Jupiter in Libra – The Search for a Better Equilibrium: September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

Jupiter in Libra – The Search for a Better Equilibrium: September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

A review: Jupiter enlarges the scope where-ever it goes. In a myriad of ways over this past year, Jupiter in Virgo has exponentially increased the number of folks in daily need and/or crisis. It has also increased the need to fix, heal, repair, correct, and upgrade. Have you felt as though you’ve repeatedly run up against it, that your coping skills have been greatly tested, or that you’ve had to keep running on an empty tank? When Jupiter tours Virgo, we are often faced with one thing after another. Often this happens in such rapid succession that we aren’t able to fully complete, fix, or heal before our attention is claimed by something more.

While the work begun during Jupiter in Virgo will continue, Jupiter now moves onto a fresh target. Jupiter’s one-year tour through Libra will now increase the scope of relationship, partnership, social involvement, and social trends. Jupiter in Libra also weighs in on the scales of social justice, of contemporary thought, opinion, morality, and on matters to do with keeping the peace.

While Jupiter tours the sign of the scales, things can go from one extreme to the opposite. To the plus, Jupiter in Libra can increase personal enjoyment, social interaction, romantic, and financial potentials. Folks can be more accommodating, more open, inclusive, and gifting. Jupiter in Libra can make the going and the connecting easier. Mind you, there are no guarantees, but if your birth-chart confers, then prospects in all the aforementioned can hit an upswing.

First and foremost, Jupiter in Libra increases the focus on gaining a better inner balance and on developing a more self-honouring, more harmonious relationship with yourself. Have you made too many sacrifices as of late? Jupiter in Libra lets in fresh air so that you can clear your head.  Once you can better reconcile with your own wants and needs, you will find you will have readier access to what and whom is truly of quality, worth, and benefit. What is it that prospers inside of you? What you fuel inwardly is always reflected to you through your interactions with others. If you want to be respected, honoured, heard, validated, and loved, make sure you are the first in line to bestow on yourself.

As a cardinal archetype, Libra is naturally driven to seek fresh experience, to explore diversity through social interaction and also through intimate encounters. Libra learns best through counterpoint awareness, through contrast and comparison.

While Libra seeks equality in relationship, when the scales are tipped, the experience of one-sided give and take can ensue. When Jupiter transits Libra, relationship imbalances can become greatly increased. Projected expectations often go unmet; the voiced can easily go overlooked. We assume that another will understand and meet us, that another will respect our wishes and boundaries, that another would be sensitive enough not to cause us hurt or harm, emotionally or materially. In our zeal to be cherished, desired, loved, accepted and respected, we can override the fact others do not put our needs, wants, and desires first. When in self denial, Libra is famous for saying “I’m fine”. If we do not put our essential needs first, why should others? If we skew the truth to self, how can we expect that another will give us honesty? When the gap between what we want and what we get grows too obvious to ignore, the start of a more earnest inner dialogue with self can begin.

Enmeshment and co-dependency issues can gain more of our attention during Jupiter’s transit through Libra. This play out in our personal lives and also in the political world. We all breathe the same air. No country or political system is an island unto itself. We need each other. Alliances, associations, collaborative undertakings, and contracts fall under Libra’s jurisdiction. What is fair and just under the law? Growing social trends and norms are here to stay and they require new legislation. (The legalization of pot, the rights of transgenders, same sex marriage, designer babies, right to die, right to live, to bear arms, etc.). Jupiter in Libra raises the issues of the middle class and those who look to join this social class. More people have more opinions. More people join more crusades. More blending of cultures, beliefs, and families are happening too as more people come, go, and grow on the planet. Where does free trade and open borders take us? Will Jupiter in Libra produce more tolerance for those who don’t look, talk, or act like us?

While Libra can swing to extremes, it can also park it into neutral, into complacency, or ambivalence.  Indecision, another Libra weakness, is often based in the mistrust of one’s own evaluation process, and/or the fear of exclusion, of losing one for the other.

Libra always wants to partake in the best of all worlds. To keep up with an appearance and to maintain the status quo is important to a Libra in need, even though a precious cost may ensue. Decisions are often clouded by what is socially acceptable, or by the uncomfortable feelings and fear associated with disrupting the peace and/or meeting with another’s displeasure. To this end, one can override one’s own needs for the sake of keeping the peace. Libra’s first choice will typically vote to maintain a status quo, to keep a relationship or involvement going rather than to go it alone.

Libra’s non-commitment or non-monogamy can steam from a lack of emotional investment, or from a compelling desire to explore diversity. Both suggest a limit has been reached, that there is a deeper soul need to grow and expand again. Fickle Libra can be easily swayed by a promise, a projected expectation, by the advertising, or appearance.  Jupiter’s transit through the sign amplifies all of Libra’s plus and minus columns. Noting that the start of Jupiter’s transit through Libra encompasses the US election, we may see the numbers grow of undecided or swing voters. Jupiter in Libra promises much – can it deliver? How far can we go with free trade and open borders?

Whether challenged or balanced, the art of listening is Jupiter in Libra’s most valuable resource. When one listens with both heart and mind relaxed and united in the understanding that there is more to gain than to lose by staying true to self honouring and the higher principles of living, loving, sharing, inclusion, and caring, then Jupiter in Libra will strike a beautiful, blended, intuitive balance.  When the art of listening has reached a refined mark, the soul will no longer feel the stress and need to overcompensate in order to please, to obtain, maintain, or to enable for fear of loss. One can give more freely, receive and gain more freely too. When the right balance is achieved, true peace can be found. At its finest, Jupiter in Libra has a natural wisdom that knows what to give and when to give without having to be asked. To accept and to feel blessed is also Jupiter in Libra’s gift.



Jupiter in Libra now reaches the third quarter mark of a twelve-year cycle with Pluto. This world growth and personal growth cycle began in Sagittarius and will end in 2020 in Capricorn. Beliefs are the building blocks of reality. At this point in the cycle, the priority attention shifts away from the past and toward the building new reality.

Jupiter now reaches the third quarter mark of a twelve-year trend setting growth cycle with Pluto, the power planet. These two have compelled a major learning/major evolutionary journey into being. It is one that has been testing beliefs and putting reality to the test. Every step along the way brings the opportunity to choose our destiny. Enough is enough. Jupiter/Pluto have now built and extracted as much as is useful from the previous program. While there is still major finishing work (especially to 2020 and to 2024), Jupiter/Pluto will now strive to making better, more solid gains on the future. Jupiter in Libra will meet with Pluto in Capricorn three times: November 24, 2016, March 30, 2017, and August 4, 2017. Each exact alignment sets another paving stone in place regarding reconciling with existing reality, and cementing the framework for tomorrow.

Jupiter in Libra will meet with Uranus in Aries on December 2, 2016, March 2, 2017, and Sept 27, 2017. At every level, these three peak dates accelerate our personal, social, political, and global reinvention program. Jupiter/Uranus can see great gains in science. Weather extremes and global warming continues on the acceleration curve too. Whether exceptionally opportune or of sudden shock value, Jupiter/Uranus will strike flint in some unmistakable way. Uranus in Aries is a rebellious, excitable unpredictable, liberating, innovative, spontaneous, and extreme influence. Closely following Jupiter/Uranus, Jupiter in Libra opposes Eris, the goddess of discord, on January 17, February 22, and September 9, 2017.

Note, all the aforementioned dates are exact alignments, but their influences extend over a length of time. Anticipate that Jupiter in Libra will be anything but a placid transit. With Uranus in the mix, it could be life altering for many. Jupiter also maintains an opposition with Ceres in Aries from mid November 2016 through February 1, 2017. Beyond key family relationships, relocation, goodbyes, hellos and fresh starts, this transit underscores the karmic recall or fruition nature of circumstances and relationships.

Lastly, but also of great importance to watch is the transit of Venus, ruler of Libra. Jupiter will increase the scope of all Venus activities and undertakings. The money, love, and relationship planet, Venus transits feature all matters to do with net worth, self worth, intrinsic/natural resources, and survival (personal, material, relationships). Due to a retrograde cycle (March 4 to April 15) Venus will be on an extended visit of Aries. Watch for new found independence, freedom needs, wants, desires, and money making ventures to strike a hot flint from February 4 to June 6.  Venus reaches the peak with Jupiter on May 19, 2017. Just before Jupiter leaves Libra Venus and Mars will begin a new cycle. What does it all add up to? Within your heart, your relationships, your social or material world, expect to be someplace new, to be somebody new, to be doing something new. Life is for living! Live it courageously, live it fully.

September 2016

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September Overview:

Mercury in Virgo retrograde and an annular (ring of fire) solar eclipse in Virgo launch back-to-it September. We’ve got plenty to sort out, to work on, with, and toward. Along with Mercury’s conjunct to Jupiter in Virgo on Sept 2, the transits are keen to get us to onto task. Correction, repair, revision, health healing, work, and working it out are on the docket.

By now you probably know everything about Mercury retrograde (astrology’s Murphy’s Law). It’s a key time to revisit and revise. As is typical for Mercury retrograde, things can breakdown, crop up, and/or side-wipe you. When/if that happens, see it as an opportunity to make the necessary correction, adjustment, upgrade, or improvement.  This particular Mercury retrograde holds more potency than usual. Why? There are two main reasons. Firstly, because Mercury is one of the two rulers of the karmic axis (the north and south nodes.) Eclipses occur along the karmic axis and we have two of them this month during Mercury retrograde. This underscores the karmic nature/recall of present circumstances. If something momentous is happening for you, it’s your clue. The stars are just completing an intensification/staging cycle that’s been in the works since March/April. Mercury retrograde teamed with Jupiter and the solar eclipse in opposition to Neptune (the other ruler of the transiting karmic axis) and square Saturn (karmic consequence planet) positions us at a crossroads or threshold of major significance. An interesting aside. On the day that Mercury went retrograde, the main spokesman (Mercury) of ISIL, Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, was killed. Also on that day, Donald Trump announced a visit to Mexico (to do damage control) and Hillary Clinton, also doing damage control, welcomed transparency re the release of those questionable emails. Here in Canada, an agreement was reached that has staved off a nation-wide postal strike. (The threat of a strike had been looming for quite some time.)  Labour strikes are quite typical of Mercury retrograde, but this issue demonstrates what the retrograde and eclipse are really working on – namely resolution and correction. Take heart in knowing the stars set up an auspicious time for moving forward, for filling in the missing blanks, for finding the missing keys, for effectively creating the repair and healing that is so necessary. Something long in the works can find resolution now.

Note a solar eclipse can mark a birth, death, or transition of significance. Events can happen on the date or near it. Eclipses often coincide with earthquakes or weather extremes too. So far, in addition to the above mentioned, this eclipse has coincided with Gene Wilder’s passing, a major earthquake in New Zealand and a life threatening hurricane (Hermine) off the coast of Florida. From the medical world comes an announcement for a new game change drug cure for Alzheimer. From Cape Canveral comes word of a test gone wrong resulting in a rocket explosion.

Although the aspect will reach its final exact aspect on Sept 10, the solar eclipse on Sept 1 brings the Saturn/Neptune square to a peak. This transit has been in operation since the end of 2014. Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces has served to expose/reveal/uncover the potentials that have built enough dimension/sufficient momentum to set the future on its course. Saturn/Neptune operates on a dual track. It dissolves a reality while building another one. Both are setting the future on its course. If something falls apart for you or it no longer makes sense to carry on, let it go. Allow for time to move you forward. It will.

Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra on Sept 9. It will spend a year in the sign of the scales. Jupiter increases the scope where-ever it goes. For this next year, we’ll concentrate on gaining a better equilibrium with relationships, primary, social, and to self to self, and to finances. Jupiter in Libra can also increase prospects regarding contracts, legal matters, and collaborative investments or projects. It can increase income, but it can also increase spending too. Social, financial and political trends or swings are increased by this transit. In general, Jupiter in Libra is a happy, optimistic pleasurable, cooperative easy going, creative, and romantic influence. On the other hand, when things are out of balance, they can be extreme. Excess, inflation, indecision, lack of commitment, enmeshment, co-dependency, over-riding it, glossing over it, not listening well enough, and one-sided give or take are the pitfalls of Jupiter in Libra.

The solar eclipse of Sept 1 is a culminating and seeding influence. 16 As stated above, something that’s long be in the works is at a point where it can move to the next stage. The Pisces lunar eclipse of Sept 16 fills in a missing blank. Despite a lot of action earlier in the week, this eclipse could sneak up on us. The eclipse brings into view whatever was on brew but that has gone unnoticed, that has been previously missed, downplayed, lost, or forgotten. To the plus, it can be a ripe and ready potential time. It can be a time to part ways, to speak your truth, to release it into the world. If it’s a loss, know it makes room for something better to come in. Pisces can bring a saving grace your way. It’s can be wonderfully creative or healing influence. On the other hand, Pisces is a susceptible and vulnerable sign. Put extra safeguards in place. Watch drug, alcohol consumption and other vices. You can easily be talked into it more than you should take on. For some, it can turn a dream into a reality. Immediately following this eclipse, Mars trines Uranus (Sept 17) and Venus opposes Uranus (Sept 18). It should be a rapid fire weekend. A risk could pay off. (On a cautionary note, its an opportunity weekend to the plus and minus. Terrorists and those prone to violent outbursts can be triggered.)

Mercury ends retrograde on Sept 21 and maintains a good working relationship with Pluto from Sept 20 to 23. The rest of the month has a lot going for it. The sun advances into Libra on Sept 22, and conjoins with Jupiter on Sept 25. Generally speaking, Jupiter/sun is a great transit for relationships, social & legal matters, finances, for pleasure seeking and for gifting/rewarding yourself. Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde on Sept 26 (the first Clinton/Trump presidential debate) and Mars enters Capricorn on Sept 28. These are good transits for getting it under better control. If Mercury retrograde sidetracked you earlier in the month, the end of the month can more than make up for it.

September 1: Solar Eclipse: 2:03 am (9:21 Virgo)

September 16: Lunar Eclipse: 12:05 pm (24:20 Pisces)

September 30: New Moon in Libra: 5:11 pm (8:15 Libra)

September 9: Jupiter into Libra (4:18 am)

September 21: Mercury retrograde ends (10:31 pm)

September 22: Sun enters Libra (7:22 am)

September 23: Venus enters Scorpio (7:51 pm)

September 26: Pluto retrograde ends (7:59 am)

September 27: Mars enters Capricorn (1:08 am)

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates to watch: September 1, 2, 6,7, 9 – 13, 16 -27


ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Back in the swing or the saddle, the solar eclipse of September 1 is an auspicious one for all matters to do with work, health, upgrades, and corrections. Mercury retrograde conjoined with Jupiter provides ample opportunity to readdress a specific matter, to revisit an important conversation, or to subtract, add or change something key and essential. Legal steps, paperwork, or travel may be involved. Your help, knowledge, or expertise can be needed. More is required of you, make good on it. A specific individual (or two) can feature more prominently. The person may be a family member, a helper, an employee, a student, an advisor, a specialist, or someone who needs you.

Jupiter into Libra, starting Sept 9, can swing the scales from one extreme to the other. This one-year transit boosts your social life, public life, and popularity. Finances can flourish, but of course, you could spend more too. Contracts, legal matters and travel can also occupy more of your attention.

Sept 10 to 13 can be productive or tension producing. Mercury is still in retrograde, so make sure to stay alert and play it smart.  These action dates precede the lunar eclipse on September 16, but considering the eclipse is in Pisces, this full moon could still sneak up on you.  The eclipse is in tension to Mars, but Mars is in great shape (trine) to Uranus, so no matter the package, it is likely to be a positive/freeing catalyst. A discovery, piece of news, or sudden opportunity could get you moving a lot faster. We could hear/witness something striking from the medical, financial, political or social sectors. It must be said it’s also an opportune transit for rebels, the revolutionary terrorists, and those prone to violence or outbursts (people, pipes or mother nature), so please be careful.

The end of Mercury retrograde (Sept 21) through the end of the month has a lot going for it. You should see things smooth out and feel you have it under good control.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

For the past year, Jupiter in Virgo has been providing you with ample opportunity to learn, to grow, and to most importantly, to create it better. Through Sept 21, Mercury retrograde in Virgo gives you a chance to review your progress. The transit can also show you where it’s wise or necessary for you to make adjustments or upgrades. Put desire to work and you’ll minimize on the more difficult prospects that a retrograde cycle can deliver (such as frustration, disappointment, loss, necessity, crisis, etc.)

The eclipse of Sept 1 can set positive wheels in motion. You’ll feel the acceleration effect of the eclipse more if especially so if you are born at the end of April or end of Taurus, but of course it is a dynamic new moon for all. It is one that can redirect a goal, a mind-set, a relationship or a financial status. Whether you are self-employed, on the hunt for a new job, or looking for more love, fresh potentials are on the increase. Its time to reach out for more and better.

 One way or another, Jupiter in Libra, starting Sept 9, aims to put you to work on the improvements and upgrades you know are so desirable and necessary. This transit influence can help you to increase your client or customer base and to improve relationships with co-workers or those you see on a daily basis. Jupiter underscores the necessity to establish a better routine and attitude, especially when it comes to health, work, and the good for you stuff. The improvements you make with others can be a result of adjustment to your expectations. Teacher Jupiter aims to help you find middle ground and strike a better inner and outer balance. This is the key to extracting the best from the transit. You’ll have a whole year to work on it.

Sept 12/13 can put a lot on your plate. These dates can be a precursor to the lunar eclipse on Sept 16, but even so the eclipse in Pisces can sneak up on you. It’s a favourable eclipse for jumping in or out with both feet. With Chiron in the mix, there can be a price to pay/some giving up to get.  This eclipse holds higher impact/creative opportunity for those born around May 14.

Sept 25 through the month’s end gifts us with productive stars. Make the most of it!

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Full to overflow – you certainly have it going on, don’t you? With Mercury traveling retrograde and a solar eclipse to kick it off, the start of the month can put your coping skills to the test. Renovating, moving, selling, buying, downsizing, shipping the kids (or yourself) off to school, health (yours/theirs), finances, starting a business – home, family, real estate, business – goodness! Is there anything that isn’t in the soup?

Whether its obvious to you or not, Mercury in retrograde aligned with Jupiter and the solar eclipse suggests you are working along/revisiting a karmic track of significance. A sense of “seems to me I’ve been here before/done this previously” is a clue.  The eclipse is particularly influential if you are born on or near May 30 or near the end of Gemini. Of course it is a dynamic writing-on-the-wall new moon for all. Do what you can to catch the good wind and watch for one thing to set up the next.

Jupiter’s advance into Libra, starting Sept 9, can bestow its goods on creative endeavours, your social and love life, and your kids. Jupiter can benefit finances too, especially if you are self employed or are involved in speculative ventures. Mind you, spending can also increase. Jupiter increases general happiness (so long as you don’t care what the scale says.)

Sept 12, 13 can compel you to action or to speak up. Social, financial or otherwise, the lunar eclipse on Sept 16 (or the few days following) can dish up something unexpected/surprising. A quick decision may be required. (Be a risker taker, it can work out very well.) Expect to move along a lot quicker from this point forward. Sept 19 through the end of the month can see it shape quite well.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

It seems you have a lot to think about – and likely you have extra talking and running around to do too. Mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse of Sept 1 are both in Virgo. Both will prompt you to get a move on with the improvements, upgrades, healing, repairs, and conversations you know are necessary. (The conversation with yourself may be the first one to broach). You need to know more, to learn more, to try more, to go more. Mercury retrograde is ideal for going back over it. It’s timely for you to work to fill in the gaps, holes, or missing blanks. A second opinion or revision could be quite helpful/productive.

Mercury retrograde is an okay time to sign a lease or some such. Temporary or short term can be the better way to go, especially when there’s a lot of uncertainty in the mix. January or the fall of 2017 (or any time next year) could prompt a major lifestyle change.

Starting Sept 9, Jupiter treks into Libra. This transit can increase your financial bottom line. It is another transit that will prompt or force you to reconcile with your reality and with yourself. What/who can you live with, what/who can’t you? It’s time to get a better handle on it. To the plus, Jupiter in Libra can improve home and family dynamics. Perhaps it is the right time to share your living space (- to ease the financial end of things, or for more delightful reasons!) Jupiter could also see you with a new address.

The stars are in action from right from the get go. Sept 6 and 7 can get you off to a good running start. Encompassing the lunar eclipse on Sept 16, Sept 9 through Sept 18 is stacked with enough stellar action to get you back to the gym (metaphorically speaking.) Sept 21 through the end of the month are a productive time for getting a better handle on it.

LEO July 22 – August 22

If there’s anything you have been putting off or avoiding, this is the month to tackle. When it comes to repairs and upgrades, Mercury retrograde might not let you off the hook. If it’s faulty or showing signs of weakness, don’t wait (especially when it comes to things that keep you safe – i.e. Vehicles, passwords, electrical, machinery, etc.). Better diet, better budgeting and other good for you stuff also hit the top of the stars wish-for-you list.

Sept 1, 2, could show you something you missed seeing previously. Something long awaited can come to fruition or completion. The solar eclipse can signal a significant first, milestone, anniversary, threshold crossing or the start of a new reality. You, or someone you love, could gain a new professional or professional status. With Saturn at crossroads, there’s something to leave behind and something to gain and/or to strive toward.

The lunar eclipse on Sept 16 marks a good weekend for a getaway. A workshop, tradeshow, sports, or some other event is well worth the price of admission. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, you could hear news or re-connect with folks you have seen in awhile. Venus/Uranus are good for sudden attractions or windfalls. On the other hand, they can see you spend impulsively or dish up unexpected added expense.

Venus transits Libra through Sept 22. Jupiter into Libra, starting Sept 9 also benefits matters to do with communication, connecting, and marketing. Along with the sun into Libra, starting Sept 22, you should feel opportunity and general well being on the rise. The end of the month can move finances, contracts and other legal matters along too. Sept 25/26 are especially good for attention getting, having fun, and for making money.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

How about a clean page/a fresh start? To a large extent, that’s exact what the solar eclipse of Sept 1 has in mind. You don’t have to keep wearing that old label. Try on a whole new you – you could be anybody, go anywhere, do anything. The now is infused with greater than usual potential. Open the door and cross the threshold. The solar eclipse is of major karmic potency if your birthday falls on or near it or it makes a direct contact to your natal chart. A feeling of crossing some momentous threshold is your clue.

Beyond a great start to a top-it-up weekend, Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter in Virgo on September 2 finds you ready to get “back to the future”. It’s an auspicious time to start (or better yet) resume an education program, work project, marketing campaign, a research project, a health or wealth upgrade. Relocation can be a good thing to work on too. Sept 6, 7 should help you to get off on the right foot. Sun/Pluto and Venus/Saturn set a productive, under good control, backdrop.

Jupiter’s one-year tour of Virgo ends on Sept 9. If you felt blessed by abundance, wonderful. If on the other hand you have experienced Jupiter as more problem than gift, then Jupiter’s exit out of your sign may come as good news. Over this next year, Jupiter in Libra will help you to resource more of your natural talents and abilities. It’s a good transit for financial gain, but of course the transit can see you spend or invest more. Dependency on another can increase. Hopefully it’s an equal give and take. If something new starts in the area of personal relationship, by all means explore it. Keep an open heart and also keep open ended. You’ll know better where it’s going by the start of next year or a year from now.

The lunar eclipse is also a potent one for your sign and especially so if you are born on or near it. It puts a home move, a real estate deal, a project, plan, or a departure track or future track (person, place, or thing) into full swing. Sept 17, 18 is an action weekend. Sept 19 through the end of the month keeps you moving along in good stride, especially so Sept 25 and 27.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse of Sept 1 can work in subtle, indirect, or full-on ways. Watch for undercurrents to stir, for hints, impressions and clues. Health wise, work wise, or else-wise, something could be on brew behind the scenes. Don’t take chances with equipment, your vehicle, passwords, information, drugs, alcohol, etc. As soon as you witness a complaint or a strain, take care of it. To the plus, someone could pull some strings for you, or play a saviour, a secret admirer, etc. To the detriment, someone could secretly work against you.  A lack of immunity, or insufficient safety measures can set you back.

The solar eclipse can stir opportunity and potential. In Virgo, it suggests that there is great purpose in the karmic recall, that there is great healing or correction to be done. A key someone can be play major role regarding that healing and correction. For some, this eclipse can be a launch pad for a career or a path of service. A Remember that it is a process and that the eclipse influence spans over a length of time.

Jupiter enters Libra on Sept 9. The last time the big planet visited your sign was 12 years ago. This transit can put you back in the game in some major way. Jupiter increases or expands where-ever it goes. (Yes, it can produce a weight gain.) One way or another, it also puts you on the move. Jupiter in Libra boosts your social life and public life. It can enhance finances, increase commissions, your client base, etc.  A lucrative contract could be in the works. Jupiter in Libra could also see you work your way through a legal matter or undertake legal steps.

Best of all, Jupiter in Libra can bring more pleasure, love, and romance into your life. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship that isn’t delivering the goods, you may grow more restless. Jupiter in Libra can put more attention on the imbalances of life and love, and on the one sidedness of give and take.

The main growth potential of Jupiter in Libra lies in developing a better, more balanced relationship with self. Once you are on track with that key relationship, all the rest automatically get an upgrade too.

The lunar eclipse of Sept 16 opens a door, Sept 17, 18 puts it on go. It could present an opportunity or saving grace, likely pertaining to work, health, a renovation, repair, correction. There more to sort out regarding paperwork, plans, techniques, more talks or negotiations to sort through, more information or advice to gather. Attend a workshop, consult a specialist, hire or let go of an agent, etc.  It’s a fired up/rapid pace on go weekend as Mars trines Uranus, Sept 17 (a good travel, sports or celebration transit), and Venus opposes Uranus, Sept 18.

Mark Sept 25 on your calendar. The Libra sun conjoins with Jupiter on this day. Beyond a great day to indulge, celebrate, and enjoy to the fullest, this date can bring fruition for something you have been hoping for. It has some relevancy to last March/April.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

The solar eclipse on Sept 1 can give you something new to work on or toward. Even though Mercury is in retrograde (which isn’t an ideal time to shop for big ticket stuff), it is a good time to replace whatever or whom-ever isn’t working out well enough. The eclipse can help you to change a mind set and/or to find a better way to explain or to navigate. Improvements of all kinds are favoured now.

As is typical of Mercury retrograde, expect to re-meet with folks unexpectedly. Give the karmic nature of Mercury and the eclipses, watch for a key someone to enter or exit your life. Your involvement with a particular group or community can occupy more attention/go through major change too.

Jupiter’s advance into Libra can shift a good portion of your focus away from business/work matters, and social happenings and onto creative projects, or gifting yourself with more quality time for a special someone (a lover or yourself.)

Sept 16 dishes up a lunar eclipse in Pisces. It can be an auspicious time to make an announcement, to release a labour of love on the world, launch a project, to gain public attention, to build your fame, or to take some other big step. Mars trine Uranus on Sept 17 and Venus opposing Uranus on Sept 18 can see you hit go like a freight train. Strike while the iron is hot! Sept 19 through the end of the month has plenty going for it. Giving you even more attractive power, Venus enters Scorpio on Sept 23.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Mercury retrograde and the Sept 1 solar eclipse, both in Virgo, can reboot you in some significant way. It may be a matter of recovering ground in order to go forward or of filling in the missing blanks. Both put the focus on regaining a foothold where you need it and want it the most. It’s time to get re-committed to the improvement you know is so necessary to create. Career, a work project, the development of a specialty, more training or education are features of the eclipse. Health matters are also on the priority agenda. It may be time to revamp your attitude or relationship to an authority figure or an authoritative body. The eclipse is auspicious for the launch of a small business – look to Mercury retrograde to help you figure things out better. (It’ll point out the flaws in reasoning or the set up quite quickly for you.) Whatever you launch or work through in the first two thirds of the month should lead to a productive finish once Mercury retrograde completes on Sept 21.

Jupiter’s advance into Libra on Sept 9 benefits relationships (in general and one-to-one) and its also good for the money flow. For some, a new love may be on the horizon. Noting the karmic potency of this month’s stars, there’s likely to be a sense that there’s a lot to it (there is). The lunar eclipse of Sept 16 can sneak up on you or clue you in to something you completely missed previously. See it as an opportunity or a saving grace. Mars trine Uranus (Sept 17) suggests you’ll be quick on the ball. Venus in opposition to Uranus (Sept 18) adds impulse, surprise, or expense.

The sun enters Libra on Sept 22 and meets up with Jupiter in Libra on Sept 25. It’s a great transit for opening it up with another or others. It also brings you to a reconciliation or culmination point for something that was staged in March and April.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

The future on your mind? A getaway can be too. Make full use of these first few days to give your spirit an extra lift, to give your mind and body a battery recharge. The solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde aligned with Jupiter on Sept 2 gives you plenty to think about. Both give you an opportunity to revisit, reconsider and revise as necessary or desired. The solar eclipse marks an auspicious time for a new adventure to begin. It could be a departure from where you’ve been or where you expected to go. Take it one step at a time. If you feel confused, don’t over analyze! Allow answers and clarity to come naturally. When Mercury retrograde or either eclipse (Sept 1 or 16) throws you a curve ball, place your faith in the bigger picture; trust.  All things happen for a reason.

Venus is already in Libra and as of Sept 9, Jupiter will enter this sign. Both are positive influences for career matters, for growing your reputation, and for garnering the support of those in positions of influence or authority. Both can see you spend more to make yourself look good to the public. It is money well spent, so by all means go or spend extra and get what you really want.

Saturn, your ruler, turns a corner with Neptune on Sept 10 bring to a final peak a transitional cycle that has been in operation since the end of 2014. Saturn/Neptune dissolves a reality base while at the same time brings a new one into being. This cycle is still in the works, but suffice to say, plenty is behind you know. The future is already on its trajectory although you may not see it clearly as of yet.

The lunar eclipse on Sept 16 can also open up/stir up something up that you didn’t expect. It is another good escape-it-all weekend. Immerse yourself in a conversation, a creative project, a spiritual quest, or a volunteer opportunity. Movies, music or some other entertainment is good use of the energy. The eclipse can make you especially sensitive and susceptible. Pump up on vitamins, make sure you don’t drive under the influence, watch out for the sweet talking seller, keep healthy and safety to the forefront. Sept 17, 18 are fast-fire action dates.  Sept 20 to 23, Mercury’s trine to Pluto in Capricorn helps you to stay organized, productive, and in good command. The sun’s conjunction to Jupiter on Sept 25 can mark a special occasion or something else to celebrate. Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde on Sept 26 and Mars enters Capricorn on Sept 27. Both put your dynamo self in the driver’s seat.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Mercury retrograde in Virgo and a solar eclipse in the same sign open September. They underscore the karmic nature of your present circumstances, options, and crossroads. Along with Mercury’s backtrack over Jupiter in Virgo on Sept 2, they can help you to go back over something key, to correct something that has been a long and perhaps complicated journey. A key person factors strongly, be they a friend or foe, a sibling or another family member, a lover, an agent, co-worker, helper, etc. The Virgo influence puts the emphasis on health, work, and financial matters (especially the shortfalls.) There may be paper work, banking, insurance, taxes or inheritance matters to sort out. More information can come to light. More missing blanks can fill in.

Jupiter’s advance into Libra on Sept 9 offers you a positive boost. Regarding finances, the search for love, social life/trends, and the future, this transit can put better opportunity in your path. It can enhance your intuitive and presentation skills; it can make you more popular among your peers or clients.

The lunar eclipse on Sept 16 culminates an action week. While there’s stuff on brew, even so, it can take you by stealth. It’s a time to let go, relinquish, move away from it/to move off it. Free your conscience or something more. Sept 17 Mars trines Uranus, Sept 18, Venus opposes Uranus. That’s plenty of stimulation and action. Let the moment move or inspire you. A risk can pay off. Sept 19 through 23 is a good/steady move along week. Sept 25, the sun’s trine to Jupiter in Libra makes for a great meeting of minds, a great discovery, or something special to do/celebrate. It’s a wonderful transit for travel, social connecting, romance, financial or legal undertakings.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Some one key (perhaps more than one person) has your premium attention as the month opens. Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter and the solar eclipse put an added spotlight on the special one(s) and also on your social world. There’s correction and healing to do, and in this respect, the now is time when it can more can be broached, said, done, and gained. A particular someone may need you more than they let on. Sometimes the words get in the way, sometimes what isn’t said is more telling/more important than what is. A review or revisit is always appropriated when Mercury is retrograde. The current transit helps you to go back and to pick up where you left off. A missing element can fill itself in, a missing blank can reveal itself in due course. Don’t get lost in the small stuff. When you get caught up, take a step back, look and listen. As you do this, you’ll find that things have a way of working themselves out, that answers and/or a better sense of direction appears naturally. By the time Mercury retrograde ends on Sept 21 you should feel that you have it set up well, that you now have something substantial to work with and toward.

As of Sept 9, Jupiter enters Libra. Venus travels through this sign to Sept 22. Both can bring financial gain or benefit through a partner or through others (i.e. those who pay you). The opportunity to share, pool resources, team up, cooperate or collaborate can be of mutual benefit. A generally happy, loving, and generous influence, Jupiter in Libra can be a bonus for romance and intimate relationships. On the other hand, if the relationship is lopsided, i.e. one on the give the other on the take with little reciprocity, then there’s a good potential that the relationship can grow much further apart. For this next year, Jupiter can also occupy you with legal matters.

You will feel the Pisces lunar eclipse on Sept 16 more dynamically if your birthday falls on or near March 24, but of course, it is a full moon for all You could make a sudden breakthrough with someone or something. You could reach a breaking point too. The eclipse can put it out in the open, see you sever ties, and/or move on. On the other hand, you could take a leap of faith and jump into something fresh, perhaps it’s a complete departure from what you had previously planned. Mars trine Uranus (Sept 17) suggests a risk is well timed. Sept 19 through the end of the month dishes up the best stars of the month. You should feel that all is coming together very well.

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Anyone searching to understand the world today will get a great deal out of this book as it certainly isn’t your common ancient astrology rewritten.  Jeffrey Green and Deva Green are both concise and articulate as we’ve known them to be in the past.  Kim Marie’s article on Evolutionary States goes into depth and clearly shows her excellent teaching skills.  Maurice Fernandez’s article on relationships and sexuality is so interesting and so original and also reflects his depth of knowledge on a very complex subject.

Rose Marcus has done an incredible job editing and putting this book together.  In writing the last article herself I think she has accomplished a tremendous feat in her perspective of the Archetype of Capricorn.  She has done an incredible job with the sign and her information on the Cardinal Cross and geographic details give us a clear and unique insight into the future of our world.  “Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology” is the perfect title to a book filled with insights, originality and enjoyable reading.  I loved it!  Lynn Neese~

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