December 2012

Wishing you Peace & Contentment for your Christmas Holiday


Joyous Fulfillment in 2013

~ offered to you with love & gratitude~ Rose Marcus

No, the world will not end on December 21, nor will we reach instant collective enlightenment. Have you noticed that there was much more attention given to the Mayan Calendar’s end at the start of the year rather than now? Where did all that hopeful excitement go?

On the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, the sun, as seen from earth, will be aligned with the Galactic Equator, which is the center of the Milky Way. It is close, but it is not an exact alignment. Regarding our bigger picture evolution, the rare Venus occultation on June 4, 2012 was and still is a more significant transit date.  If you’d like to re-read my thoughts on this rare planetary alignment and its symbolic meaning, please visit my website archives.

Mars in Capricorn is in renegade motion (out of bounds) through Dec 9. A planet that travels out of bounds does not follow convention. When in this condition, Mars can act with more willful self determination, just as we have recently witnessed with Egypt’s president Morsi’s power grab. Of course, it’s not always a tyrannical influence, but rather the OB planet is one that operates with more noticeable impact.

December begins on the heels of a lunar eclipse in Gemini, and a week of milestones and newsmakers on the go. (The Rolling Stones mark their 50th anniversary; the Grey Cup hits its centennial; TV’s beloved astronaut turned villain, Larry Hagman/aka JR Ewing, left the planet.) A building opposition between the sun and Jupiter (Dec 2) extends the energy of the eclipse and dishes up more of everything. Sun/Jupiter can be a buoyant, optimistic, and healing boost combination, but they are also an inflationary alignment.  Kicking off the holiday shopping season on a hyper spin Black Friday and Cyber Monday seems to have done the trick well. Even Canada is now adopting these USA marketing traditions. Examples of the sun/Jupiter largess: Greece gets 56 billion in bail out funds from IMF and Eurzone lenders, two tickets with the US powerball jackpot, and a monstrous sink hole in Ohio is estimated to be the size of four football fields.

Eclipses hold their potency over a length of time, so please remember they’ll continue to keep the intensity going strong. The Nov 6 solar eclipse is re-stimulated by the transits of Mercury on Dec 4, 5, and Venus on Dec 9, delivering more hints, clues or unfolding layers. The lunar eclipse of Nov 28 is re-stimulated by Mercury on Dec 15 – 17, and Venus on Dec 20, 21. A next platform can be set through an important messenger, communiqué, negotiation, announcement, piece of news, etc. Think back and you may see the link between what was happening in late June. Perhaps you can key it back to the middle of April of 2012. The Nov 28 lunar eclipse is also now gathering and stage-setting for the forward thrust that will begin at the end of January, 2013.

Dec 13 delivers a super new moon in Sagittarius. Adding more stimuli to this new moon, Uranus stations direct on the same day. While the holiday traffic, shopping volumes and people on the move are sure to increase, the stars facilitate a relatively smooth flow. If you haven’t found it or figured it out yet, Dec 13 – 16 can be the time to tackle it. Mercury trine Uranus puts synchronicity is at a peak. Socialize, shop, get the show on the road, or enjoy as suits you best.

The moon is in Gemini on Christmas Day. While the holiday is well known as commercial blitz, what’s more important than family, friends, connecting, sharing, and conversation? The day could feel like two in one thanks to the fresh energy infusion provided by Mars into Aquarius late afternoon/early evening. Sun square Uranus can also stir it up. The kids or the guests could get a bit restless or cranky, you could too.

The full moon in Cancer on Dec 28 can put emotions on a raw edge. Conflicts can arise over need versus should, over priorities, responsibilities, obligations. Too, family, home matters, expenses, parents and parenting can weigh you down. While you may have to keep going when you feel already spent, don’t allow someone to force you into doing something you don’t feel comfortable with. The Capricorn sun calls for added restraint and for defining your boundaries in no uncertain terms. Monitor yourself, your food intake, and your compulsive side. Try to be supportive rather than reactive and you should navigate quite fine. Emotional excess or neediness won’t garner much sympathy, but passion well managed can result in attainment and reward.

Mercury advances into Capricorn early on Dec 31. It can hardly seem worth it to trek into work for just one day, but if you can get your mind around it, it can be a day of good accomplishment. If you have already booked the time off, you are likely to make good use of your day, even if you only get around to brunch. Mars/Uranus and Mercury/Neptune suggests it won’t take much to make New Year’s Eve hit the spot just right. Celebrate with friends, play up the romance or enjoy a quiet one on your own. It seems to me that for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve the stars offer better backdrop than they have for a few years. Please drive sober or arrange for a ride.

Dec 13: New Moon:  0:42 am (21:45 Sagittarius) (Uranus stations direct)

Dec 28: Full Moon:   2:21 am (7:06 Cancer)

Dec 4: Ceres retrograde revisits Gemini (1:14 am)

Dec 10: Mercury enters Sagittarius: (5:40pm)

Dec 13: Uranus stations direct (4: 02 am)

Dec 15: Venus enters Sagittarius (8:38 pm)

Dec 18: Juno enters Capricorn (7:26 pm)

Dec 21: Winter Solstice: Sun enters Capricorn (3:12 am)

Dec 25: Mars enters Aquarius: (4:49 pm)

Dec 31: Mercury enters Capricorn: (6:03 am)

**Please note all times listed are PST, please adjust for your local time

Dates to watch: Dec 1 – 6, 10, 11, 13 – 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 31

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

You can have a lot to tackle as December begins. Stay ambitious in this first half of the month and by the time the super new moon arrives on Dec 13, you are likely to have most the necessary items on your check list accomplished. Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) in Scorpio can keep you obsessed about meeting an objective. When it comes to finances, career moves, or picking your battles, keep focused on the strategy not the strain or angst. Dec 4, 5, 9, 10 can be a time to bite the bullet or call the spade, and get on with it.

Ceres backtracks into Gemini on Dec 4. Your priority attention can again shift to a key relationship or developing plan. A karmic storyline will continue to play itself out over the next couple of months. Ceres ends retrograde on Feb 4 and exits Gemini on April 4. Jupiter in Gemini extends the play through the end of June.

Once Mercury (Dec 10) and Venus (Dec 15) enter Sagittarius, you should feel brighter, lighter, and more social. The holiday spirit will claim more of you too. Dec 13 to 15, things can come together easily and well. Christmas day can keep you busy with calls, visits, and sharing. Social, with your special someone, or on your own, no matter how you play it, New Year’s Eve hits the spot just right.

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

You have it going on and you’ll keep it going strong in this first week of the month. When you get the chance to take stock, you’ll have to admit you are growing by leaps and bounds. Saturn in Scorpio, joined now by Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) help you to transform yourself socially. You can make a complete turnaround now regarding a key relationship, in fact, perhaps several. This concentration in Scorpio also puts the focus on the career and financial get-ahead. While some of journey can be the no pain, no gain routine, overall you should feel you are on your way to someplace good.

With Saturn in Scorpio and other contributors, it’s either full off/full stop, or its full steam ahead. If a relationship or circumstance is not meant to be, you’ll see it reach its breaking point.

Christmas day, take it as it comes, and switch it up as the mood strikes. By evening Mars in Aquarius can ignite a tinge of restlessness or impatience. Keep it moving and all is well. New Year’s Eve, entertain at home, cozy up with your loved one(s), or enjoy it on your own. The stars make for a satisfying evening, no matter what you choose.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

So much more has come into your awareness thanks to the informing Gemini lunar eclipse of Nov 28. The heightened momentum will continue to be energized through the first ten days of Dec. The sun/Jupiter opposition on Dec 2 will serve to adjust brightness and volume so you can both see and hear what is most relevant for this stage of the game.

There are a number of key dates through out the month that are opportune and advancing. (See the above list.) Then again, the stars are guiding you through an evolving process so don’t look for the on/off switch – it’s a continuous growth curve.

The new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 13 can be particularly revitalizing, thanks to Uranus stationing direct. If you have a sudden impulse or flash, follow through with it. You could make a good score and/or get yourself someplace good. Dec 13 through 16 – socialize shop, enjoy, and partake. It’s also a good weekend to get away from it all.

The Gemini moon on Christmas day puts you in your element and keeps you going strong. Just when you’d expect to be on the wind down, Mars into Aquarius and the sun/Uranus square perks it up again.

The Cancer full moon on Dec 28 can stretch you emotionally or financially, but trust your resourcefulness to kick in when you need it most. Even when you feel you can’t muster up any more, you’ll pull it out of somewhere.

Spend it one on one, on your own, or out with the crowds, your New Year’s Eve delivers the goods.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

It seems the things you’ve been cooking up aren’t so backburner any more. There’s still more simmering to do, but through December and into the first quarter of 2013, the stars will continue to add more key ingredients until the soup is just right.

If the lunar eclipse on Nov 28 pushed the goal post further off, or forced you to move to an alternate choice or direction, know that you have been nudged in a direction that ultimately offers better potential. Don’t pine for what’s lost. Know it or not, you’ve already outgrown it. Instead, take today’s ball and run with it.

Ceres backtracks out of Cancer and into Gemini on Dec 4. The retrograde will continue to Feb 4. While in Gemini, Ceres immerses you in a karmic replay. Through February, Ceres takes you through a gestational or incubating phase. In order to rewrite the script, it’s necessary to explore a different angle or two. There’s nothing for you to do to make this happen, except for you to be look and listen with eyes and heart wide open. Let perception and perspective serve as your creative team. By the time Ceres returns to Cancer on April 4, a majority of your research and behind the scenes study will be complete and the next phase will begin.

Mars in Capricorn through Dec 25 keeps you working hard to break down a wall – theirs or yours. Respect, recognition – some will give it to you, others will make you earn it every step of the way. The holiday season can put more pressure on you to perform or to spend, but take it one step at a time and you should find you can handle more than you usually do. Of course it’s important to keep budget ceilings and reasonable limits in mind. Dec 10, 11 are dates when it’s easy to loose track and go overboard.

The super new moon on Dec 13 is likely to kick it up a notch. By the time the winter solstice arrives on Dec 21, you’ll be able to slow it down and get a better grip. Christmas day, take a back seat, hide out, cozy up. If you are on your own, have recently suffered a loss or a disappointment, or find yourself where you don’t want to be, the day could hit you a little harder than you anticipate. Take it moment to moment. Distractions are easy to come by. Remember it’s only a day and this too shall pass.

Dec 27, 28 are good dates to book off and/or to shield yourself from an onslaught. Pump up on vitamins and other good for you routines. The full moon in Cancer of Dec 28 can bring you to an emotional or financial brink. An unhealthy obsession or a power-struggle is quite possible. If this is the case, know you can’t push what isn’t coming naturally and that time is your ally not your enemy.  Do it on your own or cozy with someone you love, New Year’s Eve can hit the spot just right.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

Its one thing after another and all of it is important. Everything hinges on everything else. You can’t escape, and nothing can be swept under the carpet, no matter how much you’d like to do just that. The first few days of December put a lot more on your plate. Mercury (to Dec  10) and Venus in Scorpio (to Dec 15) keep you revisiting and revising, especially regarding living arrangements, home, family, real estate, and holiday matters.

Look to the super new moon on Dec 13 to boost you with more holiday spirit and more get up and go. You should feel that things are coming along well and that life in general is getting easier on you. You’ll get more pleasure out of your social interactions too.

Christmas day is best spent in the company of others, but should you find yourself on your own, that’s good too. By evening you could be in the mood to stir it up a little more. If you get a flash to call someone, dial the number. A surprise visit or call can make someone’s day – perhaps yours.

The moon in Leo for New Year’s Eve puts you in your element. Get a party started or relax on your own. Either way, it’s all good.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

A new reality is sinking in deeper now. Even though it’s been in the works for a little while, it can hit home a little harder now. The sun’s opposition to Jupiter to Dec 2 increases awareness of your inner and outer dualities. Sun/Jupiter also increases your ambitions and needs. Yes, by all means, take back your control and nail it down better for yourself.

Ceres back track into Gemini, Dec 4 to April 4, puts the focus on a career transition and/or learning how to navigate the new ropes better. Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) help you to stay better focused, dedicated, and well on task, so use the first half of the month to get a consistent routine cinched.

Accompanied by Uranus direct, the super new moon on Dec 13 can signal the time to make a clean break or clean cut, to switch tracks, and/or to widen the divide between yesterday and today. Then again, the new moon can simply bring you to the finish of a project, deadline, agenda or planning phase.

Christmas Day, you can feel stretched between conflicting priorities or plans, or fall under the wants and needs of others. Even so, you’ll find that it all works out somehow and that despite all, you’ve enjoyed yourself better than in other years.

The full moon on Dec 28 makes you aware of how fast time is moving on. Are you ready for next? It’s time to take an official step forward. Too, the full moon could force you to set the record straight and/or to stand your ground. “I want” or “I need” can be a growing compulsion, this regarding a particular relationship matter, a career or persona goal. Some things/people are out of reach, and some are not. Remember to go for what’s in your best interest.

Should you choose to spend it with friends or a love one, New Year’s Eve will be great fun. Should you choose to forego it and to relax it on your own you’ll get full value out of that too.


You seem to have high hopes pinned on a budding prospect, a future plan or a fresh chapter to begin sooner rather than later. The first weekend of December can put you/life on the move. Shop, socialize, make big plans, aspire higher. Dec 3 things can come together quite well. Dec 4 could an offer unexpected opportunity.

Ceres backs into Gemini Dec 4 to April 4. This influence serves to broaden your knowledge base, your understanding, and your vision. Along with Jupiter in Gemini, Ceres helps you to dialogue with yourself in more friendly terms. Both planets heighten your intuition and ingenuity, and invite you to explore beyond your usual. Both planets in retrograde through this month and next take you through an elongated set-up phase. As you broaden yourself, you’ll find opportunity expands for you also.

The super new moon on Dec 13 sets you into full holiday swing. The weekend that follows brings it together for you very well. Christmas Day, there’s news to share and good conversation to enjoy. By afternoon/early evening, the sun/Uranus square, and Mars into Aquarius provides a fresh energy infusion.

The full moon on Dec 28 could pile up extra strain or pressure. Family relationships or needs can be especially draining. Too, it can be a time when you’ll feel compelled to force the envelope or to stand your ground.

New Year’s Eve, get out and party, do up the romance, or indulge on your own. It’s “ah, just right” no matter what.

SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)

You know a good deal when you see it and you know how to drive a good bargain too. Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) in Scorpio keeps you sharp, shrewd,

and resourceful. Money, mind, time, or heart, the lunar eclipse on Nov 28 and the sun/Jupiter opposition on Dec 2 suggests a major investment or move is in the works. Sign papers or negotiate further.

Mid month forward, more comes in, more goes out too. It’s a time of added financial income or expenditure, perhaps both. The super new moon on Dec 13 is a time to travel or to speed yourself up. Dec 13 to 15 the stars bring it together easily and well.

A mix of your favourites does it best for Christmas day. If you don’t have family to spend it with, friends can make your day. Accept an invite or extend one. Even if you don’t have everything on your check list or distance keeps you apart, you should still feel that the day turned out quite alright. Mars in Aquarius, Dec 25 to Feb 3 keep home base a busy place. An address change can be ideal.

By the time the Cancer full moon on Dec 28 arrives, you’ll be ready to say goodbye to the holidays, the visits, or the past. Off with the old, on with new, there’s plenty more waiting out there for you.

Do it up in style or avoid all the fuss, New Year’s Eve works best when you take it upon yourself to direct the show.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22~Dec21)

Curiosity, perhaps mingled with a dash of uncertainty, keeps you wondering, watching, and ready to pounce through these first few days of the month. There can be more news or more interaction once Ceres backs into Gemini on Dec 4.  While Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) continue in Scorpio, it’s a good idea to hang back and/or to stay out of sight. Pump up on vitamins and other healthy routines too.

The super new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 13 puts you on full throttle. Held up no longer, Uranus finishing its retrograde cycle adds an extra volt to this new moon. Dec 13 – 16 are a great few days to socialize and/or to get the show on the road.

Christmas day, the conversations should keep you well entertained. There should be plenty of good picture worthy moments. The holiday is really about the people and not the things, but of course, you won’t object to a few gifts too!

Late afternoon/early evening, Mars enters Aquarius and the sun squares Uranus. Just when you think you’ve run out of steam or things to talk about, the stars punch it up a notch.

The full moon in Cancer on Dec 28 can find you tapped out emotionally or financially. When you hit the brakes, you’ll hit on them hard. On another note, the full moon can simply signal a finish line or an appropriate time to make it official.

New Year’s Eve can be great fun, no matter how you play it. Spend it with friends, relax on your own, and/or allow your creative muses a free rein.


As of Nov 27, Mars in Capricorn has launched you on a new two-year self-discovery initiative. You are at a time is ripe moment. Reinvent yourself and your lifestyle. Regarding your career, a committed relationship, or a long standing battle, either it’s time to pack it in or to hit the ground running with even more of that formidable strength and determination that your sign is famous for.  Groomers Saturn and Pluto now sit you in the chair labelled “a complete makeover”.

Mercury (to Dec 10) and Venus (to Dec 15) in Scorpio will keep you pushing hard to get your agenda covered and out of the way.

By the time the super new moon in Sagittarius fires up (Dec 13), the true holiday spirit will start to infiltrate more. The closer to Christmas you get, the more difficult it will be to stay within a reasonable budget. Your generous side (or the spirit of holiday indulgence) – can get the better of you.

Christmas Day could find you working at it or manufacturing it more than you want to let on. You may have to juggle through your day, but even so, you’ll enjoy yourself.

The full moon in Cancer on Dec 28 can force you to take a tough stance with someone or to draw a tougher line with yourself. You can feel overly responsible for another’s disappointment or you can feel forced to pull the parent or seniority card. Too, you can get all hot and bothered, perhaps even obsessed, when you feel your rightful dues have been violated. Time heals all wounds – let it do its job.

You are likely to prefer it one on one or on your own New Year’s Eve. Then again, the stars are in a social mood. Play it as you like it best. You can’t go wrong.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20~Feb 18)

The sun’s building opposition to Jupiter starts December on an abundance track. Where-ever you go, expect the crowds to be there too. Ceres backs into Gemini on Dec 4 which allows for a more active creative flow and a friendlier inner dialogue to unfold. Along with Jupiter, also in Gemini (and retrograde to the end of Jan), Ceres retrograde can also animate an unfinished karmic storyboard. Whether you find yourself on yet another go round or whether something or someone pops up fresh, know you’ve recalled something of primary importance to this next phase of your life’s journey.

Kicking it up an extra notch, the super new moon on Dec 13 is accompanied by the end of Uranus retrograde. By the time Mercury (Dec 10) and Venus (Dec 15) advance into Sagittarius, you are likely to have most of the must-do’s out of the way. What follows can be profit, pleasure, or overdose.

Christmas Day, the Gemini moon makes for good conversation and merry-making. Watch for the energy/atmosphere to pick up as Mars advances into Aquarius and the sun squares Uranus by late afternoon/early evening.

If you have a choice, play it safe and try not to over-extend yourself on Dec 28. Extra safeguards are wise. Want to or not, the full moon in Cancer calls for you to do more caretaking or babysitting. Too, it can put you in greater need, but help or support may be harder to come by. You may have to keep going even though you feel physically, emotionally, or financially depleted.

New Year’s Eve, play it up or play it casual. Mars and Uranus make for a stimulating evening no matter what you choose.

PISCES (Feb 19~March 20)

Try not to let the onslaught or the distance overwhelm you in the first few days of December. Take it one step at a time and you’ll find you can accomplish more and handle more than usual. Ceres’ backtrack into Gemini on Dec 4 puts added emphasis on home and family, just as it should be at this time of the year. Perhaps you’ll say you are just going through the motions, but once you get further along, the holiday spirit will claim you too.

The super new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 13 can either put everything into a more intense swing or it can let you off the hook. Either way, it signals the countdown to the big day. Dec 13 – 15, no matter what you plan or where you go, the stars bring it together easily and well.

Christmas Day, catering to family and friends makes for an especially full day. By the time evening comes, you’ll want to cut out or zone out early. By then, everyone’s had enough.

By the time the full moon in Cancer hits on Dec 28, you’ll be ready to pack the decorations away. It’s “off with the old/on with the new”.

You may prefer to make New Year’s Even less of a big deal this year. After all, it is just another day. Then again, it is what you make of it.