June 2016

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Monthly Overview:

Mutable Cross Activation:

We have recently entered the last quarter phase of Jupiter/Saturn, a twenty year cycle that times the ebb-and-flow tides of economic, political, and cultural trends. For example, the dot.com bubble happened at beginning of the cycle back in 2000. The peak of a world-wide economic depression coincided with the halfway mark (2010-2012). Facebook’s evolution has coincided with the quarter turns of this cycle like clockwork. The day of the exact aspect on May 26, Donald Trump won the magic number of candidates to secure his Republican party nomination, and although it is yet to be made official, the news reported that former Prime Minister (and now party back bencher) Stephen Harper is quitting politics.

Whether it’s a circumstance in play or a growing consciousness, you are likely to feel that you are reaching a pivotal threshold too.

If your inner hearing is set on the dial of “can’t keep going this way, something’s got to change” then you are right on target with Jupiter/Saturn. Then again, perhaps you feel a sense of right time, right place, of potentials shaping up.

Not only are we navigating our way through Jupiter/Saturn, the transit also draws from the karmic axis and Neptune via dynamic angularity. Add to this the transit contacts made by Sun and Venus and we now have a fully loaded mutable cross configuration. Corresponding to the last month of every season, mutable signs, Virgo (Jupiter, North Node), Sagittarius (Saturn), Pisces (Neptune, South Node) and Gemini (Sun, Venus) take us through transition periods when we must learn to yield and to adapt to the shifting tides of both perception and experience. We will sift through a myriad of information, ideas, opinions, potentials, avenues, and levels. We must learn to discern what is truth, what is real, what is authentic. Whether it’s subtle or full on, uncertainty, disorientation, confusion, dissipation, or loss can accompany us at the intersection threshold until some advance can be made. Think of the mutable cross like four cars arriving at the four way stop, each trying to figure out who has the right of way. As soon as one makes a move, all will move along.

June opens with the Sun and Venus triggering Neptune (square; June 1,2), Saturn (opposition; June 2,3), the nodes (square, June 3), and Jupiter (square; June 4) over a few short days. On June 6, Venus aligns with the sun by superior conjunction. She is on the far side of the sun, at the halfway peak of the relationship-with-self cycle that began in August of 2015. At this point in the Sun/Venus cycle, they are at fullness stage, and will now give life to a new/next socialization and integration level. Gaining creative vitality from the Sun, Venus’ magnetism/ability to attract and to materialize is greatly enhanced. Whether it comes in the form of information, news, a message, messenger/agent or a circumstance in play, know what is called forth is what you have asked for, if not consciously, then from the soul level.

There’s one more important note on Sun/Venus. The conjunction takes place at 16 Gemini, which re-stimulates the potency of the rare Venus transit of 2012, which again underscores the karmic nature of our life thresholds, and of our current learning regarding relationships and survival matters.

Sun/Venus are mobilizing. They act as the trigger for the mutable configuration. Sun in square to the nodal axis marks the midpoint between the last eclipse season (March) and the next (August/September.) Venus in square to the nodal axis marks a karmic acceleration point. For those who are intrigued by celebrities, the Johnnie Depp/Amber Heard divorce battle perfectly demonstrates the complexity of the grand cross and karmic threshold of Venus in Gemini squaring the nodes.

As stated above, the Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini is informing and trend setting, especially regarding relationship interfacing at all levels, personal, social, and (that include self to self). Gemini can spotlight a key relationship, perhaps with a sibling, friend, neighbour, advisor, or intermediate person, etc. Watch for June 6 or the days near it to bring more into your awareness that will help you to sort out what has confused you so far. Once the key information arrives, it is hear-self-speak time. It may be a matter of piecing it together, deciphering the code, or of information gathering in stages, but when the truth arrives, trust the heart to recognize its next step.

The start of the month transits put more into the open, onto the market, and the airwaves. It takes us to a significant completion, ending, finish-line, or goal post, and a fresh get-go – likely well earned/deserved. June 1 to 6 is a key time. The trends can move one way, then another. Potentials, the hoped for or long awaited meet their timetable. Sun/Saturn and Venus/Saturn can mark a time of significant achievement and milestones. Recognition or an official status can be gained. It’s an important time for sorting out contracts, commitments, legal, money, and banking matters. Pre and post the new moon on June 6, you could move from loss to gain, from empty to full, from nothing to something.

The pacing of the month ahead happens in definitive wave patterns and stages throughout the month. These loss-to-gain transits, including the new moon on June 4 and the sun/Venus superior conjunction on June 6, are befitting for the anxious residents of Fort McMurray to start the return to their homes and to start rebuilding their homes and their lives.

Mars retrograde continues:

Mars has just backtracked into Scorpio where it will finish out it’s retrograde cycle on June 29. Over the past month and half, Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is likely to have derailed or rerouted you. Too, it has likely prompted a questioning and soul searching period. Mars retrograde in Scorpio, a zero-in, bottom-line-it, regenerative influence, will now take you/us deeper into the examination process. It’s. What are the options, what are the choices? What’s most lucrative, sustaining, and empowering? Mars looks to extract the wealth from the moment/the experience, and to regenerate or resurrect itself. Mars retrograde in Scorpio increases the pressure to do what must be done. It reviews what’s necessary and requests more lay-it-on-the-line commitment. Resourcefulness and the development of a better strategy are the natural bi-products of such dedication. If you are uncertain of your best course of action, that’s okay for now. Mars retrograde asks you to drink in the moment and to feel your way along, to respond rather than to react.

Mercury, Mars, and Sedna are in action June 8 to 11. These are cut-to-the-chase, tackle it, spot it, or hit it full thrust days.

While the sun and Venus are well mobilized for the first half of the month, Mercury still plods through slow moving Taurus. It has spent longer than average in this sign due to the recent retrograde, but Mercury but once it hits Gemini on June 12 it will pick up better speed.

There is likely to be a noticeable attention and momentum shift as Venus leaves Gemini for Cancer on June 17. On this same day, Saturn turns a corner with Neptune. It’s a good lead-in to Father’s day and the start of vacation season.

June 17 to 24 brings a second wave of mutable cross activation, this time from Mercury in Gemini.

A full moon at the culminating degree of Sagittarius occurs on the morning of June 20. It could be a slow or diffused start as Mercury aligns with Saturn (opposition) and Neptune (square). Like the new moon at the start of the month, the full moon is a mix of losses and gains, and of potentials making themselves better known. Also on this day, Jupiter aligns with the north node/karmic axis, suggesting an optimum stage is set for finding the right tools and right timing for the job, for facing what’s necessary, for corrections, fixes, upgrades, or healing. June 20 to 23, Uranus, Eris, and Ceres in Aries strike new/hot flint. (It can be a volatile/eruptive time for weather, politics, terrorism, relationships, etc.) Jupiter’s trine to Pluto on June 26 and the end of Mars retrograde on June 29 sets the end of the month on an upswing.

June 4: New Moon, 7:59 pm (14:53 Gemini)

June 20: Full Moon, 4:02 am (29:33 Sagittarius)

June 20: Summer Solstice, 3:34 pm

June 12: Mercury into Gemini, 4:22 pm

June 13: Neptune stations retrograde, 1:43 pm

June 17: Venus into Cancer, 12:39 pm

June 21: Pallas stations retrograde, 6:22 am (7:19 Pisces)

June 28, Chiron stations retrograde, 4:10 am (25:14 Pisces)

June 29: Mars stations direct, 4:38 pm (23:04 Aquarius)

June 29: Mercury enters Cancer, 4:24 pm

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time.


ARIES  March 19/20 ~April 19

There’s plenty to sort out and plenty to get through in this first week of the month. June 2,3 can take you to a goal post or an end of the road. Either way, it is to your advantage to use it as a springboard and to take it/move it as far forward as you can. June 4 to 6, Venus, Sun, and Jupiter are helpful, enhancing, and gifting.

This last quarter turn of Jupiter/Saturn naturally shifts your perspective on personal and professional priorities. What can you afford to ditch; what can you afford to take on? What’s necessary for you to address? How crowded, short, or urgent is the timetable? Jupiter/Saturn keeps you focused on making the necessary upgrades regarding work, health, career, and financial security.  Jupiter in good shape with Pluto all month, especially through the end of June, suggests the opportunity to find better, more workable solutions and to tackle what’s necessary with good efficiency. Jupiter/Pluto provides you with practical realism, consider it as an excellent starting point.

Mars continues retrograde through the end of the month. Consider it as battery recharge. Outside of a few stop/starts through out the month, you should feel you are making good headway, if not outwardly, then inwardly. June 9 to 14, 19 to 23, and 26 to 30 are mobilizing and activating. Uranus, Ceres, and Eris can fire up the unexpected June 20 to 23.

TAURUS April 19 ~May 20

What do I get out of this? How do I make the most of it? Does your inner voice nudge or nag? Mars retrograde enforces a deeper examination of how you navigate your way through relationships, and how you show up for yourself too. A bad habit, addiction, or toxic relationship can be hard to ignore while Mars continues through Scorpio. Yes, it’s time to confront it. June 8/9 could bring something to a head, opportunely so.

Mercury has been in your sign since mid April. As of June 12, he’s finally moving on. While it’s still best to feel your way along one step at a time, Mercury’s still in your corner. While in Gemini, it will help you to start a two-way dialogue, and/or to spot more viable options.

Jupiter in good shape with Pluto, especially around June 26, is a confidence and opportunity builder. Together they assist you to make the most of what you have to work with. You’ll gain better attention and feedback from those who matter (advisors, authority figures, paycheck writers, etc.)

Uranus is especially buzzed up from the Summer Solstice/full moon of June 20 to 23. Something unexpected could fire up. Guard your health and your safety.

GEMINI May 20 ~ June 20

Keep your sunny side up. Venus, the magnetic attraction planet, travels in close proximity to the sun through June 17 when it will advance into Cancer.  Together they are mobilizing and enhancing. Even so, June 1 to 3 can be a mixed bag. To the plus, something you have hoped for or worked toward can materialize. As the sun and Venus oppose Saturn you can reach a goalpost or an end of the road. A potential can be realized or you could get better clued in. Even if you come up empty, it’s a major get-a- move-on catalyst/prompt. June 4 to 6, the sun, Venus, and Jupiter show good promise and/or profit. The trio can put romance, creativity, healing, or spiritual reward on the upswing. Of course, these planets can put you into major spending too.

June 9/10 can see you do battle with something, someone, or yourself. As of June 12, Mercury treks into your sign. It’s good for an energy or action boost. Again, up and down stars follow as the week finishes out and the full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 20. Mercury in aspect to Saturn (opposition) and Neptune (square) are good for the change of season or scenery. On this particular day, you could run out of steam or be faced with something more; keep your day free if you can.

Mars in Scorpio keeps the attention focused on work, health, upgrades, and renovations. By the end of August, you should have most of it worked out.

CANCER June 20 ~ July 22

Mars on a backtrack of Scorpio is a refortify and a rebuild influence. It can shift your perspective and help you to cut to the chase where it is most important to do so.

The first few days of the month can see you complete a job or something health-related. It can also take you past a first or second stage. June 9/10 can move you past an impasse or a hurdle, unblock you, remove resistance, a doubt, or force your hand. Coinciding with a full moon, the June 20 summer solstice and the days around it can expose or reveal something opportune. Too, they can speed up the process and/or spark an unexpected reason to get up and go.

Mars ends retrograde the day Mercury treks into Cancer. Both are also good for setting wheels in motion. The best you can do for this month is to stay hopeful but realistic. Be open to exploring all options and to wait for the better ones to reveal themselves. Too, know the stars are somewhat triggered and that you will be challenged off and on. Try not to be reactive, but know a certain amount of risk taking is in order. If you stay true to your higher self and better interests, you’ll know when its right to jump in with both feet.

LEO July 22 ~ August 22

Beyond home or family renovations, Mars on a revisit of Scorpio calls for a deeper exploration of your motivations, needs, and attachments. There’s always room for improvement. It’s an appropriate time to refinance or to revamp your financial bottom lines. A visit to the past, whether actually or through looking back can provide you with important fresh insights.

Looking to launch a new business venture? The month ahead will help you to work the kinks out and to cover a lot of ground. By the time Mars turns direct you should have a better handle on what needs to be cut, added, or revised.

The first few days of the month are shaping in some definitive way. It can be a time of attainment, completion, of letting go and/or of opening up to an unknown. June 6 to 9 can be major in this regard. The whole month is loaded with both challenge and opportunity. Expect to confront or to move from one thing to another, perhaps quite rapidly.

VIRGO August 22 ~ September 22

Jupiter in Virgo is faster on the uptake and on a better move-it-along now. The big planet continues to draw good power from Pluto especially near month’s end. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have it all solved, fixed, or healed. You’d be the first to admit that you have plenty to work through. Rather it is to say that Jupiter is now better targeted. Jupiter now puts you in touch with what’s most important and loans you the best tools for the job. Your most important tool is your growing perspective on the bigger picture stuff and the ability to see what’s necessary or needed. Implementation is a matter of choice.

Both the new moon on June 4 and the full moon on June 20 arrive with extra turbo to help you navigate. Having said that, both can pull you into more than you plan and/or see you get overly carried away.

Mars retrograde in Scorpio can see you reconsider your option, revisit a conversation, or reconnect with a key someone. What motivates you? Where has obsession or addiction gotten the better of you? Where does passion lie? Mars retrograde takes you into deeper self examination or soul searching. It’s also a good influence for research, information gathering; for building up the necessary resources and stamina you’ll need once you hit the fall. To the plus or otherwise, Ceres, Uranus, and Eris are a triple threat catalyst this month. They can strike flint on something unexpected, especially regarding finances, relationship, or health. If it’s fresh, new, freeing, or liberating, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Venus and the sun stay in close proximity through the better portion of this month, enhancing all matters to do with your social world, educational pursuits, travel, legal dealings, court cases, speculative and marketing ventures. Perhaps there’s a special event to attend or a special someone to meet.

The start of the month could bring to you a finish line or goal post, or see something of significance shape up.  Once you hit this marker, it immediately gets you going on more, perhaps a lot more. The Sun, Venus, Jupiter and the new moon help you to cover a good distance or volume, June 4 to 6. You could spend a small fortune too.

Mars on a fresh backtrack of Scorpio prompts you to explore deeper, and to question more. What motivates you now? What are you uncovering about yourself, those nearest and dearest, or regarding your present challenge? Materially and personally, what do you have to work with? Is it enough? Perhaps its time to refinance, to renovate, or to revamp the bottom lines. One way or another, Mars in Scorpio will increase your resourcefulness and your tenacity.

June 17 to 24 can put you in the mood for taking a break. Even so, Uranus, Ceres and Eris are in high gear, so expect for these few days to keep it lively.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Mars on a revisit of Scorpio gives you extra time to replenish and re-energize. Take more time out for yourself. Keep to your own wise counsel, wait for inspiration to strike. Mars retrograde can also put you on a time extension, so it could take longer to get something up and running. Having said that, there are many action times throughout the month, June 9 to 11, 14, 18 to 22, and 26 onward. Any of these dates could springboard you, or thrust you into the thick of it.

The first few days of the month could put you under added pressure, but as of the new moon June 4, you should feel things are opening up. (Things could mushroom too!) Venus and the sun in Gemini can keep you juggling financially, or project, relationship, or time wise.

Coinciding with the Summer Solstice, the full moon in Sagittarius is ideal for the end of the semester and a vacation start. Mercury/Saturn could bring documents to sign; a contract could complete or begin. June 20 to 23, Uranus, Ceres and Eris can bring something new, perhaps unexpected to do with work or health.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 to December 21

There’s less, then there’s more. Pre and post the new moon on June 4 can be two different stories or feel. Even with Neptune creating uncertainty or loss, you are making progress. This first week gets you over the hump and gives you more to go on.

Jupiter, your ruler, is in good shape with Pluto all month, reaching a peak on June 26. This planetary pairing helps to get it under better control and to be more expedient with your time, resources, and heart. Mars has recently backtracked out of Sagittarius. While trekking through Scorpio it can lift some of the recent pressure, but it’s still stoking the fire all the same. When Mars is retrograde, it’s never a time to push, but to allow and respond. Even so June 9 or the days around it can be a cut to the chase time.

While other planets rock the boat, Mercury in Taurus holds you steady through June 17.

Venus and the Sun in Gemini keep communications and social matters on an upswing through the first half of the month. The last two weeks, Mercury zips through Gemini keeps you physically, socially, and intellectually on the go.

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 20 can be particularly notable if you are born on or near Dec 5 or Dec 20. While it could simply be a good day to book off and/or rest up, there can be important conversations to have or important matters to tend to. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel; know you can easily get talked into/dragged into more than is wise. What was ended, started, or crystalized for you at the beginning of the month could have relevancy to this full moon. If you lose focus or momentum, its temporary. Uranus, Ceres, & Eris can push the refresh button or fire up something fresh.

CAPRICORN December 21 ~ January 20

Even though you have your work cut out for you, Jupiter and Mercury on the forward move loan you good plow through for most of the month ahead. Trust your practical mind to do the problem solving. Of course, off and on, there are testing days ahead.

Right out the starting gate, the stars put the writing on the wall/make it real. June 2, 3, could bring you to an end of a project, study program, term, negotiation, or a wait-and-see. Saturday’s new moon in Gemini can enlarge the scope, start you on a new line of reasoning, and/or get the ball rolling on something added or new.

The sun and Venus conjoin on June 6 but they’ll continue to keep your days on the go; you’ll stay physically active, mentally and socially stimulated. Money matters (incoming, outgoing, negotiations) stay mobilized through mid month. Mars retrograde in Scorpio makes you shrewd, resourceful, and especially well thought out. For the most part, you won’t miss much. You should find you are especially adept at negotiations or a spotting a bargain.

You could feel more sensitized or affected by the June 20 full moon if you are born around Dec 21, but of course we’ll all feel it as some level. Control or ambition can be hard to maintain. Father’s day weekend is good for chilling out/getting away from it all. Mercury in opposition to Saturn and in tension (square) to Neptune can make for a slow to start or a draining day.  This full moon is well timed with the end of school and the beginning of the summer season. On the other hand, June 20 to 23, Uranus in Aries is buzzed up, so this can also be a time when you suddenly find yourself thrust into it/on a race ahead.

AQUARIUS January 20 ~ February 18/19

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius has created some distance from you and it, or you and them. For the month of June, Mars on a backtrack of Scorpio takes you into deeper self examination. Re-prioritization is smart and likely necessary. The growth, the learning, and the sorting it out is largely a matter of time intersecting with experience and that’s exactly what the stars have on the agenda for the month ahead.

June 2, 3, brings you to a finish-line, conclusion, or a goalpost. Acknowledgement, reward, or special attention could come your way. It’s also a time to make it official, to sign an important contract, launch a business venture, to make a major purchase, to say hello or goodbye. June 4 to 6, the new moon gifts you with opportunity and a fresh perspective. It’s a good weekend to share, to explore, and to entertain the possibilities. June 9/10 are breakthrough, decisive, or take-your-best-shot days.

Venus and the sun in Gemini keeps it/you rolling, for the first half the month. Mercury into Gemini keeps you on the go in the second half.

Keep plans and expectations loose in the days leading up to and during the full moon on June 20. You may not get up to all that you intend. On the other hand, with Uranus, Ceres, and Eris fired up, you could get tossed into something unexpected during or following.

PISCES February 18/19 ~ March 19/20

Mars on the backtrack through Scorpio can help you to reconnect with your intuitive powerbase. Its up to you to listen and to trust. First you may have to work to dial up a clear radio station. That means getting doubt, fear, or negativity out of the way. This Mars transit is also good for reviewing plans or for revisits of all kinds. Relocation could be a right step. Don’t hesitate to go where the advantage is shown to hold the most promise.

The first few days of the month, in fact, the first half, can be a decision-making or set wheels in motion time. It could be a matter of planning and working toward it, or it may be a singular moment that dictates the play. Either way, expect to see plenty of potential on brew and a lot of fresh ground work laid.

As of mid-month, you are likely to feel an energy or momentum switch. The best you can do is to know that each day is a fresh one and to allow it to reveal its gift. This is not the time to hold on tight. Instead allow time and the experience to drive the bus for you.

Neptune your ruler is activated June 1 to 4, 13, and 17 to 24. These can be days of ease or of dissipation, of potentials making themselves better know, or a time to simply go with the flow, to get away from it all, or to allow the creative muses to play.





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