June 2017

Weekly forecasts published on line every Thursday by the Georgia Straight Newspaper:

June 9: Full Moon in Sagittarius, 5:10 am (18:53 Sagittarius)
June 23: Super New Moon in Cancer, 7:31 pm (2:47 Cancer)

June 4: Mars into Cancer, 9:16 am
June 6: Venus into Taurus, 0:27 am
June 6: Mercury into Gemini, 3:15 pm
June 9: Jupiter stations direct, 7:04 am (13:12 Libra)
June 16: Neptune stations retrograde, 4:10 am (14:15 Pisces)
June 20: Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer, 9:24 pm
June 21: Mercury into Cancer, 2:58 am
**All times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates to watch: June 1 – 3, 4, 6 – 10, 13, 15 – 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 29

June Overview:
June is front loaded! One way or another, the first ten days or so of the month can set major wheels in motion.

Placing added attention on relationships, finances, and survival issues, Venus has been a feature planet since the start of the year. Along with contributors Saturn, the reality check planet, & Chiron, the healing crisis archetype), no doubt you will have sensed that a major karmic subtext has been in the works. Indeed, it has.

June opens with Venus in trine to Saturn, a shaping, crystalizing, time-is-ripe transit. This well-targeted, cut-to-the-chase planetary pairing works on an efficiency track. Venus/Saturn keep the motivation, ambition, and the cause on the front burner. To the plus, the transit can help you to work-it-out or get it under control with better precision and less fuss.

June 2/3, Venus strikes flint with Uranus. In addition to a good couple of days to socialize or celebrate, the transit can jump-start you/it in some dynamic, perhaps unforeseen way. The sun’s trine to Jupiter and the transiting moon in Libra are ideal for connecting, sharing, travel, indulgence, and romance. (June 3 is a lovely day for a wedding.)

At her greatest elongation west on June 3, Venus will continue to set a fertile stage for manifesting and for gains to be made regarding relationship karmas from now through November.

Venus is in high gear at month’s start and Mars is too. Venus works on the fast forward, while Mars works on the clear it away end of things. Surpassing Chiron (by square aspect) before it treks into Cancer on June 4. Mars/Chiron is a switch-gears, trade-off, unleash, or release-it transit. Consider it as moving through a turnstile. This transit puts a new spin on the past, the process, and the moving forward. If it doesn’t hold up well enough, it will diffuse, disintegrate, or disappear. On the other hand, that which is prime and ready will unveil itself and gain momentum. At the same time Sedna and the nodal axis are also working their way through the turnstile. Sedna’s influence can bring to life to that which has existed in a frozen state or holding pattern.

Mars in Cancer, June 4 to July 20 can launch a new home or family chapter. It’s an apt influence for moving back home, revisiting places, and reconnecting with loved ones. The transit is also a good one for severing ties with the past, or for updating it. Accompanied by the advances of Venus into Taurus and Mercury into Gemini on June 6, the time is ripe to launch a new career or business, and to work on building a more secure emotional or financial foundation.

Ending its annual four-month retrograde tour Jupiter stations direct on the full moon in Sagittarius on June 9. (Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter). There’s nothing small or insignificant about this full moon! Whether you catch a plane or not, expect a take-flight, pivotal couple of days. Watch for a special event, announcement/news, opportunity, comings, goings, or visits of significance, a major trend or wave to go the distance.  Expectations or anticipation can be quite high, especially for the get-out-of-school crowd and for those on the move, the hunt, or the bandwagon. By all means, enjoy to the fullest, share your laughter, your joy or good fortune, but know that excess, (i.e. overshooting, overspending, over-indulging, or saying too much) is also in the mix. I hope that abundance shows up for you in a happy-making way.

June 1 to 18, aim to wind it down, finish it off, or slow it down. The sun’s opposition to Saturn on June 15, Neptune stations retrograde on June 16, and Mercury opposes Saturn on Father’s Day, June 18. All three are good for simplifying, minimizing, and prioritizing. While there can be some push/pull on Father’s Day, Sun/Uranus and the Aries moon are good for an energy boost or fresh infusion.

Marking the summer solstice, the sun enters Cancer on June 20 (9:24pm PDT). Mercury treks into Cancer on June 21 and joins in conversation with the sun. June 23 delivers a super new moon in Cancer. June 24 is packed with aspects from start to finish. Yes, its time to shift gears and reprioritize. Aim for your comfort zone. Put quality family, home and personal time to the front of your must-do list.

I apologize, I have been on such a busy schedule that I have not had time to devote to writing your individual sign forecasts. I’ll be back next month with the full forecasts as usual. In the meantime, my weekly forecasts are posted every Thursday on my website, on my facebook page, and on the Georgia Straight newspaper website. ‘Til then, stay hopeful, stay inspired, stay well.

Brightest of blessings,

Rose’s weekly forecasts

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