiter in Libra – The Search for a Better Equilibrium: September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

A review: Jupiter enlarges the scope where-ever it goes. In a myriad of ways over this past year, Jupiter in Virgo has exponentially increased the number of folks in daily need and/or crisis. It has also increased the need to fix, heal, repair, correct, and upgrade. Have you felt as though you’ve repeatedly run up against it, that your coping skills have been greatly tested, or that you’ve had to keep running on an empty tank? When Jupiter tours Virgo, we are often faced with one thing after another. Often this happens in such rapid succession that we aren’t able to fully complete, fix, or heal before our attention is claimed by something more.

While the work begun during Jupiter in Virgo will continue, Jupiter now moves onto a fresh target. Jupiter’s one-year tour through Libra will now increase the scope of relationship, partnership, social involvement, and social trends. Jupiter in Libra also weighs in on the scales of social justice, of contemporary thought, opinion, morality, and on matters to do with keeping the peace.

While Jupiter tours the sign of the scales, things can go from one extreme to the opposite. To the plus, Jupiter in Libra can increase personal enjoyment, social interaction, romantic, and financial potentials. Folks can be more accommodating, more open, inclusive, and gifting. Jupiter in Libra can make the going and the connecting easier. Mind you, there are no guarantees, but if your birth-chart confers, then prospects in all the aforementioned can hit an upswing.

First and foremost, Jupiter in Libra increases the focus on gaining a better inner balance and on developing a more self-honouring, more harmonious relationship with yourself. Have you made too many sacrifices as of late? Jupiter in Libra lets in fresh air so that you can clear your head.  Once you can better reconcile with your own wants and needs, you will find you will have readier access to what and whom is truly of quality, worth, and benefit. What is it that prospers inside of you? What you fuel inwardly is always reflected to you through your interactions with others. If you want to be respected, honoured, heard, validated, and loved, make sure you are the first in line to bestow on yourself.

As a cardinal archetype, Libra is naturally driven to seek fresh experience, to explore diversity through social interaction and also through intimate encounters. Libra learns best through counterpoint awareness, through contrast and comparison.

While Libra seeks equality in relationship, when the scales are tipped, the experience of one-sided give and take can ensue. When Jupiter transits Libra, relationship imbalances can become greatly increased. Projected expectations often go unmet; the voiced can easily go overlooked. We assume that another will understand and meet us, that another will respect our wishes and boundaries, that another would be sensitive enough not to cause us hurt or harm, emotionally or materially. In our zeal to be cherished, desired, loved, accepted and respected, we can override the fact others do not put our needs, wants, and desires first. When in self denial, Libra is famous for saying “I’m fine”. If we do not put our essential needs first, why should others? If we skew the truth to self, how can we expect that another will give us honesty? When the gap between what we want and what we get grows too obvious to ignore, the start of a more earnest inner dialogue with self can begin.

Enmeshment and co-dependency issues can gain more of our attention during Jupiter’s transit through Libra. This play out in our personal lives and also in the political world. We all breathe the same air. No country or political system is an island unto itself. We need each other. Alliances, associations, collaborative undertakings, and contracts fall under Libra’s jurisdiction. What is fair and just under the law? Growing social trends and norms are here to stay and they require new legislation. (The legalization of pot, the rights of transgenders, same sex marriage, designer babies, right to die, right to live, to bear arms, etc.). Jupiter in Libra raises the issues of the middle class and those who look to join this social class. More people have more opinions. More people join more crusades. More blending of cultures, beliefs, and families are happening too as more people come, go, and grow on the planet. Where does free trade and open borders take us? Will Jupiter in Libra produce more tolerance for those who don’t look, talk, or act like us?

While Libra can swing to extremes, it can also park it into neutral, into complacency, or ambivalence.  Indecision, another Libra weakness, is often based in the mistrust of one’s own evaluation process, and/or the fear of exclusion, of losing one for the other.

Libra always wants to partake in the best of all worlds. To keep up with an appearance and to maintain the status quo is important to a Libra in need, even though a precious cost may ensue. Decisions are often clouded by what is socially acceptable, or by the uncomfortable feelings and fear associated with disrupting the peace and/or meeting with another’s displeasure. To this end, one can override one’s own needs for the sake of keeping the peace. Libra’s first choice will typically vote to maintain a status quo, to keep a relationship or involvement going rather than to go it alone.

Libra’s non-commitment or non-monogamy can steam from a lack of emotional investment, or from a compelling desire to explore diversity. Both suggest a limit has been reached, that there is a deeper soul need to grow and expand again. Fickle Libra can be easily swayed by a promise, a projected expectation, by the advertising, or appearance.  Jupiter’s transit through the sign amplifies all of Libra’s plus and minus columns. Noting that the start of Jupiter’s transit through Libra encompasses the US election, we may see the numbers grow of undecided or swing voters. Jupiter in Libra promises much – can it deliver? How far can we go with free trade and open borders?

Whether challenged or balanced, the art of listening is Jupiter in Libra’s most valuable resource. When one listens with both heart and mind relaxed and united in the understanding that there is more to gain than to lose by staying true to self honouring and the higher principles of living, loving, sharing, inclusion, and caring, then Jupiter in Libra will strike a beautiful, blended, intuitive balance.  When the art of listening has reached a refined mark, the soul will no longer feel the stress and need to overcompensate in order to please, to obtain, maintain, or to enable for fear of loss. One can give more freely, receive and gain more freely too. When the right balance is achieved, true peace can be found. At its finest, Jupiter in Libra has a natural wisdom that knows what to give and when to give without having to be asked. To accept and to feel blessed is also Jupiter in Libra’s gift.



Jupiter in Libra now reaches the third quarter mark of a twelve-year cycle with Pluto. This world growth and personal growth cycle began in Sagittarius and will end in 2020 in Capricorn. Beliefs are the building blocks of reality. At this point in the cycle, the priority attention shifts away from the past and toward the building new reality.

Jupiter now reaches the third quarter mark of a twelve-year trend setting growth cycle with Pluto, the power planet. These two have compelled a major learning/major evolutionary journey into being. It is one that has been testing beliefs and putting reality to the test. Every step along the way brings the opportunity to choose our destiny. Enough is enough. Jupiter/Pluto have now built and extracted as much as is useful from the previous program. While there is still major finishing work (especially to 2020 and to 2024), Jupiter/Pluto will now strive to making better, more solid gains on the future. Jupiter in Libra will meet with Pluto in Capricorn three times: November 24, 2016, March 30, 2017, and August 4, 2017. Each exact alignment sets another paving stone in place regarding reconciling with existing reality, and cementing the framework for tomorrow.

Jupiter in Libra will meet with Uranus in Aries on December 2, 2016, March 2, 2017, and Sept 27, 2017. At every level, these three peak dates accelerate our personal, social, political, and global reinvention program. Jupiter/Uranus can see great gains in science. Weather extremes and global warming continues on the acceleration curve too. Whether exceptionally opportune or of sudden shock value, Jupiter/Uranus will strike flint in some unmistakable way. Uranus in Aries is a rebellious, excitable unpredictable, liberating, innovative, spontaneous, and extreme influence. Closely following Jupiter/Uranus, Jupiter in Libra opposes Eris, the goddess of discord, on January 17, February 22, and September 9, 2017.

Note, all the aforementioned dates are exact alignments, but their influences extend over a length of time. Anticipate that Jupiter in Libra will be anything but a placid transit. With Uranus in the mix, it could be life altering for many. Jupiter also maintains an opposition with Ceres in Aries from mid November 2016 through February 1, 2017. Beyond key family relationships, relocation, goodbyes, hellos and fresh starts, this transit underscores the karmic recall or fruition nature of circumstances and relationships.

Lastly, but also of great importance to watch is the transit of Venus, ruler of Libra. Jupiter will increase the scope of all Venus activities and undertakings. The money, love, and relationship planet, Venus transits feature all matters to do with net worth, self worth, intrinsic/natural resources, and survival (personal, material, relationships). Due to a retrograde cycle (March 4 to April 15) Venus will be on an extended visit of Aries. Watch for new found independence, freedom needs, wants, desires, and money making ventures to strike a hot flint from February 4 to June 6.  Venus reaches the peak with Jupiter on May 19, 2017. Just before Jupiter leaves Libra Venus and Mars will begin a new cycle. What does it all add up to? Within your heart, your relationships, your social or material world, expect to be someplace new, to be somebody new, to be doing something new. Life is for living! Live it courageously, live it fully.

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Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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Dec 18, 2013 – 2014 – A brief overview

Nov 27, 2013 – December 2013 transits, Mars into Libra, Venus in Capricorn retrograde

Oct 30, 2013 – November 2013: The second peak of 2013 – Uranus square Pluto, Nov 1, Scorpio Solar Eclipse Nov 3, Mercury in Scorpio retrograde to Nov 10

Sep 25, 2013 – October forecast, 2013

Aug 6, 2013 – August 2013 transits

Apr 24, 2013 – May, 2013, Solar Eclipse May 9, Lunar Eclipse May 24/25

Mar 27, 2013 – April 2013 transits

Feb 27, 2013 – March 2013 transits

Jan 30, 2013 – February 2013 transits

Dec 26, 2012 – 2013 Overview

Nov 28, 2012 – December 2012 transits

Oct 31, 2012 – November 2012, USA Election, November Eclipses

Sep 26, 2012 – Full Moon Sept 29, 2012 & October 2012 transits: Jupiter retrograde, Saturn in Scorpio

Aug 29, 2012 – September 2012 Transits, Uranus square Pluto #2, Sept 18, 2012

Jul 25, 2012 – August 2012 transits: Mercury in Leo retrograde;
A brief discussion of recent July events: Syrian Bombing, Colorado Shooting