October 2015

***Special Event Webinar: October 8/9th 2015 –
Ceres: Collaborating with Hades, Negotiating with Zeus

In the myth, we find Ceres forced to come to terms with Hades/Pluto and powerful enough to negotiate with the ruler of the Olympians, Zeus/Jupiter.
In this webinar Rose will discuss how our personal Ceres myth reflects a formidable creative force deep within our soul. Our Ceres natal chart signature, by sign, house, and aspects, describes an ongoing feature evolutionary theme and carry-over from our past lives. We can feel it in our soul as permeating sorrow, grief, and loss. We can feel it as a soul necessity or soul destiny. We feel it as an ultimate search for fulfillment, a call to re-empowerment, or as critical and key to the reclaiming of self. We can wrestle within our own soul, or we can face the fight of our life. Whether a driving force or a more subtle undercurrent influence, our Ceres journey is one that offers especially rich soil for our current planting, watering, and harvesting season. To integrate through Ceres means to move from loss to treasure-trove, to advance the process of healing, reconciliation, and revitalization for that which we regard as of utmost value.

All attendees and registered participants receive download access to the webinar following the presentation. register here: http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2015/09/cia-agent-webinars/


Podcast for October’s transits: Rose on Guiding Stars EA radio: http://rosemarcus.com/astrolink/rose-on-guiding-stars-ea-radio/

Weekly forecasts (Published every Thursday by the Georgia Straight Newspaper): http://www.straight.com/life/549406/your-horoscope-october-8-14-2015


October Forecast Overview:

There’s just one more week of Mercury retrograde to go. For Canadians, there are another couple of weeks to go until the next Prime Minister is elected. The vote happens on October 19 with the Capricorn moon forming aspects with seven of the nine main planets all in the one day. Venus in opposition to Neptune on October 16 suggests a large percentage of voters can still be uncertain and easily wooed. It also suggests that there’s no clear front runner but that could change as of October 17 thanks to Mars trine Jupiter, a take-flight, momentum building aspect. The candidates are sure to be on full thrust that day!

Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn are in action on October 6 which can make for a productive turn- the-corner, shift-the-focus day. Let it unfold naturally. The Mars/Neptune opposition makes for a good evening to put it on chill, to allow romance, creativity, or sleep to steal you away.

Venus enters Virgo on October 8 and conjoins fixed star Regulus, the royal star. Are you feeling in the mood to get down to it? To November 8 Venus in Virgo holds an appreciation for the work that’s involved and the healing that’s necessary. Over the next few weeks, we can get more value out of our work, efforts, corrections, and upgrades. Venus turns a corner with Saturn on October 11.

Jupiter builds up to Pluto, perfecting a trine aspect on October 11. It is an ambitious, hopeful, driven and productive aspect. It suggests we can attempt more, go further, handle more, and accomplish more than we might at another time. Jupiter in Virgo keeps need and necessity on the upswing too. Certainly this transit speaks to the refugee crisis. It is estimated that the numbers may swell many millions in the not so distant future.

Also on October 11, the sun opposes Uranus. On October 12, the Libra new moon opposes Uranus. Before doing so, moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that we are still under the influence of last month’s eclipses. Between October 6 and 12, Mercury transits the karmic axis. Put that all together and it spells an energy infusion that’s especially alive and triggered. This new moon is sure to push the refresh button in some striking way. These transits coincide with the Canadian Thanksgiving, so for some of us, perhaps they’ll simply signal a good weekend to have fun, to socialize, travel, and/or get off the hamster wheel.

The week that follows this new moon can be a great/productive get-ahead one. Mars is on the go that week, forming trines with Pluto on October 15 and Jupiter on October 17. As I mentioned above, Venus opposes Neptune on October 16. This transit makes for a great evening for music, movies or romance. The stars are active from the new moon on October 11 to the full moon on October 27. Optimize this second half of the month and you’ll be glad you did.

Venus trines Pluto on October 23, the same day the sun enters Scorpio. Whatever you are feeling, you are sure to feel it deeply and passionately. It can keep you driven and obsessed. It’s a sensual, lustful, acquisitive, and covetous transit too. On October 26, Venus forms a conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury opposes Uranus. Both transits should make for a lively weekend and also a lively lead-in to the Taurus full moon on October 27. Considering it’s the weekend before Halloween, it should be good for retailers and money making. The full moon of October 27 is the last super moon of three in a row. It’s not as close as last month’s lunar eclipse but considering it is hosted by Venus/Jupiter and Mercury/Uranus, expect to see a lot of money and people action.

The sun trines Neptune on October 30, while the moon trines Neptune and the sun on October 31. That’s good creativity, inspiration, flow/fluidity to end our month. Please keep safety in mind on Halloween weekend; don’t drink and drive; know your limits!


October 12: New Moon: 19 Libra 20 (5:06 pm) (Canadian Thanksgiving)

October 27: Full Moon:   3 Taurus 45(5:05 am)

Oct 8: Venus into Virgo: 10:30 am

Oct 9: Mercury ends retrograde: 7:58 am

Oct 23: Sun into Scorpio: 10:47 am

Oct 25: Vesta retrograde revisits Pisces: 3:16 am

Oct 27: Ceres into Aquarius: 8:53 am

Oct 31: Pallas enters Capricorn: 4:05 am

** All times listed are PDT, please check your local time ~ Dates to note: Oct 8 – 12, 15 -17, 19, 22, 23, 25 – 28

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

Past October 6 you’ll have a better sense of how things are shaping up. One way or another Venus into Virgo on Oct 8 will put you to work. The good thing about this transit it is puts you into the mood to get onto task and it provides you with more value for the effort. On the flip side, everything costs more.

Mercury ends retrograde on October 9 but it will continue to keep money matters, a creative project, your social life and/or a key relationship involvement in full swing through the start of next month. Whether it’s just getting full use out of the holiday weekend or something more, October 10 to 12 can be a notable switch-track time.

Mars and Venus in Virgo get on the move in a major way as of mid month. Mars trines Pluto on October 15 and conjoins Jupiter on October 17. Venus conjoins Jupiter on October 25. All three are action dates. They give you plenty to shoot for. By the start of next month, we’ll be into a new Venus/Mars chapter. Every step of the way is staging and important. Stay alert, stay present for yourself. Aim higher; get down to it; fix it. No more excuses!

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

Mercury ends retrograde on October 8 but it will continue to put added concentration on work and working it out through the start of November.

Jupiter and Pluto empower you through October 11. It’s an opportunity combination, so set your sights high and don’t take no or why bother for an answer. The Force is already with you, but feel free to add an extra dash of effort and determination and watch how far it gets you! Mars in Virgo is already pumping you full of great can-do. As of October 8, Venus moves into Virgo too. It’s one of your best Venus placements. Make money, make love, take the stage, create, or travel, October 14 to 19 can be a great take-flight time. October 22 through the full moon of October 27 is also a full plate time. Heck the whole month is.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

There’s a lot on your plate at month’s start. Don’t expect it to lighten up. A full to the brim month lies ahead. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto through the first half of the month keeps you driven. It is productive for a renovation project, a scouting mission, a major financial move, purchase, or rearrangement. Perhaps there’s a new address in the works? The month ahead is also a good time for surgery, for wills and other legal matters. There’s no reason to wait, put yourself into high gear and get at it from the start of the month. Having just said that, is best to wait past October 6 to sign a contract or to finalize the important stuff (or until after Mercury retrograde finishes on October 9).

By the middle of the month, you should feel you are on batting a good average. There are plenty of opportunity dates through the month: Oct 11, 14, 15, 17, 19, 25, and 28. Get something cooking or let the stars deliver.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Mercury continues in retrograde through October 9, so give yourself extra time to get a good look at what’s going on around you and also to check in with yourself. By October 11/12, you should start to see your way clear. In fact, October 13 – 15 is optimal for talks, negotiations, and for putting the play into action. Venus/Neptune on October 16 and Mars/Jupiter on October 17 look full of promise. They can put life or love on the move in some major way. Enjoy, stay hopeful, but even so, don’t race too far ahead of yourself. The sun’s entrance into Scorpio on October 23 marks the start of a power cycle for matters to do with the heart or the wallet. October 25 could be an over the top or big spending day. The full moon of Oct 27 through Halloween ends the month on a profitable, relaxed, and/or happy note.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

For the past five months (approximately) Venus graced your sign. The transit has given you ample time to take a look inside, to examine your heart. Are you in love with life, with another, with yourself? Are you happy, are you thriving? No doubt these questions have crossed your mind. Venus has delivered her best just as of recently. Have you felt the upswing?

Mars left Leo for Virgo at the end of September. As of October 8, Venus will join her partner in Virgo. Jupiter began a one year tour of the sign in the middle of August. As the month advances, both Mars (October 17) and Venus (October 25) will meet up with Jupiter. By November 2, Venus and Mars will begin a new improve it/upgrade it/refine it cycle. The combination of the three will point you in a worthwhile direction and they’ll pack all the tools you need to get yourself there. These transits help you to get better committed and onto task. They’ll help you to get more out of it too. You simply can’t go wrong when you direct your all toward improving your health, fixing your finances, adding to your skills sets, developing a specialty or niche. Relationship wise or otherwise, if it isn’t working for you, what are you still doing there?

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Mars launched into Virgo on September 24 and immediately turned a corner with Saturn. Venus enters Virgo on October 8 and turns a corner with Saturn on October 10. This is the day after Mercury ends retrograde. By October 11/12, the new moon is on a speed-it-up with Uranus. The days following host a number of productive planets (Mercury sextile Saturn; Mars trine Pluto; Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo). What does this all spell for you? PROGRESS. Moving past the past; the right place and time; opportunity. It’s time to test drive the new you. Venus and Mars will continue in your sign through the middle of November. Jupiter, the growth and opportunity planet, will continue in your sign through next August. Jupiter in Virgo is a transit that comes around only once every twelve years. That’s a lot of stellar power on your side, put it to good use. Why fall behind when you can leap forward? By all means, aim to hit the ground running as of mid month. While you are at it, make sure to stay open to what may come you way. Uranus and Neptune are also on a delivery track. Star wise, almost every day of the month has something to offer. Be courageous, be creative, stay hopeful, make life happen, follow the stars good lead.

Libra (Sept 22-Oct 22)

Mercury retrograde in Libra has given you a time extension. As is typical of the trickster cycle, perhaps it’s give you a run for it too. As of October 9, Mercury retrograde is out of the way. A “hot shot” new moon in Libra follows on Oct 12 (Thanksgiving in Canada; Columbus Day in the USA.) This new moon is in opposition to Uranus. It is also accompanied by Jupiter’s trine to Pluto on October 11. Jupiter/Pluto builds good momentum right from the start of the month. While the new moon weekend can simply be a good one for getting off the hamster wheel, it may also be one that gives you something fresh to explore and/or aim for. The week that follows is an active one. Watch October 25 and 26 for hot buttons to be pushed, added expense or excitement, and for a jump out at you, full-tilt weekend. In other words, expect to be on the go with one thing or another from the new moon of October 12 through to the full moon on October 27. Not that it stops there of course!

SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)

Libra month is always a good time to get your ducks better lined up. You’ll get extra help from the stars to do just that. Mercury ends retrograde on October 9, but it’s pretty much out of the way as of October 7.

Venus adds her sway and swagger to the Virgo initiative as of October 8. Mars and Jupiter are already keeping you busy/working the ropes in the sign. There plenty for you to do and plenty to be gained. The stars can make you work for it, but the reward is worth the extra push.

Jupiter’s trine to Pluto which perfects on October 11, keeps life on a good clip-along. You may reach the goal and surpass it. A goal may come and it may also go. Either way, (and know it or not) you are on your way to a destination that is right for you. Aim to do your best and also accept what the universe has in store for you.

October 11/12 is wired for action. They’ll kick start a full-on week or few. October 13 to 15 are good days to hit full thrust. October 17 to 19 is also good for putting yourself on the move. Your birthday month begins on October 23. The day is stacked with planetary alignments (it’s mostly the moon in action.) Whatever you feel, express, spend, or take on is likely to fall into the substantial category from October 23 to 27. There are a number of favourable transits to end the month, so you should feel you are making good stride.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 ~ Dec 21)

Getting there, almost there, just done. Whew! Even if life presents a mixed bag and there’s still a hard long road to face, you’ll have to admit that you have accomplished quite a feat to date. Let’s hear a “hell ya!”

Saturn re-entered Sagittarius on September 17. Mars in Virgo turned a corner with Saturn on September 25, and Venus in Virgo does the same on October 10, just one day after Mercury ends retrograde. Through October 11, Jupiter in Virgo is on a momentum build-up with Pluto. Put that all together and it suggests that you will navigate your way through the twists, turns, and opportunities with good precision.

October11/12, watch for the new moon in Libra to turn on a light-bulb, speed up your process and/or sets the wheels in motion. Take advantage of stellar good timing in the week ahead. You can accomplish more, make better, faster progress in the week(s) ahead than you have in the weeks that have past. Good dates to hit it/go for it: Oct 13 to 15, 17 – 19, 25.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 ~ Jan 19)

The start of the month can put you on a review of priorities, commitments and goals. Is life well balanced? If not, what will make it so? It may be time to have another talk/to renegotiate with the bank, the boss, or one you love.

Saturn has re-entered Sagittarius where it will stay for the next couple of years. This transit will serve to give you a better handle on the future. It keeps you on watch and focused on the potentials that lie ahead. It’s also about working your way along, about figuring out what steps need to be taken in order to turn the dream into a reality.

Through the first eleven days of the month, Jupiter’s trine to Pluto keeps you driven and making the grade quite well. Mars trine Pluto on October 15 also puts great fuel in your tank.

Over this next year, Jupiter in Virgo helps you to sort out at least some of that bigger picture equation. In the more immediate and short term, you’ll refine and process with the transits of Mars and Venus in Virgo. You’ll outgrow and ditch plenty a lot along the way; at the same time you’ll pick up new sticks. These transits can see you make a significant shift regarding friendships, associations, and social involvements. If you are going to give it your all, it has to give back too. It’s all about quality not quantity, about true worth. If there’s a sacrifice to be made, it has to be meaningful and purposeful, or there’s no reason for it.

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Virgo help you to adapt, learn, grow, correct, fix, or heal where necessary. They are great for developing a new skill set, lifestyle, or niche.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 ~ Feb 18)

Mercury ends retrograde on October 9, but it will continue through Libra until the start of November. The extension gives you extra time to explore your best options, to get better acclimatized or familiarized, to see where a relationship, a legal matter, or financial potential is heading. Money spent on marketing, education, or a lifestyle upgrade is money well invested.

Jupiter and Mars are already in Virgo; as of October 8, Venus gets there too. All three will put you to work on the necessary financial, health, or relationship corrections and upgrades. They’ll also help you or force you to get yourself better organized. While it is wise to cut back on spending, you may have added expenses to tend to. You can only do your best! It will have to do.

Thanks to Jupiter’s trine to Pluto and the sun and new moon’s opposition to Uranus, the weekend of October 11/12 could see you make a positive breakthrough with someone or something. Watch for the unexpected to crop up, to peak your interest, or to coax you to spend. At the very least, it should be a good weekend for socializing or for enjoying a diversion. The week that follows is an opportune one, plan to make full use of it.

The days leading up to the full moon of October 27 are sure to be of high volume, high energy, and high output, especially so if your work caters to the public. If there’s sports, it’s sure to be lively. Venus conjoins Jupiter, while Mercury and the moon will both oppose Uranus. These transits can spell fun or profit. They can also stretch you to the max. While October 25 to 27 and through to month’s end can be a money maker time, it can also see you spend, spend, spend.

PISCES (Feb 19 ~ March 20)

Has Mercury retrograde sidetracked or side-wiped you? It’s over as of October 9, but you should feel you are gaining on yourself from the month’s start, and even more so once Mars surpasses an opposition to Neptune on October 6. (Mars/Neptune is good for creativity or relaxing but not for practical matters or exacting work.)

Jupiter’s building trine to Pluto, which perfects on October 11, keeps life on a fresh and hopeful track. Perhaps there’s something special to look forward to? The holiday weekend is a good one for travel, a getaway, or for enjoying it right where you are. Optimize on October 13 to 15; dive into a project, a conversation, or negotiation; aim to get something accomplished. These are well put together, lucrative days.

Don’t expect to be sitting around wondering what to do with your time. The stars make for an active go of it from the new moon October 12 to the full moon of October 27. There’s plenty of opportunity for the taking and fun to be had too. Spending, earning, getting involved, or saying what’s on your mind – it can be hard to stop once you are in action on October 25. Venus/Jupiter can be a delightful combination, they can also get carried away. Mercury/Uranus can hit a hot button. The transits are fleeting; still it is a good idea to stay alert for anything goes Oct 25/26. Pay close attention when you are driving or when using sharp instruments, etc. With that said, the last week of the month shows pleasant, accommodating, and fairly smooth-running stars. Halloween weekend should prove to be great fun.



Ceres, a few thoughts

**Join me on Oct 8, 2015 for a Webinar on Ceres hosted by the C.I.A. (Cosmic Intelligence Agency) info and registration: http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2015/09/cia-agent-webinars/


Forever entwined by one of the most important mythologies of the ancient world, astrological Ceres/Demeter and Pluto outline for us the formidable regenerative forces of nature and evolution.

Correlating to the mother archetype, Ceres in the natal chart represents a matrix from which we will create a personal identity and relationship prototypes. Our ability to bond, to trust, to be self-expressive, to feel safe enough to openly share our heart, to feel nourished and to nurture is seen within the Ceres chart signature.

Pluto correlates to the soul’s desires and needs regarding its ongoing evolution. Ceres searches within this bigger picture soul mandate to retrieve, reclaim, revive, and rebirth a most precious commodity – that which is of utmost value to self and to soul. That precious commodity is typically mined through a significant relationship/karmic reconnect. Solace for the unfulfilled longing of the soul may also be found through a vocational or volunteer service.

Evolution through Ceres is sometimes a profoundly painful journey. As is reflected through the mythology of Demeter and Persephone’s abduction, the Ceres chart signature catalogues a history of significant loss, deep grief, and life-altering initiations, including sexual experiences. Such reclaiming serves to advance deep emotional healing. By natal influence, progression, or transit, Ceres will show up when you need to advocate for yourself, for another or others too. As the goddess of the seasons and of the golden harvest, Ceres also has a hopeful message to deliver: after winter comes spring, following death comes rebirth, after loss comes gain.

As a collective influence, Ceres correlates to growing seasons, agriculture, and food production; to the cycles of life on the planet and the growth of the collective whole. Ceres also correlates to the plight and health of women and families, to all matters to do with fertility/infertility, child birth, parent/child relationships, child rearing, etc.

Ceres takes approximately 4.6 years to journey around the zodiac. It can easily take that long to emotionally process an experience, to grieve, to groom or develop, to plant, grow, and harvest. Spanning 2008 to 2024, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn encompasses four Ceres/Pluto synods/cycles. You may experience these Ceres chapters as separate growth and learning experiences, or they may all be tied to a particular relationship, circumstance, and/or emotional evolution.

The previous cycle of Ceres/Pluto in Capricorn began on Oct 19, 2010. Note that Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, maintained a last quarter phase to Pluto for this cycle, marking it as a significant time of accelerated examination and restructuring, of wind down and build up.

The latest Ceres/Pluto personal and collective cycle began on Feb 15, 2015, in a last quarter square aspect to Uranus and the north node in Aries. Note also that Ceres has travelled in out-of-bounds declination for the entirety of 2015. The year has seen ISIS, the refugee crisis of Syria, and the fall-out from global warming grow exponentially. For the current 2015 to 2020 cycle, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in a balsamic phase with Pluto. A balsamic phase furthers the process of endings, completion, and culmination, while at the same time it is seeding for the future. No doubt the next few staging years will prove to be a particularly significant, perhaps critical, destiny-in-the-making time, this at the individual, social, economic, political, global, and collective levels. Ceres and Pluto are in hard angle on the following dates: May 31, 2016, (Ceres at 17 Aries square Pluto), Aug 21, 2017, (Ceres at 17 Cancer opposition Pluto) and Oct 18, 2018, (Ceres at 18 Libra square Pluto).

The next four year Ceres/Pluto synod cycle on Jan 12, 2020 coincides with the start of a thirty-three Saturn/Pluto synod, all in the sign of Capricorn. When Saturn and Pluto conjoin, they write a noteworthy page of history. Capricorn is the archetype of the social world order, of structures, governments, authority’s rule, consensus, laws, limits, boundaries, borders, priorities, history, and time. Forming a Grand Stellium, the transits of the south node, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury Mars, and Venus will also make their contributions to the Capricorn priority agenda. Additionally, they’ll all bunch-up on the planetary south nodes of Saturn and Pluto. Whew! That’s a heavy dose of reality for sure! Look to this timeframe for the ending of an era and for the emerging reality to be cemented in some momentous and undeniable way.

It may be short, it may be running out – even so, we are gifted with time. Let us use it wisely.

Rose’s weekly forecasts

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Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Llewellyn Worldwide


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This book is suitable reading for non-astrologers & students of astrology alike.


Review for: Insights into Evolutionary Astrology:

This book is indeed filled with original insights!  As an astrologer of over forty years I am very familiar with the writers of this book and their excellent past presentations so have been looking forward to this publication and I can say with all honesty that it is one of the most insightful and original books on the subject of astrology that is currently in print.  The articles are very diverse, well thought out and presented in an easily and understandable fashion for the practicing astrologer and interested lay person as well. 

Anyone searching to understand the world today will get a great deal out of this book as it certainly isn’t your common ancient astrology rewritten.  Jeffrey Green and Deva Green are both concise and articulate as we’ve known them to be in the past.  Kim Marie’s article on Evolutionary States goes into depth and clearly shows her excellent teaching skills.  Maurice Fernandez’s article on relationships and sexuality is so interesting and so original and also reflects his depth of knowledge on a very complex subject.

Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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THE TIME OF THE QUICKENING: http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2135

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